The Reality Vortex: Doom Saga
The Raune surging upwards waited up until he had passed the hand as it was travelling downwards, before reaching out with new, white lightning wrapping around it and with a strong yank, slamming himself onto the hand and impaling Whitestorm right into the center of it, to try and make the grip release.

"Bern! Do whatever you need to!" He shouted before grabbing onto Whitestorm with both hands, channeling his semblance into the weapon and causing the hand to be surged and shocked with white lightning from the Speedster.
"To the Ends of the Earth."
Bernkastel pushed off of the arm with her legs once the arm started to shake her off, her scythe powering back down abruptly. She smirked but it was defiant irritation. 

"Cheeky bastard, you're just full of surprises--" She said, teleporting short distances repeatedly to avoid its line of fire. But she couldn't distract it forever, it was going to get bored soon enough and go back to its original action. The pressure was building on her and it showed since the beams were starting to narrowly miss her more and more-- she was at risk of slipping up.

Bernkastel heard Raune call out to her as he launched his surprise attack on the arm. She nodded quickly, hurriedly gaining distance in order to perform a potent counterattack by backing up. Raune's use of Whitestorm wouldn't be nearly enough power to make the arm completely let go of the universe it was trying to pull down on them, but he bought her a guaranteed hit as long as he could stun it with the sheer voltage output.

Breathing in deeply, Bernkastel closed her eyes to tune out the sounds all around her; clearing her mind, she could see herself standing in the middle of an endless void of darkness. 

"Just a few dozen aren't enough-- This is an emergency summon!" She projected her thoughts telepathically to the bottomless void. "I want all of you kitties front and center, NOW!" She saw herself swiftly become surrounded with enough eyes to be swallowed up by a nebula of green and flashing teeth. 

Merely moments passed and Bernkastel opened her eyes, placing herself mentally back where she was physically. Her eyes glowing the same color as her demonic feline army, she made a single swiping motion with her scythe to slice into the air and unzip the void she had just been peering into.

"A monster that swallows everything without mercy-- Leviathan!" Bernkastel shouted, taking the edges of the portal and prying it wide open for the emerald nebula of cats to swarm out, clustering together until they coalesced as one giant monstrous emerald whale. Its size dwarfed Bern-- anyone down on the floor would know it looked like a whale, but she and Raune could just see teeth and a giant mass of green. "Tear off that arm's grip! Don't let the universe come down at all costs! THAT'S AN ORDER!"

Bern screamed out her command, feeling the exhaustion of the summon having taken a huge toll on her. She breathed heavily, wiping her forehead and hoping she could do that much for their allies fighting Doom directly.

With a distorted, bestial roar shaking the surrounding wall structures, the Leviathan curled its body in on the sentient arm, unhinging its immense jaws wide open and going in for the kill on the hand itself.

Lambdadelta skidded to a halt away from the arms she was busy destroying, she took the chance for a brief respite now that the three Saiyan women were going all-out on Doom. She looked up above the action before them, witnessing Bern and Raune fight off the arm and biting her lip nervously.

Waldo approached the resting group, a stern look on his face. "Then now is a good time for me to say this. Should White Beam erase me, do whatever you can to retrieve the orb in my bag."

"Why exactly is that orb you found so important?" Lambda asked.

"It looks just like the one Doom destroyed at the start of this fight, but white." He towered over her and bore into her eyes. "Do not allow him to destroy this one at any cost should it come down to that. The orb seems to transmute itself to whatever touches it-- it copied the shape of my cane but holding onto it with bare hands gave me a strange feeling... perhaps it absorbs something from deep within your soul?" He rubbed his chin pensively. "I can only guess that its property is a polar opposite to what the black orb could do. Protect it: that is my only passing wish."
Doom found himself being overwhelm in the series of blows. His energy rising, but his body cannot keep up with the rising force that boils within him. For every punch he throws, a counterattack strikes him immediately. Narrowing his eyes, Doom forced his tired body further by increasing his output and speed in his attacks. 

The sheer force created from the collision between Doom and Kassava generated so much energy, the debris from the destroyed celestial bodies around them began to absorb it within them. Moments later, the debris exploded from the energy overload like supernovas, perhaps, like that of the Big Bang. Their collision of combat twirls the energy around Doom, Kassava, Cuki and Brachi like a bubble, condensing into a powerful black barrier that pulse with energy. It sends powerful waves for each collision the warriors do, capable of destroying large chucks of the room into nothingness.

Doctor Doom was pushed back. “Damn that bag of bones.” He roared loudly as he bolted towards Kassava as his vision no longer became useful. He energized his fists, but Cuki latched onto his arm, biting it with so much force that it was tore off from the impact. Gritting his teeth, he punched Cuki in the face to push her away. Building up energy as he pushed his body, he let out a devastating white laser out of his eyes around, before bolting towards Kassava, Cuki and Brachi into an all-out brawl as he fired energy blasts from his mouth towards them.


“Don’t worry about that… just listen carefully. The machine… there’s an away to get inside. Use your morphing ability to slide inside the machine and tear it apart within! I’ll take care of the rest… Go! While Doom and that arm are distracted!”


Finally, able to remove Bernkastel away, the arm began to use three fingers, focusing powerful energy into its fingertip. It was preparing to rain a storm of white beam to flat out erased her. Yet, the energy disappeared the moment it felt a jolt of high voltage. The attack was unpredictable to the arm, causing to almost dropping the universe before placing a tighter gripe on it, while it tried to tank the destructive voltage that surging throughout.

It turned around to slap Raune away, but its staggered movements led to be caught in the gripes of the Leviathan. It tried to fight it off, but its mighty jaw chow down on its flesh. It led go of the universe as the arm tried to scratch its face, but each time it moved, it instantly became stiff due to the lightning strike causing too much damage.
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The only thing humans are equal in is death

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"Are you kidding?!"

Looming over Zenta as he meditated, Vegetto clenched both his fists together in a small half squat. The stern stare of Ultra Instinct was no where to be seen on his face; his silver eyes were wide like a small infant child playing with a new toy and his barred his white teeth in a wide grin.

"I can't just sit here when all of them are fighting like that!! Seeing them go all out like's getting me all fired up!! I gotta get in there and fight too!!"

Without waiting for a reply, Vegetto erupted upwards into the air in a brilliant flash of silver fire. The light of the flames illuminated the sky above much brighter than his energy had ever done before, and he soon came to a halt. His silver eyes turned down to study the viscous looking black barrier of raw energy, baring his cocky smirk in a toothy grin as he let out a thunderous roar.

Kassava's stern stare remained unchanged, sliding backwards across the floor from the last exchange with Doom. Her arms tensed, pushing out concentrated and deep breaths through her nose. The silver fire of her aura flared with her nostrils like a heartbeat, her arms pulled up in preparation for Doom's charge. However, as Byakko-Cuki's attack tore off Doom's arm, she quickly launched her right arm forward to fire off a small blast of silver energy.

She barely flinched at the sight of Doom's eye lasers firing forward and instantly evaporating her quick attempt to strike Doom when he was slightly vulnerable, rapidly feinting to the side and sliding on her knees to dodge the swing of Doom's lasers. Kassava rapidly sprung up to her feet in a graceful flip, her arms flying up to redirect the incoming blasts from Doom's mouth. Yet her eyes widened a bit, turning to the side to see a massive silver, energy sword swinging down from above onto the dome. The massive silver sword rapidly tore through the barrier, shattering the dome and the black energy exploding outward like glass shards in every direction.

Kassava let out a small gasp, instinctively stepping back as the silver sword crashed onto the floor in between where the female Saiyans stood and Doom himself. The incoming blasts all slammed into the new almost silver wall blocking the way, evaporating on contact with the silver blade. In the small calm of the pause, Kassava turned her head towards the source, seeing the silver energy retreat back.

Vegetto slowly pushed himself off one knee, having slammed down to the ground to swing the Spirit Excalibur down onto the dome. He kept his cocky smirk, his silver eyebrows narrowing in quickly pulling his arms up. Clenching his fists together, he bounced along the ground in nimble hops.

"Hey! I think it's time I got another shot at Doom!"

His silver aura surged violently, the pupils of his eyes bulging slightly in a sudden explosion of raw fire and wind. Vegetto's cocky smirked widened into a near excited, crazed grin as he leaned forward.

"L͎̪̩et'̪̭̗s̪̤̫̰̫̯͈ ̬d̟o̮̭ ̣t͉̲̝̲h͚̳̟̩̯̘̞ị̠̩̺̤̫s͚͖ͅ!̼͓̼͇!͖͎͚"

Kassava tensed as well, and upon seeing Vegetto erupt forward in a ground shattering blast, she also shot forward as the couple launched a devastating offensive from Doom's back and front. Kassava and Vegetto both launched their fists forward, their coordinated blitz offensive intending to keep Doom busy in the melee and open him up for Brachi and Byakko-Cuki.
"What do you call a Vegeta and a Goku? Vegetto sounds alright." 
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Brachi saw what Kassava and Vegetto were doing while teleporting to the side to avoid the mouth blasts, at which she retaliated by firing a sudden set of Eye Lasers of her own at Doom to keep him on edge for the others to attack him.

"I reject your presence!" She snarled while firing those Eye Lasers, before kicking Doom in the face to send him flying backwards, after which she teleported above Doom, punching him from above to stun-lock him and following it up with numerous other punches as if she was beating the tar out of him, finalizing this attack with a final punch to knock Doom to the ground, after which she teleported a bit upwards to charge another attack while leaving Doom open for Kassava, Vegetto and Byakko-Cuki to tag in.


Seeing this going on as well as hearing the voice's plan, Majin Bara nodded and, using Doom's distraction as her opportunity, she liquified herself and pulled a Majin Buu by oozing her way inside the machine as she was instructed to do, right as Brachi was using her Raid Blast attack which Bara used as a cover to do so. Once inside the Machine, Bara then proceeded to launch an Angry Explosion to tear the Machine apart from within and allowing the one addressing her to follow it up with what they were planning to do.
The Jack's keep annoying doom and are on the attracting doom wend they have the chance.

Cross keeps an eye on the others healing those in need. Cross' cruse on doom is getting worst.
I will fine one later
"Oh my, what a battle hungry man. Rushing to a battle that is possibly beyond his capabilities is quite a foolish move, but then again..." Zenta slowly lifted his head to where he last sensed Whis, chuckling. "I believe even Whis knew this from the start. I hope you are watching, Mr. Whis, because I believe you really are, from the shadows. Ohoho~"

Zenta rose to his feet, placing his arms behind his back in a straight posture. He stared at the fight with the warriors, the smile on his face growing larger. It was hard to tell if it was a serene grin or a wicked smirk.

"Well then, I suppose I regained just a tad of my ki back. As much as I detest fighting, there is no other choice, no?" Zenta smiled before his body suddenly disappeared, leaving behind only a small white wisp of smoke-like ki.

Byakko-Cuki skidded on the floor when she was punched by Doom, her face showing a mix of pain and confusion. Cuki was unable to see anything other than the Ki and energy that was coming from the others. She glanced between Doom, Kassava, Vegetto, and Brachi, struggling to figure out which one is Doom since they all looked the same to her. She began to lose more control as she instantly dashed to the being that was being attacked the most. Luckily, she was right on figuring out which energy source was Doom, the problem was that she hurt her friends in the process.

As Byakko-Cuki rushed towards Doom, she was hit by the energy blasts coming from his mouth. The crazed beast was forced back, her claws gripping the dimension they were on, leaving claw marks as she tried to stop herself. The rage finally boiled over and Byakko-Cuki opened her mouth, in turn, opening the mouth of the Ki-Tiger enveloping her. Similar to the move she used on Demi-Fiend, orbs of pure energy surged from her body before coming to a singular point above her open mouth. The gravity around her intensified before the dimension they were in started to show small cracks randomly all over the place.

Once the orb was small enough, Cuki swallowed it and steam began to come out of her mouth and body. There appeared to be a slight pause before the girl actually launched her attack, almost as if she knew she would be putting the others in danger if she fired. Cuki struggled and let out a muffled scream, trying to contain the blast in her body. She tried to rip off the violent white energy engulfing her and as she did, patches of the Ki-Tiger disappeared. As Cuki ripped her ki-like flesh, it was quickly covered up by more energy. The attack and the lack of control were too much for little Cuki to handle and it was obvious she was in physical pain. The girl pulled her head back before she released the blast directly towards Doom, unable to hold back any longer. However, the blast would not only hit Doom, but also Brachi, Vegetto, and Kassava due to the size of the blast.

As the blast approached the group, a powerful force deflected the portion that would have hurt Kassava, Vegetto, and Brachi, leaving them mostly unharmed aside from the powerful gusts of wind. Not too far from the group landed Zenta with his back to them surrounded by his mystical white energy and smoke billowing from his front, no doubt the one who saved the group from the massive attack. Blood appeared around his feet, pooling around him even though he appeared almost entirely unharmed. However, when he slowly turned to face the Breakers, the damage was horrifically apparent. The entire front side of his body was missing all its flesh and only the muscle tissue was visible and charred in some areas. Blood rivered down his body as he trembled from the pain. The visor Lambdadelta gave him flew off unharmed and exposed the bone of the beast's face. Patches of muscle barely clung on to his face as most of it was either burned or gone. Despite the severe damage done to his body, and even with the little tissue left on his face, there was still a noticeable smile.

"Please end this soon, Breakers, your strengths are limitless. And please forgive Cuki on my behalf..."

Zenta let out a chuckle before dropping to his knees and falling face down on the floor, his muffled laugh got slower and slower until it disappeared. The beast ceased to move as his blood continued to pool around him. The energy surrounding him finally disappeared, puffing out like smoke in the wind.
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"They Call Me the 'Vibe Checker', Sweetie..."
The machine, by Doom’s words, was unbreakable, but it was not stable to handle the load of energy fueling it from within. Seconds after Majin Bara let out an explosion of energy, the machine collapsed. Sever explosions occurred from one area to the next, until everything became a fiery ablaze.

The voice struggle to move, aware that the machine is falling apart. However, due to Doom taking much of his energy, he was unable to escape in time. He sunk within the collapsing machine and seemingly disappeared, but he felt that someone was holding onto him as he fell deeper within the debris.
“What….?” The voice said, faintly.

“Don’t say a word. Just follow my league.” In a whispered tone. “They have Doom on the ropes, but….”


At the same time as the machine was in the process of being destroyed, Doom witnessed the black dome being easily shattered by Vegetto. Stuck in the beam struggle against Brachi, the mad doctor raised his hands to flat out erased them on the spot, but the kick in the face interrupted his attempt. Feeling the force of his brain hitting the back of his head, he flung back and tumble over on the ground before skidded back. Doctor Doom pants heavily and tried to charge up another attack, but his mind was jumping all over the place.

“I need… more strength!” Doom pushed his body further and parrying each attack Brachi was sending from above. Yet, the boiling pain in his body caused his movements to slow; in the exchange of blows, he became overwhelmed.

Forced to the ground on one knee, he coughed hard and spat out some blood. “Blood…” Doctor Doom’s vision blurred as the battle progressed. “Damn…!” A slight form of irritation arise in his tone of voice. It was the first time he felt in a such a long while of being backed into a corner.

Doctor Doom sensed the rising energy forming from above. Not wanting to give the Breakers anymore attempt, he tightened his muscles and raised one arm; extending his finger out to quickly charged a white beam. Once again, his attack was interrupted, by Vegetto and Kassava attacking him from the front and the back. He felt his ribs boiled to the point of melting from the intense rapid punches and kicks slamming onto his body. He attempted to deflect some of the attacks to soften the blows, but the rapid speed and his declining condition made it impossible to do so. He was completely at a disadvantage.

Angered, Doom crossed his arms together to completely blow them away. “Enough! White… Flare!” Doom shouted as energy pools out of his body. He attempted to burn the two couples away by raising his temperature to such high degree so it can melt them away or give significant burns. Yet, nothing but a gust of wind came out of it. Doom’s body is seemingly shutting down as each attack send bone-crushing waves across his body. In the last-ditch effort, he pushed himself away from their attacks to get some room to get his mind straight.

“My body…” Doom muttered under his breath as he fell to the ground on all fours at the revelation that his body is breaking apart. “Breakers…”

Doom, slowly lifting his head, face the Breakers with anger in his eyes. Clenching his hands so hard that it bled, he raised his hands to unleash his strongest move, but in turn, due to everything happening so fast, he did not see the blast coming. Completely engulfed, Doom hurled back in rapid speed as his body faced significant burns across. He crashed into the wall in an explosion; moments after, he fell on the ground on one knee as the smoke dispersed.




“Well… Breakers…” Doom coughed out more blood as he breaks the moment of silence. He looks up, seeing the fiery blaze emitted from the machine, seemingly destroyed. “You lot managed to get me in the ropes, haven’t you?” 

He looked up, seeing the hand being tangled by a giant beast, with Bernkastel and Raune in the air. This led Doom to burst out in laughter. “What a joke… to have Doom on the ground like this. If I managed to gain all of that Voice’s power… this would be a different scenario.” Doom struggled to stand on two legs, slightly limping. “But know this Breakers… unless the rest, I cannot die. As long this energy burns within me, physical or not, Doom is now eternal.” He smiled. "And unlike you fools, I don't have to worry about my disappearance nor lasting damage..." He commented on the conditions on those erased and Zenta.
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The only thing humans are equal in is death

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Vegetto and Kassava pulled their arms back at the final onslaught of their melee, both feinting to opposite sides as the incoming blast from Cuki shot forth. Both warriors tensed in their reactions, but were slightly caught off guard from some of the deadly energy being dispersed. Vegetto and Kassava landed gently yet slightly awkward on both feet, and turned to the side.

Vegetto perked his eyebrows a bit, surprised at Zenta's revelation. His frown returned, watching the master fall face first onto the floor. His gloved hands balled into fists, his glare returning before turning back to face towards Doom at the sound of his voice. Kassava, meanwhile, had kept a firm yet stoic stare at the development and turned to face towards Doom with Vegetto after witnessing Zenta's death.

Vegetto's frown deepened in agitation at Doom's taunting, his gloved hands still balled into fists and his dual voice dripping with venom.

"Tsk...this would've been a much better fight if you couldn't talk. Even with all that stolen power, we still beat you. Have some dignity and face your defeat with honor."

His right hand slowly raised, the fist opening up to a fully flexed hand with the palm pointed directly at Doom's face. Silver energy whirred to life at the end of the hand, the power building as Vegetto scoffed lightly at Doom.

"If you make the mistake of challenging us again, make sure you can actually put up a fight next time."

Kassava's narrowed silver eyes studied Doom for a moment as well, but her eyebrows perked at the sudden sensation she felt. Her eyes turned towards where the Machine had once been, her own body instinctively tensing up with her head turned away from Doom.
"What do you call a Vegeta and a Goku? Vegetto sounds alright." 
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Cross thinks as the cruse got worst "you picked a fight with forces you did not have any near the handle doom."

The jacks are ready for anything doom attempts.
I will fine one later

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