The Reality Vortex: Doom Saga
Squeezing his hand, Bernkastel's smile grew in satisfaction. Even a happy one, since her jaded views often conflicted with the others' in their early days of knowing each other. But this time would be different and she could get back at the Voice with friends by her side. And Bern was the type of sore loser who could hold grudges for centuries if she wanted.

"You made the right decision. I don't make this proposal for any old soul that I come across, so you can be rest assured it isn't an empty promise. As the Witch of Miracles, I'll be the guardian to our success so long as your will to reach your goals never falters. It goes for all of us, since we're friends now." Bernkastel said firmly, looking over at Vegetto with a softened gaze in her eyes. "He will come around in due time without us needing to force him, I'm sure. But I think Brachi and Cross share the same sentiments we do more or less. We'll all set a proper example..." she trailed off, knowing that once they land, Cuki will need to be brought up to speed with what became of the others while she mysteriously vanished. "It's time."
In seconds, the rock smashed against the apartment complex right after Spina smile back in kind to Bernkastel’s encouraging words. As building debris flung all over the place, completely, the rock was completely intact—the breakers aren’t harmed from the explosion. 

Spina stood up, rubbing his head and making sure everyone was alright. “Everyone not hurt, well, physically…erm, from this recent explosion?” He tried to find the words that won’t come off as offensive. His eyes narrowed. “Cuki…” He stood up, attempting to look for her but his body stopped moving.

His muscles tighten, he felt energy from not dozens, but hundreds of people near the area. Spina turned around to his right—in front of Cuki’s Apartment was a horde of people staring at them. From countless realities, various characters appeared.

One of them was in the sky, with his red cape flowing in the same direction as the wind blows, he raised both of his arms.  As his hair glistered; the U on his chest showcase his strength; the man spoke with a smile from cheek to cheek. “Hello, Breakers.”

Thousands of people rise with fiery and lust for battle in their eyes, with Ultraman leading the charge. All of them charge towards the Breakers.

End of Doom Saga
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