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What are you guilty pleasures?
Honestly? I still play CP Rewritten, Webkinz, Poptropica, and Neopets. I just love playing 'em. They're fun and have bright colors and fun games to play, and in the instance of poptropica, I want to complete all islands. The completionest in me wants to xD
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Liking Guilty Crown and Sword Art Online. XD
I have a guilty pleasures role-playing shit in my head for new ideas, whatever I seen something unique.
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"Mess with the Walt,"
"And you get the Salt."

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I do this thing I call 'storytelling'. I do it by myself, of course, where basically, I'm talking to myself, and acting out how I want a certain scene to go in a fanfic. If it doesn't feel right to me, I'll alter it over and over until it does feel right, so I can type it just that way.

If we're talking anime-wise? Papa to Kiss in the Dark.
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Not sure if it's a guilty pleasure or just me being creative...

I like to think up 'alternate/What-If' stories for my characters, especially Kire. I kinda don't like what happens to him in his life but I don't want to change it because it sums up who he is. However, I recently found myself making/sketching a version, say, where he never died, have kids, and grow old with Evelyn.
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The Fuck You Say You To Me..?!

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