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What are you guilty pleasures?
Somehow, I became a fan of Cardi B... her voice and lyrics... it's pretty damn cool! Wagh Now I have like 5 songs of her on my iPhone.
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I don't like most modern musicals on broadway save for their music (I've played string arrangements for these musicals without ever knowing their plot entirely), nor has my childhood particularly consisted of TV musical classics compared to my friends who grew up on things like that, but when I'm sad or drawing, I like to put on the music. 

I also really like music from operettas. It isn't like golden oldies or anything but there's something soothing I find from the old timey sound and their opera singing voice that really relaxes me! These are also from the early to mid 1900s, so I don't have to worry about them getting copyrighted off youtube. Can't say the same for Broadway musical tracks though, those are usually edited to avoid content ID claims. Operetta is a guilty pleasure because it technically is old people music I guess lol
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