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Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire) vs. Captain America (MCU)
In Bizzaro world, Spider-Man that appeared in Captain America: Civil War is from the Raimi movie series (Tobey Maguire). As what happened in the film, Spider-Man takes on Captain America by himself. Who would come out on top?
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Easily spidey. I don't see cap getting around that spidey sense. If Batman couldn't do it he can't either.
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I don't really have a handy dandy feat list but this one's hand my eye for awhile, even if I don't remember the fight I recall enough about both movies to really compare the two, plus the comics.

Spider-Man (Toby Maguire)

Successfully beat the Green Goblin, who was seemingly physically stronger, and was equipped with a high tech suit and arsenal in the form of his glider. Though different universes, Osborn used an attempt to recreate the super soldier serum, and being stronger than Spider-Man it means he achieved super-strength beyond that of Captain America. In addition, despite not possessing MCU Spider's Stark Tech Suit, Toby instead relies more on his strength and skilled web placement, where as MCU relies on his suit a lot more, meaning he is more skilled. Not sure how to compare the two Spiders in terms of super strength against each other.

Toby's Spider Sense seems to be even better than his MCU counterpart's, if I recall correctly (and according to the wiki) it is a borderline biological clairvoyance, connecting to his reflexes to the point he almost automatically moves (unless overridden) and acts with precision, rather than a general danger sense. (Might even better stronger than the comic's.)

Captain America (MCU)

He beat up scores of Nazis without exhaustion, got onto a plane, drove a suicide bomber, and beat up a failed Super-Soldier (Red Skull) without breaking a sweat. The only opponents who gave him serious pause on a physical level were Iron Man, and Thanos (all that come to mind at least). He's completed feats of strength that rival Spider-Man's in terms of quick thinking, reflexes, and mental calculations (shield throwing and some other events that rival Parker's life saving moments in the climax of every film). According to the Marvel Cinematic Universe wiki, some of Captain America's biggest feats of strengths are holding against Thanos, overpowering magnetic attraction (something humans cannot achieve), and throwing a bulldozer in a certain amount of time faster than a super human could. It states his strength level is "vastly superhuman" and yet despite that he still had his strength surpassed by power armored heroes and extraterrestrials (yet with his vast combat potential he still took them down.) His durability surpassed Spider-Man and is a justified case of movie hero syndrome, where as Spider-Man has had to rest and heal from fights against his villains, Rodgers could always just get back up and start punching again. According to the wiki, his speed is just below super-human speed. His agility is improved to the point he rival Spider-Man in gymnastics, and judging by the actions scenes I would say he falls to around 80% of Spider-Man's potential. His reflexes are almost beyond human, though his feats are more impressive than Spider-Man's, he ultimately can't react as fast as Parker. One advantage he has over Spider-Man is enhanced senses. Where as Parker's defections were all healed, Rodger's were advanced and improved upon. His regenerative factor surpasses Spider-Man, a rough comparison would be healing four times as fast as Spider-Man does.

Where as Parker's only equipment is to hide his identity and very basic web shooters (web balls are considered a merely altered form of basic web shooters, even if it is organic webbing), Rodgers not only has an invincible shield that nearly always returns to him, but also a bulletproof, fireproof, blunt force resistant suit that has protected him from attacks only a step down from Spider-Man.

The Battle

Steve Rodgers is a power house, described as a perfect human, even better than someone in their prime. Spider-Man is a strong super human with a small but incredibly powerful skillset. While this Parker is better in combat than his counterpart, he's going up against one of the strongest Avengers on the team (other than Strongest Avenger). Parker has the advantages of being a step above in strength, a step above in agility, gymnastics, and having fought the Green Goblin has successfully defeated someone who had similar durability and healing factor like Rodgers. Captain America has defeated opponents stronger than Spider-Man, fought longer, handled more combat situations, and has far better durability, senses. Both of them are used to fighting opponents stronger than themselves and coming out ontop. Overall, it will be a very difficult battle but with Spider-Man coming out on top simply because of Spider-Sense. Rodgers is fast, strong, and has reflexes just a step below Spider-Sense, but overall Parker has that edge which cancels out all of Rodgers' other advantages, and with web shooters is capable of bringing him down.

EDIT: So checking the Spider-Man Film Wiki and it turns out that Parker is basically a step below Rodgers nearly everywhere except strength and speed where he's a step above, other than Spider-Sense, and that his regenerative factor, durability, and stamina cancels out any advantage that Rodgers had in that area (it would take around 8 hours or so of fighting for Peter to get tired, and 9 for Rodgers. The fight would've been settled by then). Overall, Rodgers puts up a good fight but simply can't hold back against Parker (even with being used to fighting stronger opponents and defeating them) whose speed and strength simply pummel the first Avenger into absolute submission, and he's still kicking around to fight the other rebellious members of the team.
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