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Tom & Jerry vs Sylvester & Tweety
Both of them are thrown in a random house, with all the tools needed to come out on top of who is the superior one. Who takes this round?

Bonus Scenario: Which ones did you like the most? Why?
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Tom and Jerry, easily. They've survived the vacuum of space, they've tanked nummerable explosions, have survived going at G-forces beyond what we're even capable of producing, and have been able to heal quickly even after deliberating injury. Unless I'm mistken, Sylvester and Tweety just haven't gotten as redicuous as Tom getting a bomb to the face, a piano to the face, a rocket...
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I'm with Grey on this, not to mention the fact that Tom and Jerry at least have some camaraderieand can work together while Sylvester can't get along with Tweety even when fighting the Monstars! Tom and Jerry can put aside their differences, at least for a little while, but Sylvester and Tweety are ALWAYS at odds with each other.

So a rundown

Tom and Jerry: They have the advantage in durability and camaraderie, and their Toon Force may be stronger.

Sylvester and Tweety: Probably smarter than Tom and Jerry on the whole,  but still at a huge disadvantage.
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Please check out this. I really want to have a fun successful RP with you guys ;-;
Tom & Jerry hands down. After seeing what happened to Tom after Jerry got so angry he got insta-swole and wooped a cat's ass, I'm pretty sure that's him canonically bloodlusted. With all the traps Jerry has set up, I feel like he and Tom will easily outdo Sylv and Tweety/ Tweety is usually protected by Granny or Hector who always keep Sylv away from him. In this scenario, he's probably a literal sitting duck since Sylvester isn't brawny 

Tom's tanked a lot of hits to the face too. XDD So his ability to tank their Toon Force is already pretty high-tier considering he's survived all this shit. Jerry is the brains, Tom might be the brawn (Tom having literally blown up the house before)

I've seen Tom and Jerry since I was a wee radish, in probably every style they've appeared in over the years. Too bad they don't rerun them anymore like they used to.
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Indeed, the lack of Tom and Jerry on the TV was a major source of my decision to stop watching anything but ABC news.

On several occasions, mostly in the 2000 movies, Tom and Jerry have teamed up against bigger threats. Working together to appease Spike, beat back Tom's hooligan cat friends, fighting an army of ghost pirates... Fighting an entire Martian Army themselves...

Side note: We can pretend that the movie they talked in never happened, right?
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