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RP Characters.
Mysterious Summons: Malefor, Rex Marksley.
Name: The Dark Gunner

Race: Iso (Alien)

Gender: Male

Age: Hundreds of years old.

Appearance: Known for wearing a strange set of technology enhancing clothing with glowing indigo blue eyes.
Credit to @FireSonosuke on Twitter

Personality: He greets those he encounters and is often detached about incidents, being often emotionally cold, but when started has an itchy trigger finger for surprises. He does care for those around him, but has trouble showing it or understanding it, except for Azura. Notably focuses and calms down more and more as a situation grows more grim.

Background: A strange being which crawled out of a portal on Boogaverse one day in the Desolate Lands, seeking the war he had left behind long ago. He took charge of the Meeting of the Dark, with a friendly partnership rivalry with someone else altered by dark energies, Vincent. On the rare occasion he discusses his abilities that manifest themselves outside of his technological prowess, he compares gaining these abilities to the chaotic energy infused monsters on Booga. Except in his case, he stole one set of powers, and was forcibly given another. He never clarified which set was which.

Powers: Unnatural Marksman - Effortlessly accurate and stable with holding two hand guns at once, able to reload with one hand while firing with another. Capable of firing off bullets at improbable distances. Uses four types of bullets, electricity magic charged bullets, dark magic charged bullets, strange dark energy bullets coated in an alien poison, and armor piercing rounds. Sometimes, strange birds appear from the barrel of his three normal handguns, soaring into his enemies to harm them, or tendrils apppear in the way of the target of the Obsidian Carbine.
Flight - His wings are fully functional, letting him quickly lift off and soar into the sky without difficulties.
Devil Portal - Capable of instantly disappearing in a dark portal, or opening a short gate for others to pass through with him. Legend says those who pass through it visit an underworld from another planet that permanently scorched the Dark Gunner.
Demon Tendrils - He can generate large black and purple tendrils out of the ground to grasp onto his victims, or items.
Emergency Defib - His armor grants him a one time full heal to his health after being defeated before requiring a several hour recharge.
Speed Shield - Forfeiting one of his guns to grab a buckler capable of adsorbing most attacks, but it can also generate an energy bubble around him known for adsorbing only one strike.
Dark Resist - His clothing provides small protection against attacks, but offers decent protection against dark energies and poisons.
Dark Sight - He's capable of seeing even in pitch black as if it were bright as day.

His companion Angela has the following powers.
Disintegration Ray - A bright short ranged beam of energy capable of piercing through a target multiple times, and notably wears down defensive armor or spells of whatever it hits.
Iron Heart Attack - A red heart shaved wave flows outwards from Angela, causing any damage the Dark Gunner does onto them to heal him. Any being that dies while under the influence of the ability has a portion of it's dying life force converted into a personal shield for the Dark Gunner to protect him for a limited time.
Valkyrian Aura - An orange bubble surrounds the Dark Gunner and Angela, providing cover for their allies for a few moments, and is capable of adsorbing some damage. Any being the Dark Gunner considers an ally under the aura will find their swords move faster, their guns reload quicker, and any spell or ability charges faster.

Equipment: Sun Set Set - Clothing made in the visage of an dark gunslinger, equipped with quick reloading gadgets to allow him to fire rapidly with little reload. Protects against dark energies. Uses the magic of Booga to fuel it's protection.
Antiqua Set - A set of guns augmented by alien energies, made to take four different forms, powering itself through the magic in the air of Booga. The Argent Peacemaker was forged out of blessed silver and created to usher those who would not leave the world willingly out and fires electric bullets. The Gilded Griffin was created to tear apart with the flurry of a griffin and fires piercing rounds. The Sentenza was forged out of shadow steel and wielded by an evil gunslinger which fires dark energy bullets. The Obsidian Carbine is of alien design, compared to his other weapons, and possess similar qualities to his tendrils, and carries poisoned bullets of an alien type, unseen anywhere on Boogaverse.
Swiftstrike Buckler - A shield made to deflect nearly any attack, and can generate a limited personal energy shield.
Angela - A probe droid modified by dark energies into a living, breathing combat creature.

His former idenity and true name's theme:
RP Characters.
Mysterious Summons: Malefor, Rex Marksley.
Name: Azura the Wolver

Race: Iso Fox (Alien)

Gender: Female

Age: 3

Appearance: A big fluffy cross between a wolf and a fox with a brown-yellow coloration and a flaring up symbol on her back.
Personality: Light hearted and easy going, but as the situation gets more dire, she becomes more likely to panic in fear or give up.

Background: A creature from where the Dark Gunner last was, taken as a pup by engineers to a laboratory and experimented on, infused with the energies of that world to grant her powers. When the Dark Gunner cleared out the laboratory, slaughtering the staff and guards without discrimination or hesitation, and destroying their infernal creations, he took pity on the baby wolver and adopted her, taking her under her wing.

Powers: Powerful Muscles - Capable of biting off limbs, clawing off flesh, and burrowing quickly underground.

Telepathy- She’s capable of both reading thoughts and projecting them, and was taught by the Dark Gunner to understand English.

Status Pulse- She sends out a 2 foot long 2 foot high wave of energy around her that inflicts a various status, unless the enemy has a resistance to the status effect. The energy pulse has a different coloration depending upon the status effect. The pulse will only last two to three seconds when used, though can be instantly activated followed by a short cool down.
  • Stun Pulse- An orange wave that causes moderate dizziness on those affected, enough to slow down muscle movement.
  • Poison Pulse- A green wave that poisons the enemies, making them weakened in terms of their strength but otherwise unaffected.
  • Freeze Pulse- A dark blue wave that encases the lower half of a target when hit.
  • Fire Pulse- A red wave that spreads fire to anyone hit.
  • Shock Pulse- A light blue wave that induces electricity into those hit, generally causing muscle spasms for this hit that are organic.
  • Sleep Pulse- A blue-green wave that causes those hit to take a few minute long nap, unless waken up of course.
  • Pulse Bite- A regular bite but it inflicts one of Azura's various status effects.
RP Characters.
Mysterious Summons: Malefor, Rex Marksley.
Name: Vincent Bloodline

Race: Darkened (Monster)

Gender: Male

Age: 217

Appearance: His hands are long and thick, covered in grey gauntlets, and more clawlike than human, his skin has a soft pale glow, highlighting the already bleached color of it. Parts of his veins and arteries are stained black in small patches. His eyes are the color of normal blood and seem to sharpen in low light settings. His hair is kept neck length, as black as souless night. His clothing is a dark leather combat suit, with grey armor on his shoulders. A crimson cape covers his mouth and billows behind him.

Personality: Vincent is professional and tried to be appropriate to the situation, avoiding any hurtful remarks if he can help it, and is occasionally bubbly and cheerful. When alone he takes a drastic shift, becoming much less intelligence driven and acting more on instinct, often silent and brooding.

Background: Once a man, Vincent was a part of a magic research team that studied the effects of chaos energy. The team's purpose, along with Vincent's reason for being there, was to make the energy safer to use, and to prevent dark magic from becoming as dangerous as it. Days spent conversing with monsters in captivity, some willing, some not, to understand their condition. Though the initial research showed promise, any progress was ground permanently into a halt when the majority of the research cast was killed. Vincent, due to his physical strength being a rarity on the team, had a far more horrific fate. The head of research, responsible for the deaths, chose Vincent to be his magnum opus, sealed inside a tank with chaotic energy and dark magic. Vincent couldn't even scream as he was bound inside the tank and trapped, as the head of research disappeared. In this tank, Vincent developed his already present abilities to a higher extreme, and gained several new ones. A century later radiation in the ground sept into the facility, causing the fail safes to activate, and free Vincent from his living tomb. Spending several decades seeing the world through his own eyes, rather than through the experiences of others, Vincent stumbled into a city and found the Paris Opera House, and accepted by someone else who preferred the same name as him. The Dark Gunner.

Powers: Enhanced Marksmanship - Despite his strange choice of weaponry, he is capable of making shots that few others could, including fast moving targets.
Crushing strength - Before his burial Vincent was known for weightlifting. Now, despite possessing a slender figure, when he's distracted he's flattened metal desks without looking.
Telepathy - When he's focused, he can transmit thoughts to other beings, be they directions or commands. Some beings can reply to him.
Healing Factor - The chaos energy warped his flesh, causing it to repair itself after being damaged with some haste. Not amazing, but he can regenerate quite a bit of a flesh in a short degree.
Dark sight - His eyes, aside from enhanced tracking, also can see in low light conditions as bright as day.

Equipment: Twin Tri Shot Guns - A pair of two revolvers with only three shots in the cylinder each and three barrels, one for each shot, that pack an inordinate amount of firepower for ballistic weaponry. The guns are prophesized to bring about the death of a great hero.
Dark Claws - The gauntlets on his hand can peel back the metal on the fingers, revealing hidden talons built into the armor that rends flesh.
RP Characters.
Mysterious Summons: Malefor, Rex Marksley.
Name: Jacen Petronov

Race: Withered (Half-Human)

Gender: Male

Age: 47 (Physically 23)

Appearance: A man of average height, if lean build, with long yet well kept black hair, and blue demented eyes. His skin is rather pale for an adventurer's, and is unnaturally free of any scar tissue. Dressed in a set of somewhat armored dark grey robes with a hood to conceal his identity and appearance, preventing anyone from telling who he is when he strikes.
Personality: Jacen's personality slides like a scale, depending on his mood and current past events he may be a very joking individual who is at his best when making cracks while torturing a defenseless enemy of his. At other times he is very stoic and results driven, finding no pleasure in unnecessary sadism if it does not accomplish his particular goals at the time. At all times however, he is ruthless, uncaring to the plights of others unless it interferes with his goals, and is willing to do anything as long as it does not involve betraying someone who has given him help, or someone he has given help.

Background: Jacen was born at Destiny's Fall, hailing from the Paradise Region, his choice of swordplay and sorcery reflecting that. Born to a Withered parent, a human mother, the firstborn but younger than an adopted sister, and brother to the third sibling, a younger sister. Continuing on a line of alien swordsmen embodying aspects of fire, speed, and dragon motifs, Jacen chose to utilize his father's fast paced precise katana and uncle's heavy crushing claymore styles of fighting, similar to his sliding between joking torturer and stoic soldier. Growing up half human and only half Withered he knew he needed better equipment and skills to make up for his reduced magical capacity, and thus spent an inordinate amount of time socializing through dueling and studying. When he was young, due to his status as the second oldest and the one being trained by his father, he seemed poised to take a powerful legacy of magic power, mystical artifacts created for battle, and a fearsome name and power structure.

All of that was lost when his uncle in jealousy used a spell that warped a younger Jacen's mind, forever altering his personality and morality into a twisted being of malice, hatred, and darkness. Declaring that he would strike down his father for a long, long list of crimes that he had committed in the past, Jacen left the village after being defeated, and began to retrain his control of magic. Whereas once protective and evasive uses of dark magic and flames became outright destructive and aggressive, and his own disused necromantic talents were sharpened. He's spent all that time afterwards, a nomad through the areas of Booga, surviving by hunting and gathering on the land, along with copious amounts of high way robbery and attacking villages in sneak attacks with zombie raids. Thanks to hiding his identity, he's generally managed to avoid the law for the most part, and thus spend his bloodied money on food and drink to keep himself alive while working to find the ability to bring down, and kill, his father.

Once, when he was younger and more innocent, he met a woman named Sylvanas, who defended her village from monsters with naught but a bow and an arrow. The two found each other to be agreeable company, making a pact that if Jacen ever needed help, and Sylvanas was free to assist, that the two would join forces. A decade later Sylvanas was dead, and Jacen was evil. So he made good on the pact by resurrecting his friend into a staunch, undead ally. Willing to fulfill the pact, the two became a dark, hooded, thieving duo.

Powers: Solarian Biology - Due to his limited though potent alien heritage as a half-Withered, Jacen gains a number of key strengths in his blood. Foremost is the ability to store energy in his cells, mostly solar radiation and sunlight, but also other forms including magic. This stored energy increases his body mass and causes him to possessed increased weight, but also increased strength. He can use this stored energy as an automatic or activated healing factor, repairing damage, but being one hundred percent non-preventive damage control. In addition his senses are bolstered, able to detect what kind of energies and magic are around him, all five senses capable of distinctly telling what energy there is, such as the sight of life burning away from a plant, the taste of darkness in the air. Lastly, his senses are also enhanced to allow him to detect vague emotions, such as anger or love, emitting in an area.
Solarian Telepathy - Jacen possesses the ability to open "channels" of communication to other beings, provided they are willing, and thus him and the other person in the channel can communicate through thoughts willed to the other partner. These channels are voluntary and can be shut down with a simple thought, destroying it and requiring reconstruction for communication to occur again, or merely indefinitely blocked with a similar thought.
Solarian Magic - Jacen's magic is completely unlike that of Planet Booga, as he relies on limited reality warping abilities and energy manipulation in order to accomplish his feats. Manipulating the energy he stores within his cells, he alters reality, generally producing an equivalent exchange, but sometimes producing more energy than it took to accomplish the feat. Notably part of his magic is the ability to draw in energy to replenish his depleted cells.
Solarian Teleportation - Utilizing his ability to sense energies, Jacen can teleport to areas using energy sources to guide him, much like using your hearing to determine direction of a sound, or sight to determine a light source and thus navigating to those places. Once determining where, he vanishes and instantly reappears elsewhere, and can teleport objects or people with touch rather than himself, with the same absolute precision based upon energy signatures.
Darkness Magic - Jacen has a mastery level control over the power of darkness, capable of manipulating it in a variety of ways, of which not all are listed down below.
  • Creating a damaging fog of darkness.
  • Generate a pulse of dark energy to harm his opponents.
  • Hurl bolts of shadow.
  • Enhance a weapon with an aura of darkness to drain light and life.
  • Create a seal in the form of a blackbird that explosives with concussive force.
  • Strong telekinesis.
  • Cloaking himself and allies or things by altering the light around them.
  • Drowning out all light in a room through filling it with a consuming fog.
  • Being able to see perfectly in absolute darkness.
  • Teleporting through swaths of connected shadow.
  • Poison immunity.
Dark Fire Magic - Jacen is a master at manipulating flames, able to generate them from his fingers, cause combustion at distances, or amplify and control fires. All fires that he generates or manipulates gain an essence of shadow infused into them. Due to many years of study, he's learned to control flames in a variety of forms.
  • A hand coated in black flame that burns enemies gripped to the touch, or ignites flammable substances.
  • Simply pouring huge swaths from his hands to burn his enemies in a close range flamethrower.
  • Generating accurate, small cylindrical lances of swirling flames to attack enemies at a distance.
  • Fireballs hurled from his hands to scorch enemies at a distance.
  • Walls generated to provide cover and control where enemies move, boxing enemies in, or walling them out.
  • Generating large pillars to appear at a distance in a move known as the "flamestrike."
  • Healing flames to run over his allies wounds and mend them, notably his only use of fire that isn't tainted by shadow.
Necromancy - Jacen is not at potent as he is with necromantic magic as he is with his other disciplines, but nevertheless has it as a powerful part of his arsenal. Utilizing dark energy to reconstitute and animate dead organic material, most often flesh and bones, turning corpses into puppets that cannot feel pain and move on mere commands, allowing the normally allyless and lonesome wandering villain to have as much back up as there are corpses. Though sustaining multiple constructs is draining, he can accomplish the feat for a while depending on his magic reserves. More advanced usage of necromancy has included:
  • Utilizing the magic to scan the brain of the dead to learn new information.
  • Communing with the spirits of the dead.
  • Animating a corpse to understand how exactly they died in battle based upon their wounds.
  • Most powerfully bringing back the soul of a dead person or animal and attaching it to their body (or a new one) allowing them to act independently, but always reliant upon Jacen to keep their return to this plane of existence.
  • An extension of this power includes transferring souls to or from physical objects to trap them, or switching souls between bodies, possibly exchanging his own dying body for a fresher, less dead one.
At the farthest end of this power, Jacen could sustain an army of rotting dead and skeletal minions to attack a town or city, or a group of a dozen or so undead lieutenants with their souls intact, allowing them to all act independently. A minor ability Jacen has from this and often uses out of battle is the ability to heal undead flesh, slowly reconstituting what has been lost to decay and battle, ensuring his partners and forces are not winded down due to attrition, and maintain optimal strength.
Dragon Aspect - Since his disappearance at the Paris Opera House, Jacen has begun a strange ritual. Slowly changing the nature of his soul, wroughting it from an alien form into a draconic one, like other Withered and Solarian heroes had done in the past such as Jacen's father. Though nothing has come of it yet, with further morphing it could provide something. The primary sign is that of a new gem embedded into his katana, which glows a dark blue in his presence.
Teleportation - Jacen's teleportation abilities are the least developed of all his magics, but despite that he has harnessed it into his most lethal ability. Unlike other Withereds who made teleportation one of their strongsuits, Jacen's teleportation abilities are limited solely to what he can see visually. However, thanks to inhuman reflex and reaction times, he can teleport repeatedly and quickly to dodge attacks or move in for an attack, get a better position, retreat, or just for dramatic effect. Most notably, he's become skilled enough with his lack of teleportation strength he can utilize a teleport spam movement, quickly teleporting and attacking.

Equipment: Anonymity Robes - A set of armored robes that Jacen wears at all times with a special psychic effect. Physically consisting of a color drained grey cloth for the majority of the fabric with a frayed hood and cape alongside, it also possesses light armor in the form of a few pieces of leather, including enchanted bracers to ward off attacks from blades. The primary reasoning for using such a drab garb however is that it generates a magical field around it when the hood is pulled up. The field affects Jacen physically, masking his features and identifying traits, covering his face in a shadow, causing his fingerprints to not occur on objects, his footprints disappearing, and any DNA samples that leave his body are destroyed in flame. The field also affects recordings, retroactively causing all the footage continuous of him to become obscured and show the hooded figure rather than Jacen when the hood is dawned on camera. The potent psychic effect of the field is that anyone to see Jacen with the hood up is unable to identify the figure as him, preventing the two from being linked by first person contact.
Dragonscale Armor - As a back up, Jacen has managed to create a spell field around his body that on command generates a full set of blue dragonscale armor, including a cloth cape and helmet, for battling foes equal his speed or strength, and notably seems intended to take on his father's own armored suit.
The Crystals of Lazrecog - A set of twelve stolen gems hidden within his robe, these stunning blue crystals were once the component of a far seeing ritual designed to allow vision anywhere on Booga, or even into the future due to their cut and intense enchantments applied to them. Jacen slayed the wizard who created them and took the items, using the gems for a much more powerful purpose without even changing the cut. These crystals now store energy in a highly compact battery for him, much stronger than any common energy crystal utilized by his home town, and fuel his spells.
Darkflame Katana - A meticulously crafted katana, originally from Jacen's more heroic youth, consisting of a darkened handle and enchanted blade. The handle possess a black bird insignia on one side, and a flame pattern on the opposite side, and a gem embedded right before the handle ends and the blade begins. The blade is of an unusual alloy created by Jacen's uncle, possessing higher strength than that of normal steel, and is more conductive to magic than one would expect. It also has been enchanted to withstand extreme heat, allowing Jacen to utilize his full powers over fire through the blade, that dark fire.
Blackford Claymore - A simple claymore, with the same black bird insignia as his katana, and constructed of the same alloy. In place of an enchantment intended to allow the unrelenting usage of flame magic, this claymore has been enchanted entirely to be sturdy and resilient against destruction. Due to being designed to crush Jacen's enemies with his super human strength, that improved durability allows Jacen to use as much force as he can.
RP Characters.
Mysterious Summons: Malefor, Rex Marksley.
Name: Sylvanas Guardian

Race: Human (Undead)

Gender: Female

Age: 349

Appearance: Personality: Sylvanas possesses a great deal of empathy, but even greater than her sense of empathy is her sense of loyalty. It is this loyalty that allows her to commit any horrible action without remorse or regret, because in her mind it would be even worse to be disloyal. While she may have pity for those she hurts, that is the depth of emotion she has for them. In addition, she is brave, having been more than willing to face the problems of reanimation for an indefinite period and all the pains included, and tenacious, willing to continue on with anything, no matter how much saner it would be to turn back.

Background: Sylvanas was once a noble defender of a village in the wilderness, it was her job to ensure that when night fell, the morning sun would not show the ruins of her people. She was trained from a young age in the art of monster slaying, and took down beings much larger and much stronger than herself with wit and determination. As she grew older, she grew deadlier, and part of her yearned to travel the world to find larger creatures to slay. But the faces of the people around her, whose lives were the result of her protection, that satisfied any need or desire she could ever have. She turned down love, wealth, fame, and power all for the sake of her people. But as with all heroes and legends, her story died with her, of old age catching up to the ranger, disease claiming her life. She was buried in a potter's field, having given all her money and belongings to others, nothing left to mark her own grave. But death is not always an end, sometimes it is a beginning, a doorway closed by life, can be opened by death. A friend from the past, Jacen Petronov, came to collect on an old oath. If Syl ever had the opportunity to leave her village when Jacen needed help, she would go to his aid. Death frees one from their duties, and the same with Sylvanas. Raised from the dead, a walking yet fully functioning corpse, she got the adventure and wealth she wanted, at the cost of becoming as much of a monster as the being she used to slay. A traveling thief and murderer, instead of a celebrated hero, never able to see the faces she adored again.

Powers: Dark Vision - The red eyes of undead souls possess strange abilities as a result of a need to function with a decaying body. Not only do those eyes inspire supernatural horror, but these eyes are also freed from the limitations of sight based in biological sight, and as a result lighting doesn't matter to Sylvanas, meaning her eyes are capable of perfect sight anywhere. 
Pain Resistance - As much as in perfection of her body's condition from Jacen's mending spells, Sylvanas is still undead and thus her nerves are deafened, meaning bodily harm doesn't slow her down as much as a living woman.
Dark Claws - As a result of relying primarily on ranged, Slyvanas has picked up a spell of black magic to cover her arms in hardened dark energy, creating black armor on her fore arms that ends in oversized claws over her digits.
Black Arrows - Sylvanas can enchant arrows she draws, covering them in black energy, created from black magic. These arrows leave behind a trial of spiraling energy coming off of them, and the energy upon contact with flesh or other organic matter sharpens to a fine point. Notably, if the arrow hits a target and kills it, then the target’s bones will burst forth from the body, transformed into a skeleton warrior under Sylvanas’ control for a limited time.

Equipment: Trapping Bow - Unlike the bow she used in her past, Sylvanas’ current bow is not designed to take down monsters, but instead people. Featuring reinforced guards on itself to deflect attacks, the bow is primarily used to trap targets for Jacen to finish.
Pinning Knives - A set of ritual knives that Jacen stole from the home of a cult leader, these knives are designed to penetrate both flesh and clothing with one good initial hit, but are lack luster in repeated stabbings. The knives however are frustratingly difficult to remove once impaled, possessing several hooks to line into a target and not only make removal difficult, but also lethal. As such, these knives are generally used to pin a target to the ground or wall through fabric, or impede combat potential if flesh is struck.
RP Characters.
Mysterious Summons: Malefor, Rex Marksley.

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