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Birthday Bash: Happy Birthday, Freak!
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Golly! It's time to say happy birthday!

As the introduction of the Birthday Bash, we have our final Birthday Basher, the technical nerd, Freak! Your avatar, signature, user-title and the entirely of the forum is now dedicated to you for one week! 


To think that it was only yesterday, that you were the youngest moderator on a previous forum, now today, you have just turned 18. Times sure flies pretty damn fast. Let me tell you something and I want to take these words to your heart. You are definitely one of the smartest people I have ever met. You know your ways of computers and laptop; heck you practically built computers as if that was nothing more than a walk in the part. You have a talent that just waiting to be explored. You have a great future ahead of you. 


Not only that you’re talented, but you are also extremely helpful. You always jumped into any conversations when people any question related to computers—and even extends to different technology, and help them with their problems. You have a vibe that a person can talk to you with just about anything and always, always have a good time. Whatever I able to check on the long conversations (that’s not spam) of you talking about something, I felt like I was learning something new because you bring some interesting insight of how you felt about a certain topic. In short, you’re helpful, kind and always bring up interesting topics that make people think. I guess you can say that you’re a nerd maybe

[Image: giphy-downsized-large.gif]


You’re fun to hang out with. In fact, I’m pretty sure that I can confirm this reasoning though Nick and Grey Star, who constantly praises you. Heck, ~ Z ~ and I managed to play Overwatch when it was on Free Weekend, that you are extremely fun to play with. Maybe one of these days, if you have the hang, you should definitely get Overwatch on the PS4 and we can play some mad meme games maybe

But anyway, what I’m trying to say, Freak, is that you’re the type who, while does have a competitive side, realized that when the game is simply chilling, you don’t take it seriously and want to solely have fun with friends while making the dumbest of jokes. Even during the Skype chats, you drop joke bombs that would leave me in tears! Freak, if you ever have doubt that you think a certain negative way about yourself, you can just bury it. You’re fun, awesome to talk to, intelligent and overall a good person with a big heart. Despite turning 18, you are definitely one of the most mature people in the group of friends. Rarely I ever have seen you down on yourself, because you have a strong heart. Because you set your sights on something big and honestly, you’re going to get that. Pimp 


You are an extraordinary person, who has the knowledge and the skills to back it up. You are smart, level-headed and always there for your friends. So, today, I, personally wished you a happy birthday, and want you, to celebrate and have fun. Go out and bring some entertainment that makes you happy because you earned it. Remember, Freak, do not let anyone put you down. Don’t cloud your mind with any doubt because you have the talent, you have the skills, you have the confidence to become great and as long those things make you happy, nothing in the world should stop you. If you ever in despair, just know that all of us have your back and that you are never alone buddy Pimp

Once again, I wished you the very best birthday and hope you had an awesome day and an awesome week.

With all the Love and Care,
ShineCero and the Boogaloo Crews!

What this? There's something special under these spoilers!? Think

Happy birthday you little freak you! Wink
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Happy Birthday, Freak!! c:
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Daaw! Thanks, guys! I can't believe this has been my seventh birthday since getting to meet you all and goddamn I plan to stick around for at least six more!

besides, who else would be around to keep you crazy people in check  Kek

Again, thank you all for these awesome past six years! Here's to hoping for six more!
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RPG and Tech Forum Manager (I may or may not be crazy)
Happy birthday, you little munchkin!!!! 
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Happy birthday my little chickling! For today, you are my favorite Child!
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Happy Birthday!!! I hope it is amazing!!!
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Happy birthday. :3
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Please check out this. I really want to have a fun successful RP with you guys ;-;
Thanks, guys!
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RPG and Tech Forum Manager (I may or may not be crazy)
Belated birthday wishes, Freak. :3
I just want to be free in my world.

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