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Escaping the Blind
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Current Location: Jacksonville, Florida. 

The streets have been covered with moss, weeds, and creeping roots of the thriving plants. Everything is humid and sticky, water from overflowing rivers have left some of the city underwater. The swamp has taken back its former land. Buildings are the only escape from the heat and a safe place to sleep for the night. The Blinders roam the swampy area and seem to often fall prey to alligators and mountain lions; however, some rumors say that there are Blinders that can swim but the proper reports have yet to be found. Find the reports and be one step ahead of the Blinders or find yourself as their next target.

(Let's start this off a little different.)

Ezra and Boris both walked down an empty street with very few Blinders roaming about. The day was slowly coming to an end and the two men were looking for a place to sleep for the night. Screams were heard in the distance from people who were caught in the jaws of the Blinders. Ezra frowned at the noise but he couldn't do anything to save that person anyway. Both men were holding their main weapon in hand and didn't pay much attention to the few Blinders that were scattered about in the street. Every once in a while, Boris would randomly attack one that got too close and tossed it away to distract the lone Blinders.

"Alright Boris, we should head to the nearest neighborhood." Ezra held up a map of Jacksonville and looked to his left. "There should be a few townhouses just a few blocks from here."

"Alright, are you up for a battle?" The large German man spoke. "Ve have been fighting all day! I can continue fighting for a week, no Blinder will take me!"

"I think I can handle as many as you can, Boris..."
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“Damn..." Wayne wipes the sweat off of his head. "This heat is just unbearable. I really need to get out this godforsaken state.." Wayne walked down the empty streets, cautious of his movements. "Haven't seen those bastards anywhere... I need to find a place to crash and rest my head for the night."

Wayne was holding a bag, with the bottom coated with blood. He managed to captured and kill a rabbit. 

“Shit, I hope the smell doesn't alert these fuckers and they come crawling out.” Sweat continued to form from the tip of his forehead as it dripped down on his left cheek as it hit the floor. He looked up and noticed a townhouse. "Guess I'll crash there for the night." 

He heard a voice—although faint—from afar. “Blinders don’t speak I believe. Could be another person around here?” Jason thought to himself. "I need to move quickly and avoid them."
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One of the townhouses nearby already had 2 new 'occupants' who had made their way in earlier in the day. One was a woman who sat on an old sun-faded table at one of the balconies and listened to the noises echoing around the street. She was keeping watch for the rest of the day.

"Another one bites the dust," she mutters to herself while wiping the sweat off her forehead. "God, I can't stand this humidity anymore. It feels like I'm on fire but drowning at the same time."

"Don't complain, Violet. It helps us at least figure out when one of those things is nearby." Another woman came out onto the balcony after pushing some lightweight furniture to serve as an emergency barrier.

"How can you even tell? That stink is everywhere for me." Violet ran her fingers through her hair, exasperated from the day's excursion in the heat. "It's disgusting."

"The humidity keeps them from drying out completely, so we get the lovely smell called Bloating Necrosis. I guess it's thanks to medical school. Your nose learns a lot of new smells that way; like pickled cadavers. They just smell like cadavers that were left out of the morgue a little too long. Now stay on the lookout while I take inventory of the place."

"Whatever. ...I think I actually hear people talking somewhere? My ears might be tricking me though." Violet cupped her ear to see if she could make out anything against the sound of Blinders straggling along the streets.

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(It's perfect)

As Ezra and Boris continued their path, they managed to enter the cul-de-sac where most of the townhouses reside. The area had few Blinders due to it being somewhat remote. The few Blinders that roamed around caught wind of the smell of blood thanks to Wayne's bag. They were slow to follow the scent but it lead them in a almost direct path with Ezra and Boris.

"Shit." Ezra sighed. "Looks like a few of them are coming this way..."

"Ve can get rid of them, yah?" Boris smirked. "Is only a few!"

"Fine, whatever..." Ezra took out the machete he had from his hip and prepared for a small battle.


A rouge female Blinder was roaming close to Wayne, attracted to the smell of blood from the dead rabbit. It wobbled over to Wayne in its weak attempt to grab him and his bag. Her hands were missing almost all the fingers and her jaw was severely dislocated, making it hang open and wave as she walked. The Blinder groaned as she got closer to Wayne.


Near the townhouse that was occupied, the Blinders were seen heading in the direction of the men but a few were roaming blindly (lol pun) by the houses. One in specific manage to hear the two girls talking and jerk its head up in their direction. It stood perfectly still, almost as if knowing it would not be able to reach them. Whether it understood the girls or not, it hissed audibly when they talked about how the Blinders smelled. Its mouth was stained with blood and teeth were jagged. Soon, the odd Blinder turned away from the girls, following the horde towards the men.
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Wayne learned the groaning from the Zombie, taking a few steps back away from the Zombie as he held onto the bag on tight. "Damn," Wayne mumbled in an irritated tone. "They caught a swift of the scent. No choice." Wayne pulled out a knife from his backpack and charged towards the Zombie, an attempt to ram the knife through the forehead.
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Violet stared down the Blinder as it hobbled off in the other direction with a slight scowl on her face. That's right, walk away if you know what's good for ya, She thought mockingly while she watched. But she also found it strange that it seemed to be following something until she heard the faint sound of voices nearby again. This made Violet curse under her breath because it meant there were more humans around, and that might spell potential trouble for her and Molly.

"Did you see something?" Molly whispered in a low voice. 

"I think more are nearby." Violet jerked a thumb in the direction she saw the Blinder follow. She wanted to hole up and hope nobody would attempt to enter their part of the townhouse complex.

"Just keep an eye on them. I'll keep our stuff ready just in case we need to bail last-second." Molly wasn't able to find anything else except a can of pickled sliced beets someone ditched in their haste to leave. "Beets for dinner?... Eh, better than toasted crickets again." She didn't seem concerned about whoever might be out there; they were probably too far away for them to help anyway.

"Roger." Violet kept her eyes trained on the areas around the complex, her gaze following the wandering Blinders.
Three Blinders came up to Ezra and Boris while they all chomped their jaws loudly. Boris took a hold of one Blinder's leg and began to swing it around to smack the other nearby Blinders. Ezra was more direct with his approach and made swift slices to their throats and gashes to their heads using his machete. Each blow seemed strong enough to break broke and crack skulls. Boris, obviously having more fun, released the Blinder he had which went flying and slammed right into the house next to Molly and Violet. It gargled once then stopped moving proving no threat to anyone.

"Now dats a home run, right Ezra?!" Boris chimed. "I bet ve can set records doing this!"

"If only it were that easy buddy." Ezra smirked, ripping his machete out of a Blinder's skull. "We gotta find a way to lose 'em."


The Blinder nearing Wayne was too slow to move away from the knife on time and simply hissed and gargled nonsense. A few seconds later it crumpled to the floor, lifeless from the direct hit; however, thanks to the smell of the rabbit, more Blinders would rush to Wayne's direction. Luckily there were not that many to begin with. While some were busy with Ezra and Boris, the few that manage to slip by ran to Wayne. This time Wayne had a Blinder rushing at him from both sides.


With Molly and Violet safe in the townhouse, the sight of Ezra, Wayne, and Boris fighting the Blinders would finally come to view. It was a nice show to anyone who wasn't fighting. With few Blinders roaming about in this area, the girls seemed safe for now.
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"S-shit!" Wayne said, looking side to side the Blinders were rushing in from. Wanye had a choice. Either ditch the rabbit and call it a loss or fight his way out and hope he had a chance to survive. Only having a few seconds to think, Wanye threw the bag that contains the dead rabbit to the nearest patch of bushes. Then, he went for the one on the right, jamming his knife through his torso and low kick his legs to have him fall to the floor before running away.
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The only thing humans are equal in is death

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"What was that noise?" Molly called out from inside.

"There's a couple guys down there fighting off the meatbags. I wouldn't want to piss off the big one." Violet said while watching the aftermath of the Blinder crashing into a nearby townhouse. "But that might take care of having to deal with clearing our way back out."

"Well, doesn't that mean they're looking for a place to stay? It's gonna get dark soon." Molly pointed out.

"And? It isn't our problem if they pick the wrong house to go into. I didn't check the other townhouses for any surprises, just this one. Their loss if they go through the wrong door. Besides, what's the odds they pick this one?" Violet shrugged with a smirk, which made Molly narrow her eyes at her in a glare.

".... just hope none of them are armed with guns. You don't bring a knife to a gun fight." This made Violet flip her off before turning back to watch the show.
The Blinder that Wayne attacked fell to the floor, stunned by the jab to his chest. It wasn't dead but it seemed to take its time getting up. When Wayne tossed the rabbit, a few Blinders were following the smell and left Wayne alone. However, there was only one Blinder that kept hot on Wayne's trail and was somewhat quick on its feet while it wobbled its way to Wayne.


While Ezra finished off a Blinder by gashing open its head with his machete, Boris grabbed another Blinder and tossed it into the air again. The Blinder went flying and was aimed right at townhouse the girls resided. Luckily it didn't hit the girls directly but it did crash on top of the roof. It growled and rolled down like a rag doll off the angled rooftop and slammed on the balcony rails and managed to cling on. It made no attempt to climb back and attack the girls but it did hiss and claw at them. 

"Is that another home run?!" Boris cheered. "Vhat do you think Ezra?"

"I think you crashed that Blinder in a house full of people." Ezra said while noticing just the last few Blinders left in the bunch. "You should go and do something."

"People?" Boris stared in the direction of the clingy Blinder and finally noticed Violet. "Ah! A maiden! The female is in trouble!"

Boris rushed to the Blinder but it was clear that he didn't know exactly how to bring the Blinder down. All he could do is toss rocks at the Blinder in hopes it will let go.

"S-Stay inside Maiden, I'll save you!"


While Boris ran to aid the females, Ezra held his machete in front of him while he stared down at the last two Blinders in the area. He carefully circled them until he saw Wayne running towards him from the corner of his eye. He didn't say anything and rushed at the closest Blinder, slamming his machete on the side of his neck, almost decapitating it. 

Once I grab the other Blinder, I'll toss it at that weird running Blinder... Ezra stared at Wayne.
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