Escaping the Blind
Violet blinked hard at the sight of what happened. "Oh... Uh. It's cool, I'll just use something to get it down." She thought about throwing something on top of the Blinder's head so it could crash back down to the ground, but quickly changed her mind, as she might need the furniture later. 

"Why not this?" Violet picked up her bat from the doorway while Molly looked wide-eyed from the sudden noises startling her. 

"What the hell was that!?" Molly said.

"Just a flyaway meatbag, no big deal." Violet waved her off. "But I don't think the bat will fit through the railing, so I can't crush its forehead. Guess I'll just smash its hands instead." She picked up her bat, moved to the side, and proceeded to hit the arm the Blinder was using to claw at her. She aimed for the elbow so it could make a clean break and render that arm useless.
"Just my luck. A blinder that can walk a bit faster."  Wayne, becoming increasingly irritated that he had to toss away his food. He stopped for a moment and slammed the dagger on its right side of the head, followed by kicking its leg to make it fall on the floor before grabbing the knife, still penetrated on its head, pulled it out and jammed it several times. Blood dripping from his ragged dagger, he turned around, seeing more Blinders. However, it seems that another person is dealing with them. However, he senses some hostility.

"What this man's problem? He's staring at me as if I'm a monster of some kind. I don't want a problem with a man with a machete... nothing good ever come out of them." Wayne thought to himself. "Nevermind that... I need to get the heck out of here and away from this mess." He turned around, heading towards the townhouses, though he can't help the feeling that things won't be easy now that man stared at him longer than it should and started to walk a bit faster.
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Release it Kimishima! Release everything you got!


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