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Bob Ross Competition Series
The Bob Ross Competition is intended to draw out the maximum potential of artists of all media. Exclusive to the Art Garden section, any artists, whether you do traditional, painting, digital, etc., is able to jump into Bob Ross Competition series and showcase their artwork, win cool awards, badges, along with exploring out of your artistic comfort zone. Each Bob Ross Competition differs from one another with their own set of rules and tasks, designed to add variety, generate consistent interests and bring in new dynamics. Thus, you will be able to participate in different kinds of competition that suits your needs or if you’re feeling you want to test your skill, join a competition to push you to the utmost limit. 

Each Competition will not be decided by polling from members. Instead, the winner will be decided by two-three anonymous people who did not participate in the competition. They will be able to provide any comments or feedback (provided by the administrator) along with their votes of the best artwork as follow by the rules of the competition.

Each Bob Ross Competition will always begin on a Thursday, start at 10:00 AM and ends within 30 days (4 weeks), landing on a Saturday at 12:00 AM PDT. You MUST provide your own original content. In other words, do not steal artwork from other artists, recolors are not considered artwork and make sure they are safe-for-work. Please USE IMGUR when posting your artwork. Below is the common Bob Ross Competition that will appear throughout the year. This does not include all the special Bob Ross Competition, only the recurring ones.

Bob Ross Regular Competition

Bob Ross Events Recurring Competition: Events that have a specific theme. 
  • Donut Steel Event
  • Graphic Designer Event
  • Media Event
  • Waifu Wars Event
  • Husbando Wars Event
And much more!

By participating and/or winning a Bob Ross Competition, you will be awarded these prizes. Some Bob Ross Competition have other unique prizes from time to time. Awards are based on your achievements in the Bob Ross Competition Series (Special Badges are not included).
  • Artist Badge: Participation in the Bob Ross Competition!
  • Michelangelo Badge: Win Bob Ross Regular Competition!
  • Mioi Badge: Win Bob Ross Regular Competition 2 times!
  • Da Vinci Badge: Win Bob Ross Regular Competition 3 times!
  • Bob Ross Award: Win 6 Bob Ross Competition (3 Regulars and 3 Special Events)

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