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Donut Steel Event
I won't be entering for two reasons: 1. I'm not sure who I'd draw 2. I'm on an art block
From the the Sevaza System, Planet Nafine! Just who the heck do you think I am?! I'm Alzoru Ledura, the Coral Lindworm!

Listen and be amazed as you hear my roar!
[Image: 2w7lcea.png]
Please check out this. I really want to have a fun successful RP with you guys ;-;
That's fine. We've only got one character left anyway and we're allowing entrants to only choose one character each to avoid duplicate entries. Smile
Here's my entry! Sorry it took so long lol but hey, I made it before the deadline. 

All the applications are now complete. Judges, please send your reviews/final decision to LoopyPanda before the end of today.
The results are in!
The contestant who won the majority vote from the judges' panel is...

[Image: BAQeh8j.png?dateline=1510027430]
Super Kat Congratulations on winning our first Bob Ross Competition! Super Kat

I hope all the entrants enjoyed this Competition, all the entries were wonderful! Big Grin
If you didn't win this competition, don't get discouraged! We have plenty more Bob Ross competitions that will be released down the line-- this is just the beginning, and our first Bob Ross Competition went swimmingly! Stay tuned for future competitions.
As always, I thank you all for your participation!

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