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Polar Space
Polar Space

Summary: Humans have dwindled massively ever since monsters invaded the earth. After 5000 years, a teddy bear with strange powers seeks to bring down the monster society through peaceful means.

Starting with a New Years resolution, I'm going to be posting a page every single day to practice my art, panels and dynamic poses.

Polar Space: Chapter 1

Update: Second Page is release.
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Polar Space has been updated with 2 pages. I also used the imgur link since it's faster and more efficient that way.
My scanner is now fixed, so I reuploaded page 3 and 4. Uploaded page 5 (since I forgot to do it last night) and uploaded page 6. Enjoy!
Updated with 7 and 8th pages! Check it out.
I like this. My personal faves are Peanut and Sneckers. I demand more so I can make more favorites. B|

Overall, nice work. I can't wait for the end of the chapter.
[Image: Mob-Psycho-100-One-Punch-Man.gif]

I am a big fan already. Especially Blind and Peanut. Peanut's just cute Bl

RIP Peanut...

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