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DBZ: The Tournament of Skills
"I see." The Brachi clone said, nodding.

At the same moment, Brachi was watching the tournament going on, with Gina easily winning her match, showing her opponent he underestimated her.

"I think I have an idea in regards to the tournament, in regards to its setup." Brachi said.

"You said you were wanting it to be a tournament of skills, correct?" Celicia asked.

"Yes, but I am more talking about the actual ideas of the tournament. Personally I am thinking of a tournament for those who can use weapons, where transformations are forbidden, where only melee attacks are allowed, flying is forbidden and all that stuff." Brachi said.

"What? Why are you planning to add those restrictions?" Majin Bara asked, sitting next to Celicia.

"I want all participants to have an honest fighting chance, even against opponents who are beyond their level. It is more to see how far someone can use their own skills to their advantage and see if they can find a way to best any superior opponents. The experience from this can come in use for any future battles as I want to prove and show that strength isn't everything in combat. This goes for everyone, myself included. That and I don't want any of us to rely on specific abilities as a crutch." Brachi replied.

"Well, sounds like you have quite the ambitious plan in mind, Brachi." A female voice then said in their minds.

"L - Lady Gervene?!" Brachi asked, blinking at this.

"Come and see me at Capsule Corp. once this tournament is over, I'm intrigued by your plan for this tournament of skills you wish to execute." Gervene then said.
Vent touches the white earpiece and a screen that says "AUDIO ONLY" pops up in front of his face.

"Yo! Speak of the orange devil! You're here too?" Vent says out loud.

"Let's go meet up with him. We may run into your friend on the way, so I'll send them your regards." Giro says, bowing to Anne before realizing they never got her name. "...miss?"

Vent climbs to the top of the wall and hops over, still talking.

Right outside the main gates, a man in a camo jacket and orange shirt pokes his white earpiece and a screen disappears. He looks around to see regular humans, but also green, white and pink human like creatures. Even anthromorphic humans.

"A lot of strange characters around here..." he points out. "And somehow, Vent would still stick out."

He groans in annoyance and looks around a second time.

"Mostly just regulars, but there are some very distinct powers in the mix too. Makes it a little harder to find who I'm look-"

"Nova! There you are!" yells Vent from on top of the main gate.
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There might not be true heroes anymore, but that doesn't mean I can't try!
"I'm Anne, pleased to meet you." The android said, smiling brightly at Vent as she watched him go.

Meanwhile, as she was seeing some regular competitors moving in for their bouts, Brachi mentally contacted her friends, telling them to gather at Capsule Corp. after the tournament was over.

Celicia smiled at this.

"Well, looks like we got a new guest as well." She said, "Should we invite others over as well?" 

Brachi nodded.

"Good idea. the more the merrier." She said as she scouted the stands, moving to see if she could find some strong energies, detecting a group of three Saiyans not too far from her, deciding to pay them a visit.
Snow and 932 nodded, having a link to be able to hear the thought message.
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