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Studio Ghibli Co-Founder and Legendary anime director Isao Takahata passed away at 82
Didn't see it posted here so figured I might as well. As the title suggests sadly Isao Takahata died of lung cancer on Tuesday April 5th, 2018. He was probably best known for the mother of all animated tear jerker films ''Grave of the Fireflies'' and for co-directing about half of the original Lupin the Third series. His final film was 2014's The tale of Princess Kaguya and his career dated back to the early 1960s, which I think included work on the first ever fully colored Japanese animated feature film. 

Oh man, this is truly depressing. Rest in Peace, an legend among animation.  Sad
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Indeed, the odds that he was gonna do another big project or anything were slim to none and all but it's still pretty sad. Especially when you consider that 82 isn't even THAT old by today's standards, it's even below average for a Japanese person.

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