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Social Media vs Forums
I personally like forums better than Social Media because information can be misinformed via social media much easier. While Social media is useful with making connections with people across the world, it's very easy to be a victim of misinformation. With millions of people tweeting and sharing the same thing, information can be edited and people would be none the wiser because 'so many people agree with it' or 'it has a lot of likes, therefore it must be right.'

Maybe it's a personal experience I had, but I feel as if people blindly believe any on social media if it has enough likes and shares. This goes for everything. I'm not saying forums are free from false information, however, I feel like people need to think a little more before they type. They can't just say something and expect everyone to like it. People will (hopefully) do research on the topic and reply accordingly to a person. I think I'm looking at the point a bit too literal but I believe that social media gave people an excuse to not look things up because 'Well, a million people shared/liked this! It HAS to be true!'

Today, people want 'instant gratification' and their '15 minutes of fame' so they are willing to make videos of deplorable things and post it on social media all for a few likes and fame. Actions like these are usually done to get a reaction out of people, whatever it may be. And it works. I'm not entirely convinced that such a thing will happen on a forum because the admin/mods can usually take it down because major damage is dealt, but I can be jumping the gun on that one. Once something is shared on Social Media, it's already too late.

Then again, this can be applied to the Internet as a whole.
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I've honestly gotten over social media as a way to connect in all honesty, it just feels saturated with people looking for money instead of connecting. Unlike forums in which everyone is usually honest.
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(06-05-2019, 07:59 PM)Linkaden Wrote: I've honestly gotten over social media as a way to connect in all honesty, it just feels saturated with people looking for money instead of connecting. Unlike forums in which everyone is usually honest.

I agreed with this.

Another aspect of social media is the constant negativity, rise of fake news and the onslaught of online activists over trivia matters in the grand scheme of things. It’s a great way for connections with people and follow famous people on their work, but it’s ruthless in other areas. The overabundance of racist and nationalists continues to deter these websites as their way to boast communicate with the common man, typing onto to their irrational anger (hence the sudden rise of “skeptics”—but in actuality, they are in disguise as anti-sjws in order to boost their “arguments” as legitimate).

Rise of harassment is more noticeable on social media in comparison to forums. You don’t have to worry about consistently talk about your livelihood or what food you eat in a constant rate—you can post, join in fulfilled discussion without anyone knowing your identity. Of course, there are websites that just eat this type of disgusting behaviors (such as a certain image board and forums, I’m know few people know what I am alluding too), but in comparison to social media, where it’s practically everywhere. I mean, the callout culture had increasingly became an weapon to used against anyone at any rate. Do something slightly off and bam, you're on the shitlist instantly, and when people become irrationally angry about something, everything you say prior to that will be scrutinized, suddenly you become sexist, racist or any other term without a slightest of evidence to back it on (other than words); i.e the James Charles drama, while actual bastards are defended in high glory (such as Vic) despite testimonies and evidences. 

Forums are a bit restricted in terms of content—respectable websites don’t tolerate certain beliefs and quickly banned them; it might be more difficult due to how far and board certain platforms, such as Twitter and Reddit, had become in the large schemes of things. They are also easier to browse in comparison to say, reddit, since there are hundreds and hundreds of communities with different rules, expectations and the sort, while forums have a single based rule throughout.

The only advantage I see social media has is the power to have real-time interaction (since people nowadays do not have the patience to express their thoughts in a well-constructed manner and wants the instant gratification of people responding to them, along with getting those internet points such as upvotes, karma, likes and retweets). Forums are still relevant today, perhaps even more, since you have archives, reasonable searches and splendid content.
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