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Who would've won the final Chunin Exam tournament had it continued (Naruto)
Had Orochimaru not interrupted then and there who would've won the tournament? For the sake of this thread, we're assuming per the rule that you win if you incapacitate your opponent that Sasuke has defeated Gaara as he was knocked out for quite a while before the Shukaku transformation. So it picks up in round 2 with Naruto & Sasuke battling it out in the first fight and Shino and Temari fighting in round 2. Who wins both and who wins the final? 

All combatants strength, speed and abilities are obviously as they were in the leaf destruction arc and we assume no fights are totally blood lusted but I suppose just a little less intense. Each characters general fatigue levels are also considered and the length between matches would be too with regards to how much they recover round to round.

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