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Summer Anime 2018 Discussion

Man! It's so damn hot! You know what cools me down during the Summer? Spending the days watching the newest animated seasons coming out, starting July 2018.

The purpose of the thread is to place all discussions about the new animes in one thread. You can talk about the upcoming animes, episodes, quality of the show, etc,. This is to avoid creating multitude of threads with no discussions and left for dead after a long while. If a anime in season becomes a popular topic in the thread, you have permission to spawn it into a their own.

Remember, you will be expose to spoilers as of July 1st rolls around. So be caution of the thread if you haven't watch the episode yet. 

Any discuss about the upcoming animes can be discussed here. If the anime gets a lot of attention, it can become it's own thread, but for now, they can be discussed here. Certain animes that are popular, such as Boku no Hero Acamdeia, have their own threads.
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