Galactic Ruins
"Considering we have little to no intel on the subject, the situation may change unpredictably. If it does, you are to contact me immediately through the headset communicators." Aurelia said to Mex. "As far as the galaxy is concerned, the Orion Squad doesn't exist. I intend to keep it that way until we can utilize the element of surprise to our full advantage. Perhaps you will be able to use more lethal force on the next mission."

"Better than more boring simulators that make me push a payload..." Azumi muttered under her breath. 

"Now that the briefing is out of the way, are there any questions?" Aurelia asked. "It's best I address them now before we attend a meeting with the Union Council and get you prepped for the mission."

Azumi and Mioi glanced at the others, since they were mostly used to the drill by now.
Jack thinks "I gest its up to us once we get in the ship how we to act."  Jack seems ok with everything so far.
I will fine one later

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