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Future Harmony: Apocalypse
(lol... reminds me of how I tend to mix up Nagito with Makoto... for some reason my brain mixes up the first names because of similar vowels because it's used to referring to characters by their surnames instead)

Celestia gave Monokuma a thinly veiled glare before staring at her monitor. "So what is it we're supposed to be doing here? What's the point?"

"Well, it's easy... pick up your headsets and put em on! And once I hand you your special disc of enlightenment, maybe you'll understand your situation here..." He pulled out a stack of CDs, each with a person's name written on them. Comically he tossed them to one person at a time until there weren't any left. "Pop the disc in and just let it do the talking for me."

Kyoko looked at the disc but found nothing suspicious about it, although she didn't seem any more relaxed than she did entering the room. Hagakure stuck it into the disc player with no idea what to expect, with everyone else following the instructions albeit with varying degrees of apprehension.
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