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Future Harmony: Apocalypse
(lol... reminds me of how I tend to mix up Nagito with Makoto... for some reason my brain mixes up the first names because of similar vowels because it's used to referring to characters by their surnames instead)

Celestia gave Monokuma a thinly veiled glare before staring at her monitor. "So what is it we're supposed to be doing here? What's the point?"

"Well, it's easy... pick up your headsets and put em on! And once I hand you your special disc of enlightenment, maybe you'll understand your situation here..." He pulled out a stack of CDs, each with a person's name written on them. Comically he tossed them to one person at a time until there weren't any left. "Pop the disc in and just let it do the talking for me."

Kyoko looked at the disc but found nothing suspicious about it, although she didn't seem any more relaxed than she did entering the room. Hagakure stuck it into the disc player with no idea what to expect, with everyone else following the instructions albeit with varying degrees of apprehension.
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"Don't give up, Senpai!"
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(I went to a DRP panel at the con I went to. Someone asked which characters were allowed to say fuck and which ones were not. Everyone unanimously agreed that Chihiro, Makoto, and Hina were not allowed to xD)

Makoto cautiously put the dis in, as did everyone else. 

A few minutes later, once their discs were completed, there were different reactions from everyone. 

"Wh-What the hell was all that about?!" Leon exclaimed. 

Sayaka was silent, having gone as pale as a ghost. 

"I-Is this a j-joke? I-It has to be....," Chihiro mumbled to himself.

"If this is a joke, it isn't funny," Hina exclaimed,glaring at Monokuma. 

"Wh-What happened? How is everything like this?" Makoto asked.
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(Chihiro should absolutely never say fuck... or any curse word... he is too precious)

Kyoko said nothing, although even she had difficulty keeping herself from expressing thinly veiled disgust at him. She shut the computer off the moment her disc finished playing.

Kiyotaka had a frightened, hollow look on his face while Celestia stood up from her desk.

"This had better be some kind of elaborate joke. Why did you go so far to stage all this?"

"What's your goal here?" Kyoko demanded.

"Well, that's easy. Villains have banded together to destroy everything you've ever cared and loved before. Hope's Peak is the last bastion housing heroes of the future." Monokuma began to giggle. "But knowing that you have so much at stake in the outside world, wouldn't you do anything to get out?~ Even if it meant you had to kill one of your beloved classmates to do it?"

"I don't understand..." Kiyotaka looked to Sakura, but she didn't reply. She simply glared at Monokuma.

"I want to make you all despair," Monobear leered. "Despair is the only way to survive in this world now. A life of mutual killing is the perfect way to make you understand, being students of the future's hope. Well, now that there's no hope left out there, maybe this will motivate you to throw away those flimsy ideals of heroism. Maybe you'll become fully-fledged villains now so you can survive later. Or maybe you'd rather go the Lone Wolf Anti-hero route? The possibilities of skewed morality are endless."
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"Don't give up, Senpai!"
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(Agreed! Also, at the DRP panel, I actually got to be a participant! We (me and two other people were the designated detectives) may have gotten executed by saying Toko was the killer (when it was Byakuya) but that is besides the point! xD I still think it was funny, because when we guessed wrong the second time, their Makoto immediately stood up, pointed at us, and yelled 'No, that's wrong!' before they shut the lights off, and played the execution music.

Later on, after the con was over, I was walking to the elevators to go back to my hotel room, when I passed them. They thanked me for being a part of their panel, and I responded with 'You're welcome! Sorry for getting everyone executed!' and we all laughed)

"Villains...?" Makoto said softly to himself, looking at his hands. There's....There's no way I'd be able to be one. I can't do much with Aerokinesis, anyway, he thought. 

"No! I refuse to be a villain!" Hina exclaimed, keeping her glare fixed on Monokuma
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(I can't believe you got everyone eggsecuted... I woulda gotten it wrong too tbh I'm the worst at deductive reasoning)

One by one, the students voiced their adamant refusal.

Sakura kept silent, although her rage was palpable.

"What would ever make you think we could become villains!? Does that make you a villain too!?" Celestia demanded, finally losing her composure. "Do you know who you're talking to!? I would never let such a fate take me over!"

"Upupu... how sure are you that your probability manipulation will work on me, ojou-chan?" Monokuma seemed unthreatened by her. "I'm not exactly a villain... I am your headmaster after all, it's only natural I know what's best for my students!" Then his smile became menacing as he raised a clawed paw. "Unless my students intend to go against my authority. In which case I'll enact capital punishment!"

Kiyotaka hesitated, as he wasn't the type to get involved in fights, let alone disrespect authority figures.

"...What will happen if we choose to fight you right here?" Kyoko asked.

"This room is too cramped for what I'm capable of... but if you want to have a go, I won't stop you now that you've been warned. You can't bust out of here without my security bypass codes, which are kept nice and safe in my office, upupu! Otherwise, this is your bird cage unless you decide to pursue a life of mutual Villainy!"
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"Don't give up, Senpai!"
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(We even had a note written and signed by Byakuya himself. How the hell did we screw it up?! Why tf did we say it was Toko? I mean she has hemophobia, and hadn't turned into Jack until after the murder had taken place. And, on top of that, the victim was girl. Again, have no idea why we said Toko. We had LETTER. WITH BYAKUYA'S SIGNATURE.)

"..." Makoto was silent, still staring into space, but listening to what Monokuma said. 

"M-Maybe we should listen to him, then. N-Not that we should turn into v-villains, but, a-at least survive?" Chihiro suggested in a soft voice
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(Boi... You flunked out of Kyoko's detective school)

"I...I refuse!" Kiyotaka shouted, albeit hesitantly for fear of retaliation. "Even if it is in the right to respect the headmaster, I will not become the same as the people my father worked so hard to impart justice upon!" His father was a policeman who worked with the heroes of their city to bring and maintain the peace. There was no way he would go against the ideals his father taught him. "I would never betray the people like that!"

"What kind of headmaster would force their students to turn their backs on the rest of humanity to save themselves? Heroes are not so selfish to throw away their morals for self-preservation," Sakura said. Her arms were crossed and she stood unmoving from her place before Monokuma.

"If you even are the headmaster at all." Kyoko said flatly.

"Wh-what did you say, little girl!?" Monokuma thrashed his arms about angrily. "How dare you question Monokuma's authority!! I ought to turn you into a Gungnir pincushion right here!"
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"Don't give up, Senpai!"
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(But then again, the murder weapon was a pole. So, we had come to the conclusion that Byakuya would never dirty his hands with such a thing, and would pay someone else to murder for him. Maybe thats why we said Toko because, although she has hemophobia, she does tend to do whatever Byakuya says. IDK the panel is over and done with, I suck at deductive reasoning  and get shy in front of a lot of people and didn't want to speak our collective answer because I got shy, but had to anyway, cause I lost rock paper scissors. Byakuya is still a dick. I had fun at the panel xD 

Also, I went to the dance showcase, before the DRP panel. These two girls were cosplaying Luka and Miku, but with short kimonos. I thought they were going to do Shojou Misui, but they actually did a beautiful dance to Magnet. It was so beautiful and they were amazing) 

"I agree. Such a headmaster wouldn't force his students to murder each other as well!" Leon said. The other students started to nod, agreeing with Leon's statement. 

"Yeah! Should't you be focused on what we could do for others instead of ourselves?" Hina asked
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