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TFE History (Lore of Vegetto's Inspired RPG Universe)
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DBZ: The Fallen Empire

"Hey old man! You shouldn't be hanging around the square this late at night: might run into some goons that like those fancy earrings you got!"

"Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. You best be careful yourself, wearing a fancy golden mask like that. Where'd you get something like that anyway?"

"What? This? It's just a little something I bought at the store: looked pretty cool, thought I'd use it to scare some people tonight on Halloween."

"Yeah? I remember when I first saw it: it sure scared the hell outta me then."

"What are you going on about old man?"

"Just some old history, if you wanna listen." 

"Yeah, sure, I got a few hours to kill."

"Ha, well we're gonna kill them all tonight. And it all starts with this small little world called Earth..."


Hey guys! In the good spirits of FE's revival and the extensive history that I need to reacquaint myself with, I've decided to put together a little history on the entire forum RPGs that begun all those years ago on AF, up until now with the Fallen Empire. This thread will hopefully be updated as time progresses and the stories continue, but I'm gonna start with just the past before I get too carried away xD

NOTE: this entire thread will detail the events of the main continuity of the RPG games that I've led in the past. All secondary timelines such as Brachi's universe and plots outside of those games will be left out because simply, the complexity gets a little too deep. As well, the events of the story may not be accurate anymore from past games, but to avoid cringe and glaring plot holes as best I can, I've updated the history to reflect a better continuity with a couple of major retcons. Some of you vets reading this will see them, feel free to message me if there's more data on your end that you think should be included! Enjoy! - Vegetto


Post Dragon Ball GT: The Arcosian Saga
The Big Apple Saga
Rise of Janembuu Saga
Blaze, the Legendary Arcosian Saga
The Dread Masters Saga
The Ultimate Enemy Saga
The Dread War Saga
The Shadow of Revan Saga
The Fallen Empire
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