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Weirdest thing you google?
What are the weirdest things you have ever google and for what reason?

I was googling dangerous chemicals that can kill humans quickly for a RPG.... hope the FBI doesn't come knocking down my door :p
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I had to Google Earwax removal tips and videos because I accidentally got a cotton ball stuck in my ear. I found myself viewing more videos than I should have.
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"Bloody anime characters"

"Evil Ruby Rose"

"Blood Ruby Rose"

"Female W.D. Gaster"
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I type fanfics, so my google history is always weird. 

For one, I googled if it was possible to put chloroform in the ventilation of a building to knock someone unconscious. Which, it turns out, you can. 

Another one, I had to google how many people you have to kill to be considered a serial killer. Which, is apparently 3 people, but it also banks on severity and brutality of the murders done. 


Please, FBI. I can explain
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Hm...most eyebrow raising thing I googled in the past couple years was "how to tell if a cougar is coming on to you"... sadly for me the context doesn't make it any less odd, damn that was weird XD.

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