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No More Heroes Anarchy Character Registration

No More Heroes Anarchy

Premise: The Busters Organization is a group of Specials who banded together to deal with problematic specials in their own way in hopes of changing the public opinion on them. However, their activity is increasingly becoming more dangerous as their popularity increased, drawing in unwanted foes. 

Important Links General Notes
  • Specials are human beings; despite having powers, bullets and such will still kill them.
  • Do not introduce outer-space elements or anything of the sort. Galactic Ruins has all that space magic.
  • Do not metagame, powerplay, godmodding or bunnymodding.
  • Expanding metagaming, do not mix your knowledge with IC (in character) with OOC (out-of-character information), your character(s) do not know everything.
  • The maximum character limit is 3; you can choose to introduce a new one if one dies, but they cannot be used until the next chapter.
  • Need help figuring out your power? Check the Power Wikia.
  • Do not introduce your "new story" as an arc without approval.
  • For three arcs, the villains will be maintain by me; players will have a chance to introduce their villain in the future.
Character Registration Rules
  • You can create up to three characters (max) throughout the duration of this roleplay.
  • Death is possible in this story; however, if your character dies and you want to replace them with a new character, they will not appear until the next chapter.
  • You have an option of making your character a villain.
  • Your registered character will be part of the Busters.
  • You can only have ONE power for your character.
  • Once a character went through approval in registration, you cannot create a character with the same power (including variations).
  • Banned Powers: Magic/Magic Energy, Omnipotence, Omnipresence and Omniscience, Absolute Immortality, High-End Reality Warping, Instant-Death, Life-Drain (Death Version), Invincibility, High-End Intangibility, High-Level Space/Time Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, “Future Sight”, and Time Travel Manipulation.
Character Template
  • Name:
  • Identity Name: (Optional)
  • Birthday: 
  • Power:
  • Weakness:
  • Age:
  • Gender:
  • Ethnicity:
  • Appearance:
  • Personality:
  • Background: (Optional)
[Image: VTk3W41.png]

"I have made many enemies in my lifetime, many different kind of enemies; however, you know what all of them have in common?"

Content: My Art | No More Heroes | Good Days | Kaiju Man | BoogaVerse
In Progress.....

Name: Daiman Stewart
Power: Imaginary: Anything Daiman imagines, it comes to life his hands. 
Weakness: If Daiman tried to boost himself up using his power, it would only last for a few minutes. It's also extremely exhausting for him to continue using the power in rapid succession. 
Birthday: September 4th
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Black-Indian 
Appearance: Slim and often looking down. He has several wounds around his back and chest.
Personality: He's quiet and soft-spoken. Lately, he's becoming more cynical ever thank the death of his cousin, Eon. 
Background: Daiman was born in California, living in a small town somewhere in San Bernardino county. He is the child of Zuleka and Edward. However, he barely sees them as the two are constantly working (although they do sent him gifts). He was under the care of his aunt for a while before he, along with Eon, decides to hit the street and become a professional hero. However, it backfired when he ended up being responsible of the robber's death.
[Image: VTk3W41.png]

"I have made many enemies in my lifetime, many different kind of enemies; however, you know what all of them have in common?"

Content: My Art | No More Heroes | Good Days | Kaiju Man | BoogaVerse
Name: Naolyn Mango

Identity Name: N/A.

Power: Psychic powers. Your typical psychic user.

Age: 18

I just wanted to get the power before anyone else. I will edit these accordingly tomorrow with more detail.

Background: (Optional)


Name: Ryder 

Identity Name: Shadow

Power: Shadow Manipulation. Similar to how Shikamaru (From Naruto) uses his ability. His own shadow tends to have a mind of its own.
[Image: Two_Birds.png]

The Fuck You Say You To Me..?!
hey hey heyyyyy.... hey hey heyyyy... Wasso wasso wasso WASSUUUUUP, BITCONNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECT

Name: Celeste Castillo
Identity Name: N/A
Birthday: June 13th
Power: Animal/Beast Mimicry 
Weakness: her stamina becomes the equivalent of whatever animal she chooses to shift into and has seen the animal before well enough to mimic it. Fantasy or mythological beasts cannot be mimicked. Invertebrates not applicable.
Age: 25
Gender: female
Ethnicity: Spanish and French
Appearance: Initially arrived to the center with long greyish-black hair that was evident it was well-maintained, but almost immediately, she chopped it all off. She came with nothing but the designer clothes on her back, but they serve as reminders of who she once was. Lately it's switched to tank tops and shorts or baggy pants. Her eyes are gray.
Personality: Chaotic neutral-- she follows her own moral code above all else. She is good at faking her emotions and uses this to her advantage in all kinds of situations. Her real self is bitter, cynical, with a jaded outlook on life although this began with the less savory aspects of the industry she worked in. Despite this, she's still got a heart of gold... somewhere. She speaks with a blunt and crass demeanor that betrays any nicer impression you would normally get from her.
Background: Celeste was a model that appeared in many alternative fashion magazines (all of which are found in trash cans and landfills following the wave of controversy that came out when it was discovered she was a Special) and even managed to land a few roles in some movies. The most recent one she filmed for was in theaters for a few days before she was bombarded with paparazzi in public who had been hounding her constantly since she started gaining popularity; unable to escape them, Celeste wished so badly to hide from them but couldn't do it on foot since she wasn't built for it. Suddenly she found herself nimbly dodging the people and into a place free of them, but realized she got away so quickly because she accidentally transformed into a coyote to run away so quickly. For several hours, she wasn't able to change back, instead shifting to different ones because she couldn't control it due to her panic. The entire fiasco ended with any movies she appeared in being pulled from theatres, magazines with her photo shoots thrown out en masse, and open scorn from people involved with pop culture. She's only been in the Rehab Center for about two months but she would have been there much earlier if it weren't for the time it took for everything to slowly sever ties with her. 

Name: Cernia Nieves
Identity Name: Ghost
Birthday: January 23
Power: Ice Manipulation
Weakness: Fire or heat sources. Moisture in the air must be present. Otherwise, she must use the water in her body.
Age: 17
Gender: female
Ethnicity: Hispanic-American
Appearance: ~5'3". Cernia was born with white hair and pale-colored eyes that have flecks of blue in them. She has tanned skin and short messy hair (with uneven bangs) that ends above the base of her skull. She also wears a blue apron-dress and white kneesocks, but these are obscured by the gray winter coat she wears that ends about halfway above the knee. (she wears it to keep other people from feeling the cold she radiates)
Personality: She acts and talks like a brat. When she becomes distressed, she acts out and becomes more withdrawn. She mostly has learned to fend for herself, but feels lonely being by herself since most of the time, people pick on her for looking weak. And when she stands her ground, they usually run away. So if she isn't familiar with you, she will be on guard based on how she is approached. Befriending her, she will still act kind of bratty, but Cernia will adopt a more playful energy.
Background: will add one later

Name: Marlene Hughes
Identity Name: Deadblood
Birthday: October 24th
Power: Blood bending to change the viscosity, elasticity, and hardness of her own blood by manipulating how it clots and solidifies. For a brief window of time that the blood is separate from her body, she can also manipulate it and attack without warning.
Weakness: If she loses too much blood before she can clot it (such as expelling it from her body), she can become anemic and lose consciousness or die. Sound waves at certain frequencies will prevent her from clotting her blood and render her vulnerable to physical attacks. Also very vulnerable to blood thinners and other substances injected directly into her bloodstream as there is no way to prevent it from circulating to all of her body.
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: German
Appearance: She has short brown hair with one side longer than the rest and deep red eyes. Her arms and parts of her torso are covered in different scar patterns.
Personality: Doesn't speak unless spoken to, usually staring out into space. She looks outwardly shy and is difficult to open up, but is very easy to tease and pick on because of how socially maladjusted she is. It's potentially dangerous since her mood swings between her usual withdrawn self to an irritable one that can easily attack you if you approach her too suddenly.
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