No More Heroes Anarchy - Prologue
Susie stared at Naolyn’s expression as she spoke about her experience in the center. It was horrifying that she reduced a person as a mere devil, but the fact that she had too, speaks volume about the standards of this place.

Study, medication, weaponry; these are not the things that this center is supposedly built towards—much as Susie had realized. After Ray’s shown of encouraging the others, increased specials spoke up after Naolyn, Marlene and Giovani spoke of their experiences. 

“I was forced to physical torture in order to the test the limits of my defenses.” One person in the crowd explained. “They would throw anything they can at me to see how truly unbreakable my body can be… eventually, it hurt, tired me out.”

“They took a twin brother of mines, forcing them in a room to conduct powerful winds.” Another said. “Afterwards, he left the place… he finished his examination, but I can tell, he was never the same again.” 

More people spoke out their little experience. It was not much, but it was something for Susie and the others to think about. Nessa nodded and opened the box of goods to passed around. These are snacks, books and vice versa. However, the one thing that most of them alluded too, when Naolyn spoke of the devil in the room. Those that spoke out, all turned their eye sight towards Morisa, sitting in the back. Her mood never changes, her position strong and firm.

Susie, taking notice of their eyesight, turns to Morisa as well. “Clearly, these guys are having an awful time at this place. You are supposed to be the head of the institution. You tell me that you never had complaints from them?”

“Complaints?” Morisa placed a finger on her red, soft lips. Her eyes moved around before staring back at Susie. “These are nothing more than exaggerated truths. The center is rough, but what can you expect when you have a house full of people that can send fire down to a building in a split second? Whatever decisions made, it was their benefit, and ours, of humanity. They should be honor for the graces of God to bestow them another chance.” Morisa explained.
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"The devil speaks in a forked tongue..." Naolyn mumbled, only directing it to herself. 

The little psychic would turn to see all the other Specials speaking out against Morisa and it terrified her. She was always worried about what would happen to those who spoke out of line. She eyed Gio and Marlene, unblinking, wondering how they were able to speak up as they did. Her face gave the impression that she was insane, but she simply did not know how to socialize around others due to her entire time in the Rehab was in almost complete isolation. 

Naolyn twitched every time Gio screamed out and gasped at how Marlene was spilling the truth. Her will to speak out was riddled with fear and paranoia, however, she still desired to be heard, somehow.

"It's really bad here!" Naolyn spoke out suddenly, her eyes widen at her burst. "Mr. Fireman and Ms. Bloodlady speak the truth! This place is a facade, contrived to fool naive eyes such as yours! We are no fools, the walls have ears and the She-Devil has eyes in many places! She watches us... she always watches us!" She took a step closer to Susie, looking at her right in the eyes. "Everyone sees through the transparency of this facility, but do you..?"

The girl moved away from Susie, taking her seat and hugging one knee, acting as if she said nothing to the girl. She hid part of her face on her knee, showing that she was refusing to speak anymore, believing she said enough. Her small outburst appeared to take more courage than she thought and Naolyn did not know what personality to take as she spoke. All she could do was bite her lip and hope for the best. There was no doubt she struggled immensely with paranoia.
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Ray thinks its appears his poker face is starting to crack "We need to do something more concrete than what we first were planning to do. Chuckles defiantly seems more the monster I thought she was."  Ray jumps down and start to help Nessa hand out things. Ray thinks "I going to have what for Susie and Nessa to do some things."
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