No More Heroes Anarchy - Prologue
Ray say tossing Merlere a Tylenol "that shooed work." 

Ray says "I aware of all that Nessa. Odds are I will be checking for the thing for every one joining us on top of a medical exam." Ray thinks after looking over Naolyn "Its the wounds that don't look self inflected that are the most conserving to me." Ray places a magnet near her nose in hopes to disrupt the signal and give Naolyn a better sleep.

Ray thinks "Keep digging your own grave Chuckles; I got work to do." As ray starts to look over the next special joining them.
I will fine one later
Gio stood silent as the other talked.

It's about time.

He looked over between Susie and Morisa before speaking up.

"I agree let's get this over and done with."
"I'm taking your son." - Raditz
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Marlene caught the medicine in her hands before looking back at the others, narrowing her eyes at whatever Morisa was trying to pull on the down-low. It made her worried about what might happen to the Specials that expressed their own discourse but may end up staying here. She had her own doubts about hiw much Susie could do for them, but held her tongue since she knew almost nothing about the Busters. 

Without another word, she stood up and walked towards them with a hesitant pace, popping a pill in her mouth in silence. She nodded to indicate she was ready for what was next.
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"Don't give up, Senpai!"
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