No More Heroes Anarchy - Prologue
Ray thinks "the fact alone we are able to get 10 people out shooed been seen as a good sine for every one hear. The man is either a plant and/or Chuckles is far worst than some of the people i helped over the years."

Ray says as a matter of fact "I well aware logic in the hell you must be facing maters but should be more hopeful that 10 people got out. If we keep at it we can save more you."

Ray says to Geo "Don't retaliate because." Points right at a security camera and says "If this man is a plant he wants you to punch him and with some editing you look like the bad guy."
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Gio stepped back a bit into Susie from the surprise blow. He rubbed his face and kept staring over at the other special.

"You have some cojones, hermano. I'll remember you when I get back."

He pulled out a cigarette from his pocket and lit it using a small flame formed on his finger. 

"Besides, why would these Busters want a pussy on their team."

Gio blew out a large puff of smoke over at the special's direction. He crossed his arms with his annoyed gaze looking back at Susie.

"Let's leave right now before I turn this maricón into ashes."
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Marlene was almost knocked over from the weight of Gio nearly colliding into her with Susie, but she quickly got up and tried to keep Susie out of the offending Special's line of sight. "Don't get close to them here, they're itching to get a hit onto you too," she warned the Busters before turning to look at him with a hardened glare. 

She wasn't sure what she could say that could console any of them into not throwing any more fists, but Marlene was certain she couldn't let them try and do any other damage. Furrowing her brows, she took a free hand and made it look like she was just tucking back her long hair on the side of her head, though she discreetly yanked off the earring she wore to draw some blood out.

Ray is right that we can't retaliate, but if he tries to swing again, I can restrain him without outright violence.

Marlene chuckled, placing her hands in her pockets. "I guess I'd feel the same way if I were you... It isn't really us you're angry at anyway. You can keep throwing punches all you'd like, but it won't change anything. The system was designed for us to cannibalize each other instead. Nothing more, nothing less." She smiled with pity. "Better us than you anyway-- we probably will get punched and insulted way more often out there than in here. It'll be a pain I hope nobody else will need to face once we get you out. Now if we're done here, excuse us..."
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