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Vic Mignogna Allegations
(09-09-2019, 07:10 PM)ShineCero Wrote: Yeah, it’s pretty much what this whole debacle is about. They could care less what Vic did or did not do—in fact, even if the court found him guilty of all crimes, these people don’t care about that. Instead, they focus on some fantasy world idea that the “left” is taking over anime and making it political (even though animation always had political concepts since the dawn of time, but you know, that breaks the narrative lol).

There's always conspiracy theories about the left somehow manipulating things to "win" when in "reality" they "lost." Woman in the prime of her youth beats retired 50 something tennis player? He owed money to the mob. My "friend" said they wouldn't be surprised if the judge was corrupt out of the blue in the conversation. They've pretty much already made their minds up.

It seems all the tweet embeds in this thread broke.
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As I said, these people don’t care about a thing regarding Dragon Ball. They don’t care about the voice actors. They do not care about the content and quality of the dubbing—these are superficial means to these people. What they care about is constructing this monster, and target (primarily white) young boys into a state of confusion, fear and anger. It’s an extension of the cancer the GamerGate was essentially about (lol ethnic journalism, when in reality, it was an horizon to bring and create "acceptable" harassment against female creators under the guise of “journalism”, to fool young boys to feeding into their anger and do their bidding); a playbook of the alt-right over and over again.

The fact that your friends, @Grey Star, completely made up his mind is testimony to such absurd propaganda that these guys are committing, and your friend, and others, are falling for this again and again.

I mean, corrupted judge? What’s next? The justice systems is fucked, and the only justice is for desperate means?

Well, we already have one fancy idiot that pushing such thoughts:

[Image: EEBz5TEX4AEuVnW.jpg:large]

Maybe your friend needs to rethink his position in this.
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If the allegations are true, that would be a shame because Vic did voice acting in the animes I like.

Someone says "The secrets lies beneath and will always come out." I agree.
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