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What Did You Do Today?
Nothing much other than go to school and learn about Malware and types of Malware.
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I got dragged along for some errands with the government offices that are 2.5 hours away from where I'm staying, my phone died around 3 pm because my stupid ass thoight it would be ok to drain it listening to music to pass the time

Then I got dragged around other places, ate dinner somewhere I don't recall, and had to hold it down another 1.5 hours because my uncle drives like a fucking maniac... he was going 80 MPH and would brake really hard last second to turn. Remind me to just not eat before taking his rides.

And now I'm tired af, but my body is forcing me to be awake to digest my dinner properly even though I have a tension headache and my neck is stiff.
Took out the garbage and walked to the gas station.
-Unpacked my bags
-Fixed up my herb garden
Just finished some homework, and working things on the forum. I then had moments where I paused myself, just thinking about, well, wishing, I have the ability to perform amazing things. Like, bringing my dad back... and bliss him happiness. Or rather, trade places with him, so he can live a powerful, strong life.
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Stayed home and watched television...........................
Went to the mall out in the city. Had lots of fun, I got to buy myself a couple new outfits' worth of clothes and accessories since I didn't really get to 'have' a birthday celebrated last month. I also splurged a bit on the new autumn collection going at Bath & Body works, I bought a set for my friend's birthday on the 24th since I couldn't find any fandom trinkets she would like nor do I know her size or taste in fashion well enough to buy her a cute outfit... I'm going to put ribbons on the bottles and give them to her when we meet up for a nice lunch or watch the new Invader Zim movie together-- whichever she wants to do on a free day, really! Hopefully she likes it~  :high:
Just finished Ai the Somnium Files and am having an existential crisis because its over lmao
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Slept off my allergic reaction to cat dander since it kept me up til 3 am... I also had a terrible nightmare but it was a really cool one that woke me up around 5 am... so I'm really tired today lol
Feel weak and sick all day, and finished another fanart in the meantime haha.
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