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Ale continued to chuckle at all the things happening at once. He seemed to enjoy the Universe 7 lot. He quickly chugged the mug in his hand and put it down next to 5 other empty mugs. He quickly turned his gaze at Solaris to answer his question.

"Indeed, I have trained for the last 100 years or so with Lord Arak and Cukatail. It's only a matter of time now when Arak decides to retire and I become the official hakaishin."

Ale let out a belch.

"Pardon me. Now I guess helping you lot will be pivotal in my final training sessions." Ale smiled. "But of course helping your universe is something I'm very interested in. The 12 universes have to help each other out, right?"

The destroyer's ears perked when he heard the mention of a drinking game.

"I think the gods and mortals should all participate. That's if you think you won't hurl by the end." Ale laughed as another mug of beer floated over towards his hand.


Raditz finished eating and stood up looking at the horizon from the side of the cliff. 

Well, let's see if we can draw out somebody. There was no mistaking it I did sense some energies earlier and even just a little bit ago I thought I sensed this humongous spike of ki. 

The saiyan clenched his fists. 

Hopefully whoever comes by is friendly.

A golden aura started to form around Raditz as his hair started to lift up. Rocks on the ground started to float in the air and the ground beneath him was shaking. The saiyan let out a roar as the golden aura exploded around him. His hair had turned to the familiar yellow hue. When the dust settled Raditz put his arms down to his side smirking.

Damn, that's good.
"I'm taking your son." - Raditz
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"No! ...Well, yeah, but not really! I know this is going to sound crazy, but he's inside our heads." Jaz tapped her head. "It's like... his physical body is dead, but his spirit lives on. Kinda like a ghost! He likes to bother us in our heads and talk a bunch of jibberish I don't get, but he's really still alive!"

Jaz shook her head, bringing herself back to the topic at hand.

"But anyway, I think Dread is the only one who can help us, Junior. I don't like it either, but he might be our only shot of weakening Arcann and Vaylin. It'll help give the others a fighting chance and end this war. If you teach me how to properly control my energy, then we have nothing to lose! Besides, it's not like Dread has any power anyways, I think he needs us to stay alive."

Jaz chuckled nervously before rubbing the back of her neck.

"Thing is, I don't know how to talk to him. He just... appears."

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"They Call Me the 'Vibe Checker', Sweetie..."
"This will be no challenge for a drinker of my caliber who's sampled the roughest drinks Mars had to offer! In a contest of the finest liquors, there are only lightweights and heavyweights." Mioi retorted in confidence after downing the rest of her chilly concoction, her face's skin pulling away into a mouth to fully expose her shark-like teeth. "How about... a round of everything on the bartender's menu," the cyclops jerked a thumb toward the list of alcoholic drinks written on one of the boards. With her temporary mouth made, she gave a toothy grin.

"Anyone else wants to join in before we begin the merriment!?" Mioi held up her index finger, still opting to use her telepathy over her actual voice box, which was far less understandable. "Going once, going twice..."
"This'll be more entertaining than Theron ever could be." Kira mentioned to herself, leaning forward from her bar counter seat to watch the impending chaos.

- - - - -

"A drinking contest? I don't recall the last time I watched one of these. That said I have no interest in getting soundly defeated by what seems to be a collection of champions." Solaris remarked, noting that most of the people interested claimed themselves to be the best of where they were from. Or in Beerus' case, everywhere. He glanced over to Ale.

"Just a matter of time before you take up the mantle of Destroyer? Quite a heavy job. With heavy drinking."
"To the Ends of the Earth."
"We're not participating." Xenest said, pointing to himself and Brachi, "Not in the mood for it."
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"Alright, y'got me Mioi! I'll have a couple of drinks with ya'! 'Course, I've had some already and I don't plan t' get a hangover soon. I'll see which one of you lightweights cave in first. Whoever knocks out first will be known as the secon' Theron."

Kire laughed loudly before waving his hand for the bartender to bring in all the drinks Mioi ordered. With all the drinks on the table, one for each person playing, Kire pulled a seat and sat across from Mioi and grabbed the nearest drink.

"Didn't know ya had it in ya', Mioi," Kire smirked. "Alright, show me how hard y' Martian Cyclops can hold your liquor!"
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"They Call Me the 'Vibe Checker', Sweetie..."
"See you jokers on the other side." Zibarica laughed as he took a glass and began drinking. 

"Good luck, you'll all need it." Panich scoffed, taking her own drink and beginning with the others.
Vegetto Jr. blinked, staring down Jaz hard for a moment and his words clearly carefully probing her last statement.

"He's....Valkorian is still alive?"

He paused, quickly following up.

"You're one hundred percent sure you're not just seeing things?"


Beerus' glare honed in on Ale after his comment, but the god of destruction slowly turned back to the others as they begin. He scoffed with an arrogant, regal flare of his chin being raised, holding up his own mug.

"Very well, I'll participate. When I win this contest, I'll destroy all of you for this blasphemy."

He peered down, sniffing the liquid in his mug for a moment before suddenly and abruptly downing the entire glass.
"What do you call a Vegeta and a Goku? Vegetto sounds alright." 
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Mioi let out a loud and gruff laugh of amusement from the casual trash-talking everyone was giving each other to hype themselves up for the contest.

"We'll see about that when I finish my last drink and the rest of you are recovering on the floor, My Lord!" After flashing everyone a big shark-toothed grin, Mioi grabbed onto the nearest glass of the same drink type everyone else did. "According to the menu, this one is a... Saturn Stout Sangria." She held the mug proudly into the air. "First drink for the resistance!!!" Without further hesitation, she opened her mouth and downed the concoction in one go."The robust smoothness is far more delightful than the usual Martian moonshine I would make back home with cavern beetle-juice!" Mioi stuck out her big blue tongue.
"Positive!" Jaz nodded to Junior. "I know it's hard to believe but he really is still alive. I don't know how, but he's still kicking. I think he's only inside the heads of the people who were frozen in the carbon thingy. Luckily for us, he's powerless right now and I think he needs us to survive..."

Jaz crossed her arms over her chest, trying to make sense of what little she understood.

"It's so weird... He always pokes his head around when we need to make a choice, I can't really explain it. That's all I know about it. Trust me, he's really still alive, but as a ghost stuck in our heads. ...Kinda."

Jaz tapped her foot against the ground, trying to think of some way to stop the siblings from destroying the universe using Valkorian's help somehow.

"As much as I hate saying this, I think we might need Valk's help to stop Vaylin and Arcann. It will give everyone a fighting chance next time we face them. After all, he said that they're his kids, who knows them better than he does?" Jaz sighed. "It's better than nothing, barely."

"Saturn Stout Sangria? Sounds loopy to me." Kire took a hold of the drink in question and chugged it down swiftly. "Ay, Solgariiiiiis~! You should totally try this stuff! Mioi knows her liquor, kiddo. Get in here and take a drink, rest up a tad, you ain't payin' for it!"

Kire took a deep breath before taking another drink in his hand. Since he already drank earlier, he knew he was reaching his limit. The last thing he wanted was a hangover.

Maybe I should chill out for a hot minute... Can't get a hangover the next day, yeah?
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"They Call Me the 'Vibe Checker', Sweetie..."

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