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DB FE: Odessen
Arak let out a small bow in return to Solaris but then was left a bit stunned from Jaz approaching the Universe 5 group. He smiled as he watched Beerus drag Jaz.

"Oh my." Cukatail let out a small chuckle.

"Universe 7's mannerisms are as charming as ever." Arak said in a snide but amused tone.

Ale paid no mind to the outburst his demeanor having not changed. However, all of this was baffling to him.

"Well, if there are no further questions then Cukatail and I will take leave. Universe 5 still needs to be run after all." Arak turned his head over toward Ale.

"How long am I to stay for this lesson, Lord Arak?" Ale asked.

"However long it takes for this group to take down Arcann. Cukatail and I will be watching so do expect periodical visits to see your progress." Ale looked up at the young destroyer with a reassuring face. "You will be on your own and this will help you in the long run in your Hakaishin training."

Cukatail raised his staff and Arak quickly walked back towards his attendant. The destroyer tucked his hands neatly behind his back and stared back at the entire group of soldiers and anyone else in his view.

"I bid you all good luck in your quest for victory." Arak bowed.

"Take care young master Ale." Cukatail waved. 

"And Ale..."

Ale looked over at his destroyer superior.

"Do not perish." Arak chuckled as waves of light surrounded the destroyer and his attendant. The duo quickly ascended from the floor and in an instant the spectacle of light had left the hangar.

Ale watched on as his teachers vanished and look upon the new strangers he would be working alongside now.

How powerful are these mortals?


"This is getting-" Raditz quickly turned around as he saw the beam of light rise from the ground and into the sky.

"What the hell was that? That has to have been some sort of energy blast." Raditz narrowed his eyes. "Yet it was so fast like it was instant. Let's see what we're dealing with here."

Raditz headed towards the area where the light came from.
"I'm taking your son." - Raditz
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Jaz squirmed slightly in Junior's tight hold until he spoke to her. She frowned slightly but eased up on her struggle.

"Alright! Alright! I'll leave Beery alone. I just wanted to see the aliens!" Jaz immediately changed the topic so Junior wouldn't have to worry. "But anyways, looks like our dads ran off somewhere with Mr. Theron. Good, the way they argue started to annoy me. Hey, why don't we go train now that our dads are distracted? You don't have to worry about my dad breathin' down your neck and I don't have to hear them bicker. I also wanna hear about all your adventures throughout the universe! Maybe I'll be able to use those cool transformations like you and your dad!"

Jaz wiggled slightly in Junior's grip, crossing her arms proudly and puffing her chest boastfully.

"After all, I'm gonna need all the help I get when I decide to fight Arcann, one-on-one. I'll show Gogeta how strong I can actually be by savin' his butt from Arcann one day! Heehee, I guess I'm dreamin' a bit, huh? But with you by my side, we'll be unstoppable! I mean, what's the worst that can happen? Everyone here has got my back! So what are we waiting for?! Let's go and train! ...Errm, unless you still got business here. I know you're pretty important to a lot of people here."

Kire's body froze when Theron didn't know of his heroic acts back on Earth. His head slumped along with his shoulders, and with Vegetto's chuckle, he groaned in annoyance. With his pride hurt and ego deflated, he followed Theron to the corner where the four others were located. He placed his hands in his pockets, listening intently to their strengths and consider ideas on how to best use them. His gaze lowered to the floor as he tuned out what everyone said and think about how to approach the situation.

We got a wide cast here, so I doubt there is a shortage on talent. With the Alliance by my side, I think I can manage a few sneaky plays. Still, I gotta play my cards right if I want my plan to work. These people look reliable, to say the least. Kire lifted his eyes to stare at the group. Should I... trust them?

He then shook his head, rolling his eyes.

No way, I can't risk my plan or their safety. I have too much at stake! I'll just have to keep my distance and make sure my defenses up. I can do this all by myself, I need to. I have to... Kire frowned before letting out a sigh to calm his nerves. I can't screw anythin' up, not after I got so far. Just relax Kire, you can handle this like everythin' else you did... Just don't mess up, don't make close friends, and no one gets hurt...

"Ehh, no questions from me. A pleasure to meet you all. The name's Kire, by the way." The redhead made an awkward smile to the group, showing a hint of insecurity from his thoughts. "I'm sure we'll be well acquainted with our time here."
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"Z says these eye protectors are called... Sunglasses. I like the fad, so I'll spare this website from destruction."
Kira raised her head and focused her eyes on the table after hearing Yamcha declare himself a Republic aligned outlaw, her face betraying curiosity.

"My only question is when I get to hear Yamcha's war stories, they sound very interesting." She stated, trying to both give the smuggler some validation and also get access to the state of the Republic from someone who hadn't been frozen in carbonite for two and a half decades. Solaris meanwhile had his head down, eyes up, tail wrapped around his waist, and arms folded, going into a passive mode. While his eyes darted to Theron when the topic of potential recruits came up, he didn't pose any questions. Saving that in particular for later.
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"You know what you call a Vegeta and a Goku. But what do you call a Goku and a Raditz?"
Beerus' scrutinizing gaze looked over Ale as the group prepared to walk towards the main command room, moving forward with his arms still folded behind his back.

" don't look like much to me. You're not even a Saiyan...are you?"

His head turned, walking after the group with his eyes forward.

"Come along. As you are an emissary from Universe 5, you will serve under my command for the duration of your visit. Unlike your current master, I am not as forgiving on failure. If you face your own destruction, it is your fault and you deserve it. Your survival will be solely up to you."


Vegetto Jr. kept his smile.

"We'll go train in a minute. We need to catch up with the others and get filled in on everything, ok? After that, we can go and do whatever you want."

He turned his eyes, watching Beerus soon rejoin the main group walking towards the command room with Ale in tow, following after them.


Odessan Command Room

Yamcha perked his eyebrows a bit, smiling but nervously chuckling in the face of female company. He scratched the back of his head, blushing and avoiding Kira's eyesight.

"Yeah...sure thing."

Vegetto's eyes narrowed, picking up on Kire's sudden change in behavior.

Hmph, what is he up to now?

He soon sighed lightly, turning his gaze to Theron.

"When do we get started?"

Theron raised an eyebrow, a little surprised at Vegetto's blunt response. He glanced over to Gogeta Jr., seeing the wide smile on his face, before turning back to Vegetto.

"You want to start working right away? Look, I'm not gonna tell you it's a bad idea with the amount of miracles we need around here...but you guys just got here. I'm sure everyone can appreciate a little break."

The main hanger door leading into the room suddenly shot open, Koth loudly yawning and stretching his arms out. He kept a small smile, nodding at Theron while HK-47 moved out from behind him towards the table with the four specialists.

"Yeah, I hear you! I could really go for a drink."

He gestured towards the exit, a frown returning.

"By the way, Senya's officially on board now. I still don't trust her, but Junior convinced her to commit to the Alliance with those Outlanders being free now, I guess."

Theron perked his eyebrows.

"Huh, so that finally came full circle."

Koth grunted, his eyes turning to quickly change the subject.

"Oh more thing. Had someone teleport into the ship while I was fixing it up."

His eyes turned to Vegetto, prompting a raised eyebrow from the fusion.

"Said her name was...Leiji or something? Idk, she said she knew you."

Vegetto's eyes instantly widened, his expression freezing as he slowly uncrossed his arms. His eyes turned to the side, watching on as the humanoid woman emerged from the entryway. Clad in a simple set of tights and casual wear, Leiji held a small smile as she moved out from around Koth. Her eyes met Vegetto's for a quick second, but darted to the side and the floor in embarrassment, blushing a bit and turning her head up. Her eyes glanced between the others, waving gently and speaking in a soft, warm tone.

"Hello everyone."

Vegetto Jr. held onto Jaz in his arms, looking over Leiji for a bit before turning his confused stare back to Vegetto, who had slowly walked up to Leiji with a shocked, silent stare.

"Who is that, dad?"

Vegetto blinked, still staring down at Leiji with his arms at his side. Leiji stifled a small giggle, rubbing the side of her left arm.

"Sorry...I know I shouldn't be here. But...I heard they broke you out...and I wanted to see you again."

Vegetto's stare lightened a bit, his shoulders dropping a bit. Leiji stared up at him, but gasped as Vegetto suddenly lunged forward, quickly pulling her into a firm and tight hug. She giggled a bit, her arms soon wrapping around his ribs and locking around his back. The two shared the warm embrace for a bit, soon releasing their grip on each other and straightening themselves out. Vegetto exhaled slowly, reaching up a bit and wiping his eyes a bit with the back of his glove, stifling a small sniffle. His right arm reached out, wrapping around Leiji's shoulders and pulling her in close as he turned to face towards Vegetto Jr.

"Junior...she's...she's your mom."

Vegetto Jr. blinked, his eyes instantly widening as Beerus perked his eyebrows a bit, glancing between Vegetto and Leiji.

"Wait a minute...your son is part Saiyan...and part..."

The god of destruction's eyes shot open, quickly dashing forward and dropping to his knees, his arms extended out as he bowed deeply on the floor at Leiji's feet.

"Your grace!! It is our humble pleasure to welcome you to our base!!"

Theron and Koth glanced between each other in confusion, along with Zamasu, Yamcha, Cheelai and Jiren all staring at the strange display. Beerus shot a wide eyed stare back over his shoulder, glaring amongst the group.

"You idiots! Bow!! She is one of the six!! A Dread Master!!!"

Leiji lifted up her hands, shaking them with a small nervous smile.

"It's don't need to! I'm just here as a traveler."
"What do you call a Vegeta and a Goku? Vegetto sounds alright." 
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Ale looked over at his hakaishin superior and shook his head.

"Lupan, though I doubt you know of that race." he said. "And I understand, Lord Beerus."

The young destroyer followed Beerus alongside the others into the room. He watched on as the others spoke and then glanced over at Leiji when Beerus had bowed.

"Pardon me but Dread Master? Is that a title of divine authority of some sorts?"

Ale's eyes observed the room as he glanced at each person.

This group is impressive. I've never felt so much God Ki in one area.


Raditz continued to scan the area.

"This is no use. That light could have come from anywhere."

The saiyan floated down towards the ground near some trees.

"If I'm gonna be stuck here for some time might as well get comfy."

Raditz looked through the inside of his torn armor and pulled a capsule.

"That wife Vegeta has is quite the intelligent woman. Hopefully there's a fridge inside." he chucked the capsule towards the ground and a small dome shelter popped out. Raditz entered the little base.
"I'm taking your son." - Raditz
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Brachi and Xenest both blinked at seeing the others around, having never seen them before in their universe.
Jaz wiggled free from Junior's grip and approached slowly approached Leiji, both curious and concerned about her connect with Junior and Vegetto. She glanced at Vegetto and noticed the emotion on his face, tilting her head. Her eyes returned to Leiji as she tried to understand the last sentence Vegetto said. Since she was created, she never had a mother in her life, let alone know what one is. 

A Mom..? What's a mom? Must be something special if Veggie is tearing up. I guess she must be pretty important for Junior too. And what's a Dread Master anyway? It scared the wits out of Beery, so I guess she must be super powerful. She might be even stronger than Veggie. Hmm... 

Jaz stood proudly before Leiji despite Beerus's retort towards the others. She jabbed a thumb against her puffed chest and made a cocky grin, her headstrong attitude and confidence booming her tiny body with life.

"Nice to meet you, Leiji! My name is Jaz, Jaz Rebbel!" Jaz giggled. "I'm Junior's super awesome girlfriend and Veggie's future rival! Errm... I hope we can become friends one day and become 'moms' to Junior. You must be really special if you made Veggie cry and Beery shiver with fear. I bet you're mega powerful, huh?"

As Jaz babbled an introduction to Leiji, Kire watched with wide eyes full of disbelief. His entire body instantly ran cold and a wave of defeat and grief swallowed him. He took a step back and lowered his gaze, desperately trying to gather his thoughts. However, all he could think of was one person and the mere idea of her left him broken. In a way, he couldn't stand the fact that Vegetto was reunited with his wife, but he couldn't stand Jaz already accepting Leiji as a friend. 

That's Vegetto's wife..? I thought he was like me and lost a person dear to him. But... how? I thought Vegetto's wife was gone? Unless she's got weird powers like the rest of the folk here. Kire's face showed discomfort and appeared to be hiding his true feelings about the situation. The thoughts are coming back to me now... I can't let myself break down in front of these people. I can't show my weakness, I can't let anyone know anythin' about me! I-I have to calm down! I gotta get out of here!

Kire balled his hand into a fist, bit his lip, and swallowed hard. The emotion between Vegetto and his wife reminded him of his love for Evelyn and brought back all the feeling of wanting her back and all the times he had with her prior to her death. It appeared one of the few things that made Kire have a change of character, or at least, give him a reaction. He tried his hardest to compose himself, but his mind raced on about Evelyn.

You're not such a bad guy after all, aren't you, Kire? You're a wonderful person and you're not the monster you claim to be, despite your past endeavors... You've seen people change before your very eyes, so why not give yourself a chance to do the same. I know you'll be someone amazing! Evelyn's voice echoed within Kire's head, her words blocking him from reality. No matter what people say about you, I've seen how much of a marvelous person you can really be! Maybe you'll finally be able to impress my dad! ...Dad! ...DAD!

Kire shot back to reality when he realized Jaz shaking and yelling at him. He blinked hard before clearing his throat and glancing slightly at Vegetto and Leiji before turning to face Jaz who appeared to be slightly concerned. 

"Hey dad, are you okay? You look troubled."

"N-No, I'm fine! I was just... uhh, I was thinkin' about somethin'. Y'know, plans to help the Alliance and stay one step ahead of the game!"

"Oh, well why don't you go introduce yourself to Leiji? I already told her you're my dad!"

Kire's heart sank and his entire body tensed up while Jaz dragged him over to Leiji. Every inch of Kire showed how uncomfortable he was and for the first time, he began to lose his snarky personality and show a side new to everyone watching. His daughter nudged him and Kire did his best to keep calm and not show weakness in front of Vegetto. He bowed his head to Leiji and refused to make eye contact with her or Vegetto. 

"Uhm, hello. I'm Kire Rebbel, Jaz's one, and only father," Kire continued to clear his throat, the awkward pauses between his sentences made him nervous. "Errm, I hope we can become better acquainted in the near future."

"Tell her about how you made KABS!" Jaz added in.

"I rather not. B-But anyway! I completely forgot to change some settings on Helga! Sorry to cut this short but I'll meet you guys by the bar or somethin', save me a seat, Jaz!"

Without hesitation, Kire walked off with his hands in his pockets, speeding up to avoid anyone calling him out. Once he was was out of sight, he let out a sigh of relief and hurriedly reached for his cigarettes, lighting one after the other as soon as he finished one. His thoughts raced again.

Damnit, get a hold of yourself! Stop thinkin' about your damn past! Quit thinkin' 'bout Evelyn! She's gone and there is nothing you can do! Stop thinkin' about her and focus on your main objective! I can't let anyone know who I am... I have to be strong for Jaz!
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"Z says these eye protectors are called... Sunglasses. I like the fad, so I'll spare this website from destruction."
"A... dread master?" Mioi's lone eyebrow contorted in brief confusion over the display. Even so, she was more distracted by something else beyond the legitimately off-putting display of affection from Vegetto since she was used to him being of the hardened emperor types that were more used to barking orders than anything else. I suppose not every Sith Lord is completely devoid of expressing things like love... she narrowed her eye briefly watching Kire flip a complete 180 in the last minute they had arrived here. Everyone is acting so strange. I do not see what the big deal is. This is the 'weird'.

"I could use a strong drink right about now..." Her deadpan voice trailed off when her gaze landed on Cheelai again. She could feel her face grow hot even though there was no way anyone else could tell beyond the sudden brightening of her large iris. Hmm... Small green is... cute.... a lot tinier than the girls I am used to, but... she is extremely cute! 

She shook her head and rubbed at her temples. What was all that just now?

"Goodness... all this stimuli is making my head feel light for some reason... perhaps I am falling ill to the effects of the carbonite and becoming delirious." Mioi said, more to herself than anyone else in the room. Reaching over, she gently touched Cheelai's shoulder by the fingertips to get her attention. "I apologize for bothering you, doctor, but all this commotion is making my symptoms worse... may we retreat to a quieter area? I feel so faint all of a sudden..." She placed a hand on her forehead and slowly fluttered her eyelid to feign dizziness. "Oh... and my name is Mioi." 
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Kira quietly chuckled at Yamcha's embarrassment, finding it humorous for some reason. She however, switched focus over to Theron when he and Vegetto started to speak. Solaris meanwhile was still passive. Kira liked the idea of a break, while Solaris seemed confused.

And then Lejii appeared. Kira's brow furred at seeing Vegetto and Vegetto Jr. The Sith Emperor, and his son, had a mother that had been absent for seemingly all of the son's life. Though she said nothing, the mystification on her face spoke volumes. Everything she thought about Vegetto had been shattered in a single minute. She simply stood and pondered while Jaz went and socialized like a normal person.

Meanwhile, Solaris watched the interaction between the three. Something old came to his mind. Part of his brain was imprinting on what he was seeing. Another Saiyan relationship he was witnessing, after Brachi and Xenest, and Panich and Bage. So this is what his mother's species thought of in terms of romance. By the look on his face, it was oddly calming. However, he saw Kire basically run out of the room, and thought about it for a moment. A blue light overcame the Solar-Saiyan, him disappearing from where he was standing.

- - - -

At the end of Kire's cigarette, Solaris suddenly appeared within a low shimmering of light, the Saiyan hybrid stepping away from the smoke, avoiding breathing in toxins. In fact a heat came over his face, letting out a heavy cough that visibly expelled the smoke he had already breathed in, the air covered in blue magic.

"I know we aren't what normal people call friends. But, you repaired my armor. And it's not like you to retreat with your tail in between your legs. So I'm wondering. What in the world made you run out of that room?" he asked, getting right to the point. Not bothering to explain how, or why, he teleported, or why he he suddenly started coughing, the smoke coming out of his face, covered in blue magic.
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"You know what you call a Vegeta and a Goku. But what do you call a Goku and a Raditz?"
Oh now wasn't this just a treat. Panich merely chuckled at seeing the God of Destruction crumble to his knees in a panic. SHe would keep note of this respect for later. As of now, she had questions.

"What a surprise." The princess said, keeping her arms crossed. You're alive."

Zibarica was a bit shocked at seeing this display of affection from the Saiyan to the Dread master. "Just what the hell did I miss?"

Bage smiled sweetly for the both of them, He was glad they were able to reunite. A soft moment like this was a nice change in pace, what with all they had encountered so far since they had been woken up from their frozen sleep. But his smile soon turned to wonder with his children as Panich continued.

"Care to explain just how it is you're here right now?"

Basil sighed a bit, "Mom... you maybe want to give them a moment?"

"Hush boy. It's perfectly reasonable to ask since she supposedly gave her life for her husband and son. I'm sure we're all wondering about where she's been." Panich huffed.

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