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DB FE: Odessen
Panich was now downing her second glass as well, giving a satisfying sigh after and setting the cup down. 

"Looks like this has become a competition for our lives." Bage sighed as he watched Beerus start drinking with the rest of them.

"Well then we can't afford to lose then!" Zibarica replied before taking up another glass, following behind the others with his second drink.
Brachi was watching all of this with a bit of contempt on her face.

"Playing a drinking game while there are more pressing matters at hand... like playing a card game while an alien invasion is at hand." She softly quipped.

"Must be a form of distraction for them." Xenest mused, also watching this, although he was more curious who would come out on top.
Ale lifted his glass when he saw Beerus was participating. 

"How wonderful!" he said as his first glass was downed instantly. "Never been fond of Sangria really, too light." Ale was now onto his second glass along with the others. "I think the bartender should start bringing out the heavier stuff."


Raditz dropped from the cliff and started to fly. 

The energy output from Super Saiyan should definitely be enough for someone to sense me from far out in space. If I'm truly alone then I'll have to find some way to fix that damn space pod.
"I'm taking your son." - Raditz
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Vegetto Jr. glanced down, his eyes on the floor after Jaz finished her explanation. He nodded his head, his eyes still on the floor and still hanging on his thoughts before he promptly nodded his head once more.

"Yeah...yeah, Koth used to talk about the old days. About life on that planet before Arcann took perfect their world used to be. If anyone's going to know how to fix this mess, then it's the guy that shaped that entire world to what it was."

He nodded once more to Jaz, perking his right eyebrow.

"Can him or something? How does that work?"

Gogeta Jr. scoffed lightly, having heard Brachi and Xenest.

"Don't worry, I'm watching them. Maybe cutting loose a little bit won't be such a bad thing for them.

Meanwhile, Theron happily snored audibly on the table he had passed out on, tightly shutting his eyes in the slumber.

Beerus eyed his glass, sniffing it a couple of times. He turned his attention up slightly at the others identifying the drink, his eyes turning to Ale specifically once he mentioned how light it was. He scoffed lightly, rapidly downing the first shot in one gulp before bringing his purple hand onto the counter.

"Yes...this drink is...light."

Beerus leaned his head forward a bit, blinking a couple of times in a small, nearly unnoticeable daze. He swayed a little in his seat, inhaling deeply through his nose and extensively attempting to control his eyes from spacing out while he waged his glass at the bartender.

"Hey! You...get out the stronker...driinks. This stuph is too lifee."
"What do you call a Vegeta and a Goku? Vegetto sounds alright." 
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