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ShineCero's Art Box
(02-07-2020, 10:12 PM)ShineCero Wrote:
(02-06-2020, 08:32 PM)ShineCero Wrote:
(01-10-2020, 10:40 PM)ShineCero Wrote: I will! I planning on finishing all the WIP stuff next month :p

This is happening soon! Maybe not the SSj4 one, but Spina will get colored Wink

@Ploep and @~ Z ~
I'm planning on something epic for us Goonies Thinking Prepare yourselves in a couple of days Maybe

Here's a taste of what I mean:

[Image: KmFmXwb.png]

It's basically my way of saying thanks since last year was really rough on me. I was practically on the verge of losing everything and becoming so bitter... that I even thought about qutting drawing altogether since I didn't see no light at the end of the tunnel. Yet you guys managed to get me out of the slumps and encouraged me to draw again... especially after seeing you guys pushed your limits (such as animation, coloring, etc.). Thanks pushing me for self improvement! I want to turn this into a full scale drawing (kind of like an avatar?), so any suggestions towards those would be nice!

Aah I only just now saw this post!! I can't imagine how horrible the past year must have been for you, but I'm truly glad you didn't give in to the bad thoughts!
Seeing you all post your drawings and commenting on each others work motivated me to do my best too!
Let us all keep striving to be there for each other and bring out the best in all of us!!

The sketch so far looks awesome and I'm curious to see how it'll look finished! 

Ànd going through your digital artwork I have to say you've totally skipped over the awkward "gotta get used to the tablet" phase! Not fair dammit!! XD

But really your work was great traditionally, but the change from traditional to digital went seamless for you!
I still love the Gogeta/Vegetto one the most, the badass energy coming off of it is too good!

And I think its amazing you're challenging yourself by taking on requests that are out of your comfort zone, you'll be improving at a high rate if you keep this up! Great work!
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Agreed! Let’s keeping our path to improvement! Sob

Haha, you’re giving me too much credit Joy

But that’s the plan! It’s why I want more requests so I can push myself to the limit. Each drawing gets tougher, but I don’t give up—I want to learn from my mistakes, gain more experience and make sure the next one is even better! Hopefully, I can finally be comfortable of drawing my own characters again in the glory I truly want to see them in!

Yeah! I’m hopefully to get this done before the end of the week. Homework been piling, along with work on the forum, hence the delay Wagh
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WHY AM I SO SHORT?!!!! This kinda inspires me to make one of my own. xDD

This looks great babe! I like my shortness, it perfectly define my fun-sized body. I also love Pinks in this picture since her balloon has a silly face and I always imagine her making a silly face when she makes her food-like usernames. I also really like your avatar since it kinda shows how shy you actually are. It's cute. B| But why you gotta hide your face, you're fine the way you are, dangit!!  Wagh

Then again, I'm hiding behind a huge pair of shades everyday so people don't know I'm looking at them.
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