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ShineCero Draws For You
Request finished! Drew and color Z's character, Evelyn! Smile

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(02-16-2020, 07:12 PM)ShineCero Wrote: Request finished! Drew and color Z's character, Evelyn! Smile

AHHHHH MY BABY! SHE'S PRECIOUS! I love her so much! Thanks a bunch Shine! I wonder what's with everyone drawing my OCs lately? Huh, I shouldn't complain tho'! xDD She looks great Shine! Blue Belle is perfect! Looks like you're getting the hang of coloring. I think you should start inking your stuff to make it crisp! Overall, it's great babe! I love it a ton!  Fan
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I have another request, but it aint P5 this time!!! 

So, there's this Dating Sim called Obey Me! where you are trying to romance demons. All of them have names based onactual demons, too. 

In my Obey Me server on Discord, we've been doing the Hunger Games simulator a lot, and at one point, the demon twins, Belphegor and Beelzebub, were huddling together for warmth. 

It was so cute, because the only one Belphie cares about it Beel, so to read that he and his twin were huddling for warmth was just  Love.

Could you maybe draw it? 

I'll dm you Belphie and Beel's pictures.
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