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You are a Final Boss
1. How many phases/forms would you have?

2. For each phase/form, your battle quote.

3. Your battle location.

4. For each phase/form, your battle music.
[Image: 8JBl5Hn.png]
I have too many. I'll start with this one

Two Forms: Standard / Fury

Standard Form: Evil wins if the good does nothing. Are you capable of granting the good their first victory?

The battle will take place in the middle of the Great Plains. Once I reached half HP, I'll transformed, turning the Great Plains into a scorching battlefield, to represent the rage and sorrow deep within the heart.

Fury Form: Hatred. Violence. Ruin. Malice. Madness. Odium. Anger. Fury. The Addiction of Negative Emotions is overwhelming!

[Image: JVqTWoz.png]

Death Hurts

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