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White Void
“That’s because they exist outside of this world. None of any technology can even process the sheer might of what they are. The fact that they’re even here in the first place….” Khalid said, become concerned that Z ignored his warnings. “Ancient magic… they were the worst things that came out of paradice and resulted in this mess in the first place.”

Excalik scratch his head. "These godly stuff is so confusing... I'm having trouble keeping up!"


The Fairy Queen sweated a bit. “P-please, reconsider! Master Z is right! I managed to separate him and banished to nonexistence! You can see to it and erase them yourself!”

Todasúl titled his head. “You all seem belligerent on defending your fellow kind. You may defeat the stain, but the knowledge that embedded within the mind in this one is forever. Separating it is nothing more than a dressing, but not a permanent fixture. Once dark energy enters one’s soul, anything significant of any capacity is permanent. Shine, here, still has essence of dark energy, and is capable of falling deeper into the darkness once more. You cannot change that. Getting rid of the one called Negative cannot change this. My judgement is clear. On protecting on this world and beyond, Shine is an existential threat to its cause. A futile fight will not change this fact.”

“Brother… perhaps they might be on to something. I mean, she was willingly to fight you to keep this one alive.” Suyoi asked. “Perhaps we should give them a stern warning? I mean, we did make it here late after all.”

Todasúl turns to Suyoi. “And risk this one becoming another one again? I can restore the world many times, Suyoi, but I cannot reverse the effects of dark energy that corrupts the soul. Even your mighty powers cannot change. He is a continuous threat, unless they ought to keep him in check. Otherwise, my judgement remains clear. Erasing him is a better solution than letting him go.” He turns to Z, waiting for her answer.


Alice nodded. “Even then…” She looks up at the two creators.
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The only thing humans are equal in is death

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"So what~? You claim that Shine has a knowledge that no mortal should have~ Yet you, an almighty being, does nothing to prevent the mortal from finding it~ You are also to blame for the birth of Negative, yes~? You tease mortals with forbidden knowledge yet punish those who are curious enough to seek it~ How is that fair~? Perhaps you should open your eye to the bigger picture instead of refusing to see what is laid out before you, fool~"

Z floated right in front of Todasul and crossed her arms. She was still wounded from her fight with Negative but her usual emotionless face seemed to show some sort of anger. It was odd, particularly for Z.

"As I mentioned before, I will defend Shine because he is my equal~ I know my powers will be of no use in fighting against you, so you might as well smite an innocent little mage in your decision~ However, know this...~ Should you continue to waste time to erase me and Shine, Negative will continue to grow~ If he grows too strong, you will not be able to stop him~ If that is the case, I will laugh at you and the chaos you could have prevented~ When that point arises, who will you blame then~?"
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Eleanor didn't say anything for a moment. "How'm I supposed to know? I just thought he always looks like that." She whispered to Blazrin. "I'd say something cool and heroic here, but uhh, I probably shouldn't if these guys can kill me without a problem."
Okawa cleared her throat nervously before she spoke, raising her voice. "The Grand Mage is right, as crass as it may have been phrased... Negative might have nearly wiped us out, but we managed to band together and rescue the ones who got trapped in its body. Even so, I can speak from experience when I say I believe there is always a possibility to redeem yourself," she phrased herself carefully so as to not rouse Todasul's anger. "At one point, I myself was at odds with the darkness... it simply is something that is bound to happen involving yourself with Black magic. But if I was able to accept that darkness for what it was after so many years and grow to who I am now, even though I haven't done anything near the extent to what this Negative character has done-- I fought alongside these brave people to defend life as we know it. Does that part of my soul make me a 'risk' to you as well in spite of those things?" Okawa asked. "You'll have to smite me too if that's the case!"

"..." Asuza sighed, placing her hands on her hips. Even her former teacher was speaking up. "... I'll never forgive Negative for putting my friends through all of this. Never ever! But if you're gonna waste time using those eraser powers on people who don't deserve it, I'll gladly go and torch Negative to nothing myself! I can name plenty of evil people on one hand that we could kick out of here faster than you slowpokes!"

"Broly's done some pretty mean things, all things considered, but I wouldn't want him erased. He's not really that bad a guy when you get to know him. He is a real handful when he gets mad enough though." Whitney said softly, patting the pocket keeping his statue form in place. "But doesn't everybody have a bit of darkness in them? We don't like to admit it, but there's at least a little. It matters most how you choose to act on it, and still, you can kick that kind of habit for good if you're in the right place at the right time. Don't you think?"
Vox says to Todasúl  "I would trust the experience of facing and being absorbed by would be plenty to produce a warning. Do keep in mind that you do have a lot of high ranking involved in the fight that could be some thing to keep in mind." Vox is playing to Todasúl's pragmatism. Vox thinks "This body may be that of a Demon but I am still a very long lived human."

Vosh says "The hope is that we all will be sent back to our world or close too it."
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Dragore looked around, seeing those that took a stand against the creator. “Damn humans… they don’t understand the bigger picture…”

“No, Dragore.” Cygon responded. “They lost their world and defeated perhaps the greatest threat that any of them faced in their lifetimes. I think they seen the literal picture.” Cygon struggled to spread out his wings. “Creator, listen to these humans, especially thought that played with the dark arts and one is even a demon [Vox], fighting alongside with them, to defeat this threat. Please reconsider!”

Dragore narrowed his eyes, not able to understand Cygon’s insistence on giving faith to humans.

Bob placed her hand on Asuza’s shoulder, seeing that her anger was boiling from their last incident with Negative. “Surely, even the eyes of judgement, you can rethink your position."

Khalid clears his throat, feeling inspired by everyone, especially the boldness of Z. He didn’t agree with the death of Shine, and the fact that they defeated Negative… “I met a young girl that was seemingly had her soul corrupted. She will never, ever be able to return to normal, but with care, training and experience as Miss Okawa said, she will able to contain her darkness and live a good life… even Dark Energy can be contained.”

Todasúl listen to the rallying cries of those that spoke up.

“Brother?” Suyoi asked in concern. “What would you do?”

Suddenly, everyone, every single one, floated to the air around the mighty tall being, near him. No alert, no notification, nothing. The creator managed to lift everyone from the ground towards him with telekinesis with absolute ease, lingering around Z. Todasúl began to speak.

“My judgement is clear, Z.” The creator spoke her name for the first time. “There are no errors, no fault and no second guesses. Yet, you mortals seemingly believe there is a change to suppress the power of darkness that beckons one’s soul. If that is the case---then answer me this, truthfully. Do you genuinely believe that you can control the destruction desires of dark energy that blooms in this one’s heart? All their hearts and stray them on a path of light?”

Todasúl, at first, appears to have no eyes and seemingly blind. However, this is because he closed his eyes to see the world for its natural eye without influence. Opening his eyes wide and large, the color was vivid and lucid. Regardless on whether they stared into the abyss of colors or not, everyone was affected. During the sequence, they witnessed variation of their future lives in many different timelines.

Excalik’s eyes widened by force, seeing into the future of different realities. One where he became a successful hunter, one where became owned a bar, one where he spent the rest of his life with someone, that wield a magic staff, causing the mummy to blush a bit. “What------!!!”

Khalid’s eyes grew, seeing potential futures of his life. He stared of his hand, seeing multiple of his arms transition through time, one slightly older, to flat out old. “What is going on…!!!!”

“I’m scared Vosh! What is happening!!!” Alice shouted, seeing all different pathways of her future.

“The eyes of judgement! According to my people, they say those that look into his eyes will see all possibilities of their future, and depending on how you answer, it will show a future based on that answer only to Todasúl to see if it’s worth keeping you or destroying you…!!!”

“Z… once again, do you honestly, genuinely, wholeheartedly believe you can keep tabs on Shine and anyone else with dark energy that won't bring us to this same fate?” Todasúl asked.
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The only thing humans are equal in is death

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"Wha-- Hey!" Blazrin floated up next to Todasul and saw multiple futures with him traveling with Eleanor. Some showed them married, others showed them causing trouble, and another showed Blazrin meeting his parents. "Gwaaah! I don't like this trip! What's going ooooon?!"

Kiki yelped as she held Hatty close. Her futures showed her becoming a wise witch, another with a mysterious man who held Hatty, and one with an odd cult following her and showing up underwear. "Kyaaa! Hatty, we're going to die!"

Kire and Evelyn grunted as they both saw their future. Evelyn saw a future where she lived in a similar city to Hope City but the laws were not as forgiving, another with an odd controlling blonde cop, and one where she was a bad girl doing illegal things. She gasped, unable to close her eyes from the multiple futures flashing before her. Kire tried to look away but his futures consisted of an unknown war, Evelyn dying in his arms, and one where he's a robot fighting with a mysterious warrior race over his daughter dating the man's son. The last one, in particular, confused Kire but he was unable to look elsewhere.

"The hell's goin' on?!" Kire yelled. "Don't drag us in that imp's mess!"

Z's usual semi-open eyes were wide ovals that constantly reflected all the futures that could befall her like a mirror. One showed horrible darkness consuming her, similar to the darkness from her fight with Citrus-Man, another with Nicori fully grown and traveling with Asuza, and one where she met with a large star called Infinity. Z flailed her arms slightly, the many futures catching her off guard. However, she was quick to hear Todasul's question. 

"I cannot speak for everyone, but allow Shine to show you that not all who venture in the path of Negative energy result in pure evil~ You know better than I that I cannot keep tabs on everyone~ However, in this instance, I see forth to make sure Shine goes down the correct path~ Do your part and I will make sure Shine does his, yes~?"
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Vosh says nicely to Alice as he sees all the potential paths his life can take "he forcing us to see some the paths we have don't worry and keep your head." Vosh sees a path were Alice and him explore the world, another were he become a teacher.

Vox says as he sees all the ways his life will move "I figured you were one Todasúl Devotes Bob but It dos not matter what he shows us unless we work torts it will be not but a dream."
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"Whoa whoa hey, put me down! I got motion sickness!" Eleanor flailed in the air before she caught a glimpse into Todasul's eye, instinctively flinching and shutting her eyes tightly. She could see flashes of different things, most of which were of herself going on many journeys with Blazrin and the other Swordsmen, where she was smiling and happy, but there were also futures where she was either back into the slammer or out on her own doing crime. "Get outta my head!"

Vala, hugging onto her staff for dear life, thought there would only be a single coffin awaiting her, as it did for much of her family. For the most part, that was what she saw-- but among that, she saw a world where she was a hunter fighting alongside Excalik, or even living past the age she was supposed to have died. Were such things possible to achieve for her? 

"Then as long as we work towards our real dream, nothing else we see is gonna matter!" Asuza said, her eyes shut as though she didn't want to see any of them, fruitless as the attempt was. "I'll live a redeemed life or die trying, and that's that, cyclops!" The one she wanted most but probably could not have would be the one where she lived well with her sibling and hadn't ran away from her mentor's teachings.

"Eek! What's going on, I don't understand any of this..." Whitney caught glimpses of herself as an evildoer, head of the diner she worked at, even a strange dreamlike hallucination of being friends with people from another world far from her own. "My head feels like it's going to explode!"

"You'll have a lifetime to think over how you want to do things, sweetpea. I haven't got nearly as many options as you do now," Agatha comforted Whitney. "But I think you'll make the right choices no matter what you see."
As Z answered, Todasúl’s eye widened, shifting to a multitude of futures rapidly until it lands on one in particular. Closing his eye, everything returned to normal, forcing everyone back on the ground gently. “I see….” Todasúl eye remained close. “I seen the future based on that answer, based on that, I will not erase Shine permanently from existence. If Z is true to her word, then the future where Shine and others are on the path of redemption is possible.” Todasúl said. “I supposed that will do.”

Shine landed on the floor. “The future I have witnessed… some of them more horrid than others. This really put into perspective on things.” He turns to Z—they were always equal but in terms of boldness, Shine would’ve never approached the creators with such manners. “Guess there are a lot of things she’s good at than I….” 

Excalik landed on his bottom. “W-whoa… That wasn’t very… What kind of future did you see, Vala?” Excalik’s mind was imprinted on the various of futures he’d saw. “Wai-wait, what does that mean? What future did she choose?” Excalik asked.

“Today I know the future of this outcome. You will just have to see it for yourselves.” Todasúl stated. 

Edge-Man was grabbing his hair, pulling it out. “Why are most of my future destined for end!? I want to see that future!” He was stomping around back and forth.

Alice took a deep breath. “Whoa, I felt like I seen thousands of different lifetimes… the eye of judgement… that is insane, right Vosh?”

Bob didn’t see much differences from any of his future. “Well, it can’t be help if my life will remain the same! I really love my life!”

“But I don’t….” Liza finally spoke out. “I don’t….” 

“Creator, if I may, but what would happen to this world?” Khalid ask. 

“The world… can be restored. However, the effects of this battle and the dark energy… it will result a massive change.” Todasúl stated.
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The only thing humans are equal in is death

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Vosh says as a matter of fact "I agree with you on that one Alice."

Vox says "Liza work torts the future you want and do keep in mind you seen a lot paths to day. Non them are set in stone."
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