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White Void
[Heads up, I completely remade my previous post to add more content, original drawing. Your posts won't change, just read my updated ones :p]

Liza narrowed her eyes, raising her wand in the air. “Electric Storm!” She shouted, unleashing the number of bolts against the tentacles, paralyzing them in place. “it seems that our magic still works…!” 

The punching tentacles going after Vala were caught in her attack. Soon after, they were frozen in place. Excaik, taking no chances, grabbed onto his hat, placing near the wisp’s flames. “Lightspeed Slice!”” He shouted, tossing his razor-sharp hat at blistering speeds, cutting them in half.

“What the hell is a Viegan!?” Excalik started to shake. “I’m getting chills from looking at him.”


Cygon look ahead, seeing Negative Eye taking a new form, unleashing devastating blows against everyone. They weren’t weak ones either—they held considerable amount of power in each punch. Having no intention of absorbing any more, it’s now on the offensive. “I see, so a mad wizard…”

“Foolish mortals. I knew they would bring the end of times one day.” Dragore spread his wings, using it as a shield to cover anyone near him to defend against the punches. He was sturdy, but he felt the impact shaking his bones. “What’s the plan, Boss?”

“It seems that physical attacks won’t work, and white energy is booming inside of him.” Cygon observed. “It seems that magic can still cut them, but physical attacks seems to be useless.”

Khalid landed near Owaka and the Dragon Guardians. He stood up, spitting out a tooth. “Physical attacks don’t work huh… “ His shining golden armor shine brightly. “Then we have to rethink out movements, using special attacks.”


Edge-Man landed on the ground, coughing a bit of blood. “Damn, this is all too crazy.” His ears picked up Whitney’s foul mouth, seeing her mowing down any tentacles that comes close to her. “…. And I need to keep an eye on her, from a distance.”


The Fairy Queen narrowed her eyes seeing the state of Negative, then the Dragon Guardians. “Vosh, Canca, Alice. Listen to me very carefully….”
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The only thing humans are equal in is death

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Vosh asks "What is it?"

Vox says "had a feeling plan a was to simple." Vox's elmentas are doing there able best to protect those fighting the negative blob.
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"Did he just say Evelyn?!" Kire snarled. "Get her name outta your mouth, you stupid pile o'--"

Before Kire could finish his sentence, he was punched by the tentacles and the brute force behind them. He was not exactly the strongest looking man and did not take kindly to hits, mostly because his body was somewhat frail. He had guts, however, and refused to stay down. Luckily, the gun he was making finished despite the hit. The gun materialized from Kire's gauntlet and the redhead grabbed it, aiming it at Negative. He unleashed the same havoc and rain of bullets to the blob.

"I ain't 'bout t' let some damn blob take over the world or somethin', not when there's somethin' even worse..."

Kire turned to Whitney and had a mischievous grin on his face but kept his distance from the girl, being slightly scared of her sudden spike in anger. He also noticed the Dragon Guardians appear and he tilted his head at the sight of more dragons showing up. He got goosebumps, feeling this was no ordinary battle he was caught in.

More overgrown lizards? What the hell is goin' on? Looks like shit ain't as simple as it seems if more dragons are showin' up. Will they be strong enough to stop this Negative wizard..?

His gauntlet started to beep like crazy when Cygon passed nearby, the amount of technology the dragon had set off all the sensors he had on his arm. Kire stared at the dragon completely covered in armor and felt his eyes widen.

"Now that's a lot of tech for a stupid lizard..."

"Whoa, easy there Whitney..." Hatty said, scared of her outburst. He floated near Agatha and appeared to tremble. "Y-Your granddaughter sure is angry. I think w-we should stay out of her way for now..."

Z stared at the mutation of Negative and how he began to use the abilities of those he absorbed. Even though she always kept the same expression, it was easy to tell how serious she was. She looked up to hear the beating wings and mechanical shifting of the Dragon Guardians, sighing once they appeared.

So things truly are as grim as they look if the Dragons had to appear...~ A familiar dragon's voice made Z groan with annoyance. And no doubt that dragon is here too...~

Z turned her head to notice Slygon using her magic to slow down Retcon so she decided to attack Negative head on. The tip of her pencil started to glow as she aimed her eraser towards Negative, gathering as much power as she could. She was preparing to fire off her attack, very similar to the one she used against Citrus-Man. Z 's pencil shook with the amount of power it gathered as a portal began to form behind the blob and in front of Z. The little magic user slipped inside the portal and appeared by Negative, her OmniPencil tip glowing white.

"Omni Erase Beam~!"

Z fired off a bright beam of light towards Negative, erasing all the weaker tentacles from harming the others but she specifically aimed her beam to not only attack Negative but also travel and attack Retcon.

"Wha'cha cold about Elilinor? You never traveled to cold places before?" Blazrin said as he lifted his axe high in the air and slammed it on the ground, slicing up the few tentacles that got near them. "But now's not the time to get the sniffles! We gotta somehow stop this weirdo-o blob and get boss back! But that's a lot easier said than done..."
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"Alright, change of plans, kiddies," Okawa charged up her wand. "We're gonna have to rely on magic for the time being." She announced as she weaved a white orb of magic in her palm using her wand. She quickly crushed it in her hand as tiny butterflies flitted around the battlefield to find people who were hit hard by the previous round of attacks and heal them by landing directly on them, including Edge Man and Khalid. 

"If we don't attack that thing's body directly, we won't get anywhere. But there's no way we can get close with these arms in the way. Element-based attacks should be preferred for the time being."

"Well, I'm SOL here since I'm not very good at magic..." Eleanor shook her head. "The little I do know only works from what's around me and we're stuck in a total void! This stinks," she complained to Blazrin.

"Technically you could still use sharp weapons on the arms," Asuza chimed in. "Your meathead friend over there can use fire magic too, right? What if we just started toasting these things to a crisp? Then you can chop them right off without worry."

Eleanor's eyes widened and she started nodding her head enthusiastically at the prospect. "Not a bad idea, Lava Girl! Let's do that instead, it sounds hella cool! How hot can you guys make your fire?!"

"Probably hot enough to boil your insides," Asuza replied before lighting up her hands with fire, briefly leaning into Eleanor's face threateningly. "And don't call me Lava Girl, Sharkmouth." After Eleanor gave her an anxious nod, she pulled back and looked up at Blazrin with a stern expression on her face. "You down with the plan, guy?"

"I've never heard of that name in any texts," Vala backed up but elbowed Excalik in the ribs as she noticed he was starting to freeze up. "Just try to focus on what it's doing instead-- it's adapting to us, so be ready for when it switches to something else instead of slugging people across the mug."

"Oh, ease up, Hatty!" Whitney said as she continued unloading the gun's clip. "Do you want to get Kiki and Miss Nicestone out of there or not?! We're just doing our part like the wise guy said."

"She'll tucker out sooner or later," Agatha whispered to Hatty. "If she's my grandkid, then she probably won't let up until she gets it all out of her system."
Edge-Man was able to stand on his two feet without much struggle thanks to the healing properties by Okawa. “Alright, I can feel my arms and legs again.” He swiftly dodges the punching tentacles coming towards him, seeing that physical attacks won’t do much. “Weapons rendered useless, unless they were aided by magic or special power properties. This won’t be an easy battle, but at least that Dragon is down for the count.” 

He landed near Whitney, Hatty, Agatha and Kire. “As a hero, I cannot stand villains who think they can do what thy want!” Edge-Man gripped onto his dagger, stabbing himself in the chest, craving out an X. The pain inflicted activated his ability, increasing his strength in the process. As blood drip from his hands, his eyes narrowed. “Begone! Demon Spawn! Blood Slices!” He wave his hand, throwing multiple giant blood slices towards Negative Eye, ripping through his tentacles.


“Thank you, miss.” Khalid felt his body is back to full strength and his stamina isn’t decreasing. “If we can’t do a physical assault, then special powers and magic is our way to put a dent on him.” Khalid gripped on the hilt of his golden, diamond blade, raising towards the sky. “By my ancestors, Empire, the strength of pure will raise! Golden Diamond Wave!” He swung forward, slamming against the ground as a wave of powerful energy hurled towards Negative Eye, in conjunction with Omni-Beam Z fired, Kire’s rapid fire and Whitney’s out of control guns, pushing him back. It seems to have taken damage.

Cygon nodded. “Understood. Dragon Guardians, let’s assist them in battle and take this monster down.” The dragon roared loudly, revealing his power core as energy builds up to a singular point before firing a powerful, destructive beam towards Negative Eye. Dragore nodded and fly upwards around, firing black flames, as with Zillion and the Twin Cold Dragons.


“I… I can provide you with electricity assistance as well! We can at least paralyze his movements!” Liza said. She sweated a bit, seeing Negative pulling in all sort of great mages within his body—so it not be so easy to pull off, but they have little-to-no options now. Liza raised her wand. “I’m ready whenever you guys are!”


“R-right!” Excalik gripped onto his blade, waiting to see what Negative would do next in the barrage of blasts.


Negative Eye was being pushed back by all the attacks. “Foolish, you cannot win. Negative Magic: Black Shadow.” The sounds of Black Shadow was heard. “Cry-on.” Negative Eye fired a laser towards the air, then it came down instantly, like a storm of energized bullets, rampaging the ground.

“Negative Magic: Silence.” Silence’s voice was heard. “Silence Strike.” It waved a single tentacle in the air, a series of slashes landed on Dragore, causing him to crash towards the ground to get caught in the storm of energy rain.


The Fairy Queen narrowed her eyes and whispered. “Everything is falling into place now. I only have one shot to do this, but I want you guys to push Negative to the breaking point so I can enter its body. It might be a while if he starts absorbing again, but I want to be consumed within so unleashed this attack. So, force him that he needs to absorb more beings.”

Canca narrowed his eyes. “What kind of suicidal plan is that!?”
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The only thing humans are equal in is death

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Vosh asks "So a horde of self destructing butterflies with fairy magic will not work?" Vosh lunches another ice beam with fairy magic at negative. Vosh thinks "I still trying to back door my way in to using pure energy but what then?"
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"What kind of weird bloodline do you have, Granny?" Hatty shivered. "I've never seen Whitney so... bloodthirsty. But she has a point, we can't let that bloby thing take Kiki and that smoking hot lady away. I think I might have something up my hat to help you out, Granny Agatha."

Hatty dug his ribbon arms inside himself before pulling out a small bag of candy. He pulled one piece of hard candy and gave it to Agatha. It shined with magical properties.

"Here, eat this candy. It will help you surpass your limits," Hatty said. "You'll be able to fight without having to worry about breaking your back. It works as long as you have it in your mouth. It starts off sweet but it gets more and more rancid the longer you keep it in there. The second you spit it out, you'll return to normal! What do you say, Granny? Ready to relive your younger days of striking fear into the souls of living creatures?"

"Yeah, I agree with Volcano girl!" Blazrin laughed. "Alright, step back Elilinor, things are gonna get hot and this time, it ain't me!"

Blazrin tossed his axe in the air and clapped his hands together, focusing all his magical power to his hands. For the first time, it looks as if he's actually getting serious and moving away from his playful personality. When his axe started to fall back towards me, he caught it and it ignited into flames, growing in size as well. He smirked and stared at the blob before them. The flames, although impressive, slowly kept up his arms, burning him in the process. Blazrin was not entirely capable of controlling his flames and it often leaves it as a last resort. 

"No more games! You're going to give back the Boss or I'm gonna slice and burn every bit of you!"

Blazrin pulled his axe back and slammed it against the ground with so much force, it forced pieces of slabs to jut out from the ground. Within the cracks, fire exploded out of the earth, literally looking like volcanoes erupting all around Negative Eye.

Z stared intently at Negative Eye and Asuza with Blazrin and Eleanor. She tilted her head at Blazrin's magic, sensing it to be familiar to that of Sisterhood magic. She could not recall if he was a member and shrugged. As Azusa and Blazrin attacked Negative Eye, Z began to draw circles in the air and use her Omnipencil as a bat to hit the bubbles towards them. Once they touched Asuza's group Blazrin, and Eleanor, it would temporarily shield them from the tentacles trying to pull sneak attacks on them, however, they will shatter if hit with a stronger attack. Z created another bubble, this time a green one, and hit it with her pencil above Negative Eye. It exploded into a green mist, healing any minor wounds Asuza's group, Blazrin, and Eleanor had.

Kire fired more bullets at the tentacles coming near him but knew he was getting no closer to saving Evelyn. His frustration grew worse and worse until he threw his gun on the floor. He let out a yell before firing off his lasers to the tentacles and realizing that was not enough either.

"I need more power! I need somethin' to rip this stupid shit-blob apart!" Kire snarled. The beeping from his gauntlet got louder and louder as Cygon flew about. The redhead stared at the dragon and then back at his gauntlet before glancing at the others around him. "The others ain't got a byte of tech' on 'em and they're mostly magic users or brawlers... That dragon's the only thing in this world with some decent tech'. Looks similar t' Californite..."

Kire took a second to ponder before locking his gaze with the dragon.

"If it's got tech' and I can hack it..." Kire aimed his hand to Cygon and fired a blast towards him, primarily to get his attention and not hurt him, though, he doubted he could. "Hey! C'mere you reptile! I got an idea for you and your tech'!"
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"They Call Me the 'Vibe Checker', Sweetie..."
"Here we go!" Asuza said to Liza and their team, leaning forward and tensing her arms in an offensive stance. "Let's go for a scorcher..." Fire manifested in her open palms, forming a large fireball, aimed in direction of the Negative Eye. Asuza launched it sailing through mid air before she coiled her fingers, the tips becoming lit in smaller painless flames indicative of her controlling it remotely. 

"Burn Bolt!" Clasping her hands together, the fireball exploded as it came in close range. Smoke plumes arose as a byproduct before small comet-like fireballs emerged in arcing circles homing in on the creature.

Eleanor whistled, impressed as she stood waiting to get in on the action. Putting her blades back into their scabbards, she readied her chakram with one arm holding the long chain. "Guess you Paradican nerds aren't pushover swanks like I thought! This stuff tastes kinda minty." She stuck her tongue out at the green mist like an idiot.

Agatha eyed the little candy Hatty had given her in curiosity, listening to what it could do for her.

"If heredity is anything to go by, our extreme temper skipped my kids and went straight to her instead! But her nearly inhuman levels of patience definitely didn't come from me."

"No way! Are you gonna fight, Granny?! I'd love to see that!" Whitney overheard the exchange after having run out of bullets and seeing the mages start their offensive front. For now she had to retreat until Negative Eye would be vulnerable to physical attacks again.

"Well, I don't know... oh, alright. A couple minutes wouldn't hurt." Agatha popped the candy into her mouth, feeling the effects immediately to where she could stand on two feet without the cane, which now she can use as a proper weapon. "Hmm, not bad, Leather Sack!"

"Ooh! Can I have one?!" Whitney asked.

"Absolutely not! You'll probably tear a hole in the fabric of the space-time continuum!"

"Criminy! It's like a war field out here!" Vala took her scepter and started to raise walls of ice and rock with it as defense from the onslaught of fire. "How the hell do you counter lasers?!" She shouted over the loud noises. "We're going to get blown to smithereens at this rate! I'd rather fight an army of giant killer geese than do this ever again!"

"Well, that's one dragon down..." Okawa sweated, feeling the pressure starting to mount on them. "Taking something like this on is a suicide mission in itself-- but I'm either going to get out of here alive or die while I'm kicking and screaming!" Holding up her wand, she traced a set of symbols and sigils in the air before holding it straight up. "Radiant Dagger!"
A giant magic circle appeared behind her, the smaller circles inside glowing to fire streaks of bright light energy to continue the assault on Negative Eye, wincing at wayward strikes narrowly graze her arm and legs.

"Come on... why won't this thing just lay down and keel over already?!"
Liza’s eyes narrowed as her Bolt Wand builds up energy. “Take this! Strongest Electric Magic!  Thunder God! The Wrath of Enel’s Thoron!” Liza raises her wand towards the sky, summoning a powerful force of lightning and thunder like a chaotic beam. It rain down on Negative Eye in conjunction with the other attacks, slamming against him from all sides. Afterwards, Liza fell on her knees—as the attack drains a lot of stamina. 

All attacks slammed against Negative Eye, causing him to fall to the ground. It struggle, seeing that special attacks was getting through. His eyes narrowed, seeing that there are still too many enemies in the field. To level the playing field, Negative Eye spoke once more.

“Negative Magic: Mass Absorption!” He slammed his black sludge against the ground—which immediately spread across the field, latching to anything it could get.

Slygon seen the attack coming, flying towards Reboot, after taking damage from Z, and grab hold onto him. Despite her small size, she was able to lift him up from the ground with absolute ease.

Excalik turned to Vala and gritted his teeth. He went towards her and grab onto her torso. Trying not to blush—since this is the first time, he’d touch a girl, especially a rather pretty one, he launched her upwards towards the air as the black sludge grabbed onto him instantly, pulling him down. “Shit! Can’t move!” Excalik turns to Vala and gave out a warm smile. “Kick this guy ass!” Before disappearing.

All the Dragon Guardians flow upwards, Cygon in particular overheard Kire’s words. Seeing the black sludge everywhere, he’d snatch up Okawa, Khalid and Kire—but due to the rapid speeds of absorption, he was unable to save everyone in time. “This isn’t right. No human can be this strong!” He turns to Kire. "Did you say something!?"

Edge-Man turns to Whitney and her grandma. Rushing towards her, he grabbed the two women and their talking hat and toss them in the air as well before getting absorbed himself. 

“!!??” Liza tried to scream but ended up getting swallow.

Canca did the same to prevent Vox, Alice and Fairy Queen from getting caught, ended up getting absorbed as well.
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The only thing humans are equal in is death

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Vox asks "Who is still alive?" after making shore that Alice and the Fairy Queen were safe. Any elementals that were cot just exploded or those they were able to avoided
mass absorption.

Vosh jumped in the air and started to fly to avoid it. Vosh did think "having a backup plan is important." Vosh says "I am and some thing is telling me that that slime has plans for those it taken." Vosh thinks "Best case is that it taken them to use there powers or to heal. Worst case we going to be fighting those that it just absorbed."
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