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White Void
"Hey, y'big metallic lizard! I got a proposition for ya'!" Kire said while he was held on by Cygon. "Listen! You got some tech that I can hack into! Let me hack into you so we can both get rid o' that nasty blob! You got Californite parts on ya', so it wouldn't be a problem for me!"

Kire was climbing up Cygon until he reached his back. The dragon was so massive compared to Kire, it took him several minutes to actually climb up to the back of Cygon's head. He had to scream loudly for Cygon to hear him but his grip was incredibly tight due to his imminent fear of falling off. 

"Just trust me on this! You'll thank me later!"

His mechanical arm released a cable that Kire slammed down on the top of Cygon's head. It would not hurt Cygon but the dragon would begin to feel metallic parts twitching slightly. A holographic screen appeared from Kire's arm and he began to input several pieces of code as quickly as he could. Cygon's metallic areas would feel stronger in some parts and weaker in others as Kire carefully hacked into the dragon's system.

Blazrin added on to Asuza's firey attack by pulling his axe back and slicing the air with it. Shockwaves engulfed in fire rushed towards the Negative Eye. He continued to slice the air, not stopping in order to help The Boss. His flames continued to creep up his arms and his anger more apparent. It appears that the more serious and angry he got, the hotter his flames burned. 

Z drew a golden ring before flinging it to Negative where it expanded around him and kept him in place. It was a tight squeeze on the blob but she knew it would not keep him in forever. She still had no recovered entirely from the previous fight and felt the strain pulsing throughout her tiny body.

"We need to end this quickly, I'm starting to get tired...~"

Kire would finally get access to the main source code of Cygon and have full control of his body but not his mind. Cygon would feel a massive increase in power from the hack, almost as if Kire was adding more to his code than he originally had. His metallic parts began to power up so much that it heated him up.

"Alright y'stupid lizard, we got one shot!" Kire said as he carefully aimed Cygon to Negative. He looked back to the hologram image and tapped several buttons on his gauntlet. A special screen appeared, asking for a special code that Kire supplied. From there, Cygon's entire body began to power up very quickly. So quickly, in fact, that some parts of Cygon were almost melting from the power.

"Take aim and fire!"

Red lightning started to crack around Cygon and a large pool of energy formed around his mouth, similar to that of a canon. Kire continued to have some control over Cygon, primarily keeping him stable enough and making sure the dragon does not lose control.

C'mon, this has got to work... Unleash your maximum power, dragon!
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"They Call Me the 'Vibe Checker', Sweetie..."
"Shit! This isn't looking too good! It keeps picking us off one by one!" Eleanor cursed, looking around frantically as she stuck close to Asuza and Blazrin.

"Then we ought to make a change of plans and keep it out of our range. Not sure how we'll be able to do that," Asuza paused to switch her mode of attack. With her two palms out, she began to blast streams of coarse fire across the field to assist with holding back the inky sludge that was pulling others in by providing scorching temperatures. "We're gonna run out of gas eventually, so we can't stall anymore! Damn, this is bad. It's just me and Vox now from our group... if things keep escalating there won't be anyone left.
Eleanor gnashed her teeth at how things were slowly getting more and more shaky as the battle progressed. They were running out of time. She saw Edge-Man toss Whitney, Hatty, and Agatha out of the range before he got sucked in, throwing her chakram like it were a life preserver at them. "You there, catch!"

"What's this?!" Whitney thought the weapon was going to hit her, making her grab the chakram's center with both hands in surprise. "Oh! Granny, hold on!" Once Agatha hugged her, Eleanor pulled the chain back with great force to send them to their side away from the collision of volatile attacks. With no magic, she couldn't do much, but to guard the ones who didn't have much of anything.
Okawa at first felt panicked when something had grabbed her and lifted her into the air, but she was relieved it was Cygon. "Quickly! We can't do this much longer!" She called out to Kire as he made his work on the cybernetic dragon. The mage pondered what to do next now that they were put on the defensive. Holding up her wand in the air, light started to gather at its tip. "I'm giving it everything I've got! Moon Beam!" Out blasted a purple beam of light to accompany Cygon's upcoming attack-- its power could not match that of a dragon's, but this move had the property of sapping energy out of its target. It was a big risk to take, given that she could not perform it again immediately after.

"What're we gonna do? We won't win fighting like this... if only we could get close enough and just drag those people out of it. It just looks like a big pile of sludge, so it should be easy! But there's no way to do that getting close if it'll just hit us with its weird copycatting." Eleanor lamented. 

"If push comes to shove, that might be what we have to do as a last resort," Vala said as she landed back down from the air, a bubble barrier active to protect her fall. She was overwhelmed with a sense of vengeance, hating that she didn't know what happens to Excalik now that he was absorbed. "Whatever gives the Fairy Queen the highest chance of finishing this cleanly, we'll have to take it. For now, we fight it to our last dying breath! Be ready to meet resistance now!"
After the mass absorption, Negative Eye’s body expand rapidly. After a brief moment, it grew easily overshadow everything in the area, even the Dragon Guardians in terms of sheer size. It easily shattered through Z’s golden rings that was meant to kept him in place. “You mortals lack the knowledge of how much I am truly capable of. Negative Energy is Dark Energy in perfect formed. Can you sense it? The world is being reborn!” Negative made a very vague statement with no beginning nor conclusion. “Now perish into this world of nothing, and I’ll start a new age!” 

Negative Eye’s eye expanded greatly, drawing power from every single being that absorbed into his body in the center. As energy particles smashed against one another, Negative Eye unleashed a devastating beam, hurling towards everyone. “Pure White Madness!” Negative shouted, a beam that was meant to outright banished them into nonexistence.


Moments before Negative Eye unleashed his blast, Cygon grew concerned of a small human that latched onto his back and managed to hack into his mainframe. “Hey! What are you---” Suddenly, Cygon felt a surge of power flowing across his body. His metallic body shine bright red, some of his parts were melting away from the overbearing heat. “Arrggh!!!” 

Cygon exposed his core, gathering all the energy, including the boosted particles, into it. His eyes narrowed; the cyborg dragon roared as he ready to unleash his most powerful move. “PURE METAL MADNESS…. ARGGHHH!”

The two beams collided in a devastating fashion; outright distorting the empty reality into a swirl of celestial bodies forming and destroying in rapid pace around them as if they were reliving the birth and heat death of the universe every few seconds.
In conjunction with Cygon’s attack, Okawa’s Moon Beam added more lunar experience; causing the birth and death of the universe to shine bright, then dimmed just as quickly. Negative Eye felt a pushback, feeling the effects of the snapping of energy.

Dragore’s eyes widened at the collision of powerful beams. He was angered by that human’s arrogant thinking of hacking into his leader’s mainframe, but this wasn’t the time nor place to express his disgust for humans. Seeing his leader on the offense, he alerted the other dragons to chime in. “Rigorous Eraser!” Dragore spreads his wings, gathering pure energy in his body into multiple balls before firing a giant energy ball.

Zillion nodded at Dragore’s signal. “…Tidal Wave Beam!” Zillion absorbs the liquid around his body, turning into a gigantic ball of water and launches it towards his enemy. Once they’re trapped inside, he unleashed a devastating beam that engulfed the bubbled enemy.

The Twin Zero Dragons twirl around once another. “Double Absolute Zero Annihilation!” Coldmo and Coldoma flies into the air and rain down a wave of energy blasts towards the enemy, blasting area and freezing everything to the point of absolute zero.

Protecting the Retcon Dragon, Slygon narrowed her eyes. “Supernova Disorder!” She gathers all the pure energy in her body, releasing it in all direction, into a powerful beam.

Khalid step up to the plate. His golden armor opened up, revealing several lenses attached to body. “Golden Pure Blast!” The King shouted; firing beams of golden light along with others to pushed back Negative’s Eye attack.

Negative Eye was pushed back from the sheer concentration of energy is somehow overpowering him. Seeing the universe flicker back and forth from death, Negative Eye added more energy by morphing his body to fire more beams. However, in turn, left out a critical opening on his body. “Fool! Resistance is futile! Perish!!!”


The Fairy Queen narrowed her eyes. "Don't let up! Keep firing!" The Fairy Queen shouted, using a it of her power, launched herself towards the central point of Negative Eye; allowing herself to be absorbed into his body.

Alice narrowed her eyes. "Do you think this will work!?" She asked Vosh. "This is crazy!" Seeing all the things happening around her that defy the laws of outright reality.
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The only thing humans are equal in is death

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Vosh thinks "I gest that dos answer my question on using my butterflies for this."  Vosh says "We got to put our faith in the queen." Vosh uses an a beam of ice using fairy magic to improve it.

The Vox's Elemental that remained starting to use lunch attacks. Vox thinks "Giving what I am its better if I play support."
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Kire gritted his teeth as he continued to push forward with the Dragon. The shockwave and energy coming from both blasts, from everyone around him, it was incredible for him. The intensity of the winds blew off his bandana as he looked at blast being almost at a standstill between the Negative Blob and the power of all the dragons.

"Get 'im! Burn him up! He ain't gonna take Evelyn away from me!" Kire yelled, his strong and stubborn will being the only thing making him continue to fight for Evelyn. "Don't fuck with a Rebbel! PURE METAL REBELLION!!!"

Kire held out his arm and the gauntlet began to glow. It showed a meter on the touch screen and Kire slid it all the way to the right, maximizing the power Cygon can dish out. The Pure Metal Madness blast would get bigger and brighter as it would slowly begin to turn a mix of red with flames and push back Negative's beam with the help of the other dragons and attacks. The flames would circle around the beam, making it look like a drill of hundreds of colors thanks to the other attacks combined with it. Cygon's body would also begin to glow brightly as his armor started to harden instead of melt. Parts of his already melted armor began to reconstruct itself and change color from silver to red. Kire rushed to the very top of Cygon's head and aimed his hand at Negative. A little energy beam came out from his gauntlet. It did not add anything to the blast but his determination to stop Negative proved to match that of everyone here.

Blazrin stared in awe at the massive attack Cygon did towards Negative. He knew his magic was still novice level compared to the others but he clapped his hands together and then gripped his axe before slamming it to the floor. The ground around him, Eleanor, and Vala began to crack until 4 towers of fire surrounded them from all sides. A thin transparent screen connected the pillars of flame and protected the group in a box of flame. Anyone who for near it from the outside would be burnt to a crisp and those inside it would be protected. The flames on his arms seemed to speed up and burn him faster than before. He let out a scream of agony but held on for as long as he could.

"Ladies! My Axe! I'll keep this shield up for as long as possible! Mage Lady, use your magical powers to enhance my axe while Eleanor uses her strength to swing it!" Blazrin said between his cries of pain. "That axe is magical, every swing unleashes a slice of fire! The stronger your swing, the hotter it burns! Show that blob who's boss ladies!"

Z watched as the two beams collide and knew that she had little energy left to do any more.

"Very well, I suppose one last trick is needed~" Z sunk into a portal and appeared in the sky behind Negative. "When you return to normal, Shine, you will take the load of the Sisterhood from my shoulders~"

Z drew a small portal with her pencil and shoved her Omnipencil within the portal. She held the portal within her mitten hands and chanted in an unknown language. The portal began to grow and expand quickly until it nearly blocked out the sky. Inside the portal were millions of razor sharp pencils that all aimed directly at Negative. Z held up her hand and flicked her wrist which allowed the pencils to be fired at rapid speeds towards Negative.
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Millions of powered pencils rain down on Negative, causing him to take special damage. “You dare to resist your fate!? You cannot delay your deaths any longer!” Negative Eye poured more energy into his attack, but soon found himself being pushed back from their powerful attacks as white space becomes . “I shall never fall!”


Fairy Queen went deep inside Negative’s bloated body; it was dark, abundant and reek of negative energy. In any normal circumstances, any mortal be swept away by the darkness and any holy being will be consumed entirely. 

As she continued forward, her eyes laid upon the millions of beings absorbed by Negative, trapped by the slug that binds them to his body. All the prisoners opened their eyes simultaneously, firing their attacks at the Fairy Queen.

Swiftly dodging all the attacks, the Fairy Queen reaches her true target: the core of Negative Eye—Negative himself. The body was undoubtedly ShineCero; trapped in the damnation of negative energy that plagued his body.

Negative turned around with anger in his eyes. “You dare enter my body!? Queen of Fairies, you think you can stop my damnation? I will land waste of this world and plagued the new universe of darkness.” Raising his finger, seeing that the Fairy Queen’s hands was glowing with strange power. “Coming here unprepared will greet you nothing more but death!”

Black energy swirls his fingertips. “Prepare to die—” Suddenly, on the right side of Negative’s head, suddenly catches fire, causing him to lose concentration of his attack. “Arghh!” He grunted in pain. A series of explosion rapid appeared all over his body. “What is this!?” His eyes narrowed, remembering that Alice’s energy attack from earlier before the whole thing went down, finally came into fruition.
Fairy Queen narrowed her eyes. “Fairy Magic: Banishment!” to take advantage of Negative’s distraction. Clapping both of her hands, she fly towards the mad mage, jabbing her hands within him.

Negative widened his eyes, seeing the Fairy Queen forced her hands inside his body. “What are you…!” His eyes shine brightly, causing his body to crack under the abundance of pure energy running through.

In turn, the Negative Eye’s powers dropped significantly; his immunity to physical attacks is no longer valid as energy burst out of the outer host’s body.


Khalid noticed the change of Negative’s body. “This is our chance, give everything you got!”
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The only thing humans are equal in is death

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Vosh fires a fire blast combined with fairy magic. Vox used wind magic to increase the power of the fire blast.
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"Just a little more... nngh, any further and I'm gonna run out of steam!" Okawa grit her teeth as she gripped her wand with both hands, knuckles turning white as though she feared to let go of it.

"Alright then, I'm going to perform a transmutation on it! You--" Vala jabbed a finger towards Asuza. "I need raw output to convert it into a proper enhancement, so aim right at me." She gestured to the orb of her scepter, which changed from its purple color to a clear one. "And you, bonehead, you'd better be ready to carry that damned thing."

"I'm up for anythin'!" Eleanor cracked her knuckles, stretching her arms in anticipation of the job. 

Asuza took in a deep breath and turned, aiming the line of her fire streams toward Vala's staff. "If you're sure! Don't screw this up, shark-mouth." She grit her teeth and maximized the output she could muster from her hands, practically numbing herself from the amount of energy pulsating from her palms as it radiated in flames.

Vala aimed her staff towards Blazrin's axe, closing her eyes as she pressed two fingers to her forehead. The flames drew close to the crystal ball and started to swirl around it like it was being absorbed entirely and converted back to its rawest form. "To slay this aberrant force of evil, I cast forth a weapon forged by the iron wills to fight. Fight to endure or become a shadow of the damned. Transmute!" The orb now glowing a volatile mix of glittering colors, a beam of the energy blasted the axe as it began to elongate the axe's blade for a broader strike range. It would revert to its original form once the spell ended its duration but time was of the essence for Eleanor to utilize it as much as possible. Coarse fire was running through it indicative that the spell successfully transmuted the energy conversion.

"Here goes nothin'! I won't let you down!" Eleanor stepped forth and grabbed the axe's handle with both hands. She could feel the immense heat radiating from it and knew it was do or die. She looked into Blazrin's eyes and gave him a toothy grin. "Let's grab a couple beers once we get outta here." Bracing herself, she slowly began to lift the axe's handle, cracking more of the earth as she pulled it out. Tensing her arms, Eleanor's eyes glowed as one of her arms revealed a glowing pattern of intricate symbols representing the sun and moon on her arm's skin. It was still a heavy weapon to wield, but she lifted it high above her head with both hands to take a deep breath, starting to swing it relentlessly with a battle cry. Side to side, up and down, diagonally-- it didn't matter, she'd swung it every which way she could even if it was straining the muscles in her arms. The axe unleashed volatile arcs of fire, Vala still holding her position of focus while she visibly was straining under the pressure to keep the output.

Whitney shut her eyes tightly, gripping her hands together in anxious prayer. She didn't know who or what she was praying to. All she had was to hope that when she opened her eyes again, it would all be over.
Negative Eye, being overwhelmed from the outside and the inside, he succumbed to the blasts. His beam evaporate against the mighty attacks from the axe—it being the final point to push the mad magician to his end. Engulfed by the powerful beams, his body was ripping apart by intense heat.  

“Impossible… I am the pinnacle of destruction. I am the agent of Viegan! I perfected… Dark Energy!” Negative’s body ripped into smaller pieces until it shown Negative himself in his normal form, with Fairy Queen forcing her strength against his front, with rows of pencil embedded on his back. Overwhelmed, a series of explosion erupted on Negative and the sheer impact of them was massive. It had enough force to blow away everything in its sight; Khalid quickly made barriers around everyone to avoid being caught in the storm.

One person crashed against the ground; it was ShineCero himself, while Negative was still blowing up. One after another, more people that Negative absorbed crashed against the ground around them rapidly. Once everyone was released, Negative was panting heavily. Without a host, he was severely weakened. “Impossible… you… somehow…” He uttered, seeing that he was separated from ShineCero.
Fairy Queen narrowed her eyes. “As expected, your negativity manifest its own being… that’s fine… Begone….!”

Negative’s body felt a surge of energy wrapping his entire body. Immediately, his body warp around rapidly before shooting upward in the sky. It crashed against a “strange wall” that prevent it from going further for a few seconds, before finally getting through. “What are you…!!! Argghhh!!” His voice vanished immediately once he disappeared.





Fairy Queen lowered her arms before dropping to the ground next to Vosh and Alice. “… He’s defeated…. ”

Alice narrowed her eyes, as the warping distortion of space around them returned to a white void. “…. Did we win? Where did he go?”
The fairy queen turned her head. “I used an ability that can banished people from existence. None of us could kill him but banishing him was a sure way to defeat something like that. He won’t be coming back ever again….”

“Existence…?” Alice said.

Cygon landed on the floor, laying flat on his stomach after exhausting his power core. “Ugh…..”
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The only thing humans are equal in is death

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"It's finally over~," Z said with a sighed echo.

She slowly floated down towards ShineCero's body and poked his head with the eraser stub on her OmniPencil. Z was very tired, still not entirely recovered from the incident earlier from Negative. Despite having no emotions, a wave of relief was seen from Z as she prodded ShineCero with her pencil. The little imp sat on top of ShineCero's head, seeing if he would wake up soon.

"I'm so tired~ I need a nap...~"

Kiki was laying on the floor but she was able to regain consciousness faster than a few others. She lifted her head and wiped off some of the dirt on her face before moving up to her feet. She was a little wobbly but she managed to stay up. She looked around, confused and intimidating by all the Dragons and new faces she has yet to see. She noticed Whitney and her Grandma and smiled towards them, waving an arm to them.

"Hey, Whitney, Granny Agatha!" Kiki held back a few tears but failed to hold herself back from crying. "I-I'm back! I'm okay!"

As Kiki sniffled and choked on her tears, Hatty flung out from seemingly nowhere and wrapped his body around her face. He was heard crying as well before Kiki yanked him off. Both cried like children as they held each other close in the moment of quiet for the people to find their loved ones. 

"I-I thought I was gonna b-be stuck in that nasty goop f-f-forever!" Kiki cried. "I-I was scared, Hatty!"

"I thought you were gone forever, Kiki!" Hatty sniffled. "Whitney and Granny Agatha put up a fight! You should've seen Whitney tho'! She's pretty scary when she's mad. She said bad words and everything! She's even scarier than her grandma!"

"What? Whitney? You're pulling my leg! She's as sweet as a sugar-coated gumball!" Kiki said as she cleaned away her tears. "No way Whitney would say mean things."

"It's true! That blob slapped her and she went nuts!"

"Hatty, what did I say about lies?"

"But it's true!"

Blazrin lowered his flame barriers, however, his arms were severely burned as a result. He took a deep breath and felt relieved that it was finally over. He looked around and noticed the body of their Boss, Silence. He struggled immensely thanks to his wounds but he managed to take a seat next to the boss, grinning like crazy.

"You're not gonna believe what Elilinor just did, Boss," Blazrin chuckled, unaware if Silence was awake or not. He seemed to purposely speak out to catch Eleanor's attention. "She sliced that goop to pieces with my axe! I mean... I already weaken that blob for her, but I think that'll be our little secret. Heh!"

As Cygon rested on his belly, Kire slipped down his head and landed on the floor with a thud. He groaned in annoyance while he rubbed his back until he noticed a familiar female body laid out not too far from him. His eyes widen when he realized who it was and he was quick to rush over. He shoved Eleanor, Vala, Blazrin, and Liza out of his way to reach the girl he was desperately trying to fight for. Kire skid to a stop before the unconscious body and very tenderly lifted the woman in his arms.

"Evelyn? Hey, Evelyn, wake up!" Kire pressed his ear closer to her face and heard the Lady breathing which calmed him down. He dropped to his knees and held the woman close to his chest, holding back the urge to cry. "I-I... Don't.. don't do that again, Evelyn... Don't leave that..."

"Ayy! What's the big idea Pepper-head?!" Blazrin barked. "No need for pushing and shoving!"

"Aw, pipe down you bloated baboon!" Kire snapped back.

"What did you call me?!"

"What? You deaf too?"
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