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White Void
Vox turns to Asuza "we better check on Bob and Liza. " Vox moves to Bob and Liza as the elementals disappeared.

Vosh after a little bit "The best way to put it is Negtive is no longer real as far we are concerned Alice. More pressing is weather or not the Queen and Canca are going to be OK."
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"Well, only a little... it wasn't much." Whitney blushed out of embarrassment since she wasn't really aware of it until after the fact. She mostly whited out and came to once she empted out all the ammo she had. "But you teally never know who'll help out in times like this. I'm grateful to do what I could, even if it wasn't a whole lot."

"It's too bad I don't get to have more of these... oh well, this one's starting to sour." Agatha spat out the candy Hatty gave her, tossing it aside as she approached him and Kiki with a smile. "But that about proves I can't come out of retirement. Even if the kids make it seem so much more fun than it used to be. It must've been terrible getting caught in that sludge. Who knows what could've happened if we all got sucked in?"

"I'm just glad it's finally over. It really was unfortunate to get dragged into this giant mess huh? It almost feels like one big crazy dream..." Whitney wondered aloud, looking worried about the circumstances for which she feared she knew nothing about, but ultimately decided it was better she didn't know. "But since Hatty was brave enough to stick with us, I think a big treat for all of us is in order. Anything you wanna eat, it's on me." She rubbed Kiki's head and stuck her tongue out playfully. "Hmm, I guess I owe a favor to Edge Man too... even if he's a no good grumpy stick in the mud. He did save us after all."

"That's assuming he still doesn't want to arrest us after all this," Agatha reminded Whitney.

"W-well can we pretend we don't remember any of that?... I'd like to not get arrested. I can't work if that gets on my record!"

Eleanor fell flat on her back with her arms spread out in a T-pose. ".... ouch." She groaned painfully. "I think I'm good on arm day for the week. That axe was wicked heavy, I think I might've torn myself to shreds otherwise." The tattoos on her arms receded into her skin before disappearing altogether, but her muscles felt completely spent on energy. Surely Blazrin's arms were in far worse shape. "Hooly dooley... I definitely could use a big mug of beer now."

Asuza nodded to Vox as they walked out into the crowd of people to find Bob and Liza. "You guys alright?" She asked them, checking them over to see if they had any injuries from being inside the blob.


"Noisy men..." Vala scoffed, dusting herself off before looking around to find Excalik among the people who were released from the Eye's hold. Taking the blunt end of her staff she gingerly poked at Excalik's butt with it to wake him up.

"Hey mummy man, you still alive? Got a lot of nerve giving me the fright you did!" Vala scolded tersely. "N-not like I was scared, or anything. I just was worried I'd have to come back by myself!" She crossed her arms.

Wisp sat atop Excalik's hat, seemingly taking a nap from all the commotion it had to endure in the short span of time it was around.

"And you too! You're going in a lantern from now on, I can't keep track of such a tiny ball of flame with just my eyes."

Okawa rested on the floot by Cygon's side, watching everyone slowly reunite with the people they had appeared in this realm with. She thought about what kind of banishment the Fairy Queen was able to cast... if it wasn't flat-out destroying someone out of existence, where would Negative go now? Somewhere beyond their comprehension to reach, probably.

"Well... what now?" She asked the Fairy Queen, wiping the sweat off her face with her robe sleeve. "I guess our existences are saved, but we're still here in this big void again. How will we get home... if there is even one to return to that is."
Excalik chuckled. “Sorry about that Ma’am, err, Vala. Everything was happening so fast, so I thought, better me than you. I’m already a dead cowboy, so another bucket to kick for me ain’t too much of a big deal than you. Besides, you have enough problems!” The mummy cowboy gently touch the Wisp on his head.


“I’m perfectly fine.” Bob said. “Being inside that thing… disgusting.”

Liza nodded without a response. Her eyes narrowed in terror of what had transpired.


A surreal moment, all forms of negativity was outright purge from the white void. As the Fairy Queen states, Negative had been banished from this empty world into nonexistence. An incredible, powerful technique that only a few people possessed.

As everyone went towards their friends and loved ones, ShineCero, for the first time, emerges from the ground. Rubbing the back of his head, Shine opened his eyes and looked around. “What the… where am I?” The mage said. His voice was low, deep and raspy. “I felt like I was asleep for eons.” Not realizing that Z was sitting on top of his head.

He looks around, seeing bodies all over the place with sludge scattered across. “What… happened?”


The Fairy Queen pant heavily, wiping the sweat and sludge off her body. “I don’t know… I never thought we would push to this point. Never in my life…” The Queen of the fairies looked around the area, seeing nothing but pure white void. “I honestly don’t know…” She looked up towards the sky, seeing a flicker appearing. Narrowing her eyes on observing such, two several orbs smashed against the ground near them.

It grew gigantic; similar to how Negative eclipsed them in terms of size, they were far bigger.

Two beings, one beaming with Pure Energy and the other beaming with Neutral Energy, emerged in front of the hundreds of beings caught in the battle against Negative.

“Looks like we didn’t make it in time. The battle had concluded.” A woman stated, having a single eye, green skin, and purple hair. “The influx of Reality Vortex took too much of our time.”

“You are correct, Suyoi. But now, we are here. I located the source of the problem that caused the destruction of this world.” A tall man with grey skin and black hair; his eye remain closed. He stares at ShineCero. “I have to wipe a single being from existence for causing much destruction.”

Alice narrowed her eyes, hiding herself within Vosh’s hair. “Who are they!?” The little fairy turned to other dragons, all of them, even the tired Cygon, kneel down to these beings. Even the King od Shina Ania did the same. “….Who are they?”

The Fairy Queen narrowed her eyes. “The Creators of this world. Of all life and existence.” She said. “Suyoi and Todasúl…!”
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Vox says "That good and now I gest we now get to what and see what going to happen next."

Vosh says "I think the Queen covers that quite well Alice. The big question is what now? I trust some us will be asking that more than others." Vosh thinks "I know I going be asking that because I did try to back door my in to Pure Energy in the fight. Shine because it was his actions that gave birth to Negative in the first place."
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Z stared up at Suyoi and Todasúl with a blank expression. She heard the name Suyoi but never knew who or what it was. Todasul was a mystery to her, however, when he looked down at ShineCero, she grew a little nervous. Still, true to her nature, Z seemed a little bit over her head and oblivious to the mighty beings before her.

"Erase a being~? That's quite a feat but you're too late~ This small group conjured up the courage and power to beat the mighty blobby foe~" Z sat on top of ShineCero's head. "If you were faster then you could have erased it with your one-eyed girlfriend~ You can prove your power by returning us home~ Shine' has a lot of work to do for the Sisterhood while I nap~"

Kiki giggled as Whitney offered them some lunch when they return home. She wondered about what to eat until she noticed Hatty fidgeting within her arms. He stared at Suyoi and Todasul before shivering slightly.

"What's wrong Hatty? Are they enemies too?" Kiki whispered.

"No, but I can't help but feel an enormous power from them... Those two are no pushovers. The little Fairy said they are the creators of everything. I think that statement is right on the money."

"Really? Should we bow to them or something?"

"Eh... let's just keep our distance."

Blazrin and Kire were busy bumping heads and throwing insults at each other, unaware of the two mighty Creators before the group. Evelyn was stirring up from her slumber and shook her head slightly to shake off any unease feelings. 

"Oh my, what happened?" Evelyn turned to see the two fighting men and puffed her cheeks in annoyance. She rose to her feet and dusted herself off before moving towards the two and standing next to Kire. Kire was too busy focusing on his next comeback to Blazrin that he did not notice Evelyn stand next to him.

"You ain't got a brain cell in ya' to understand my insults!" Kire spat.

"You're not gonna have a mouth to blab with when I knock your teeth out!" Blazrin snarled.

"You ain't gonna hit me with them crispy fried arms, stupid!"

Before Kire and Blazrin can continue, Evelyn pinched Kire's ear and dragged him away from the bulky man. Kire struggled before yanking himself away from the pull. He was about to snap back until he noticed Evelyn's smile bring him back to reality. He blinked several times before immediately hugging Evelyn and pulling her off her feet. He spun around with the woman, his face showing nothing but sheer joy and even a few tears.

"E-Evelyn! You're okay!"

"Of course I am! You know how tough I am! No silly blob is going to keep me down!"

"You're still as spunky as ever, babe..."

Blazrin perked his head up.

"'Babe?' ...You're dating her?!" Blazrin's jaw dropped. "How did a guy like you hook up with a beautiful girl like her?! This can't be real."

"Oh, we're married!" Evelyn said as she covered Kire's mouth from saying something stupid. "He's quite a sweetie when you get to really know him. He's just got a super tough shell on the outside. Isn't that right Kire?" Evelyn giggled as she squished Kire's cheeks together. The redhead grumbled slightly but remained quiet.
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[Did an edit on my previous post to add more details]

Silence stood up and wipe off anything that was latched onto him. He’d witnessed a young girl snatching Blazrin by the ear and another man. “Blazrin, I disappear for a second and you—” Silence stopped himself when he saw Suyoi and Todasúl towering above everyone. “…No way…” Without thinking, Silence immediately went for a bow as a sigh of respect. 

“Blazrin, Eleanor, don’t just stand there! Bow!” 


Todasúl tilted his head after hearing a small creature speaking on the behalf of Shine. Suyoi became confused of Z’s declaration. “Girlfriend? He’s my little bro—” 

“Don’t entertain the mortal, Suyoi. I’m not here to engage in an argument.” Todasul crouch down until his face was practically near everyone. 

Khalid started to sweat after Z made the bold statement. “Master Z, please reconsider your way of speaking. You are in front of the creators, the supreme beings!” 

“Regardless of our late arrival, you have my gratitude of exterminating the one who caused all of this. However, the threat is still there. The one called Shine had dwell on the Master of Arts no mortals should have touch. And because he contain that knowledge, his curiosity will grow and lead on the path of destruction once more. For that, he shall be terminated from this world as an act of justice.” Todasúl states.

Shine narrowed his eyes. "W-ait! What is going on? I don't know what's happening!"

Black Shadow, coming out from the sludge, ran to everyone. "Master... You were corrupted when you were experimenting! You turned into something else... and went on a rampage. Because of that, you lay waste to entire universe!"

Shine narrowed his eyes. ".... What?"


Alice felt the immense pressure coming from both powerful beings. She thought everyone else was strong, but they were on another celestial level. "... will they destroy us?" Alice asked. 

"No... I think..." Fairy Queen wasn't sure on what will happen.
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Vosh says as his wings start to droop "If they wanted to destroy us knowing there power it would be a travail thing so much so that they would not bother showing in person."
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Eleanor uttered a grunt and forced herself to roll over into the position closest to bowing, but she seemed completely lost in what was going on. "Terminated? Even if you do that, won't it just be a matter of time before another nutjob finds the same stuff if you don't get rid of it? He had to find that arty-fart somewhere to end up the way he did."

"If there even is a 'somewhere' left," Vala added, though she was sweating from how intimidating the creators standing above them were. "I don't much care either way what happens, but I care more about whether or not we get to go home!" There was little she understood about the situation since she and Excalik got sucked into something they had pretty much no idea about. She looked down nervously, moreso to avert her gaze from their huge eyes, watching Wisp hide under the brim of the cowboy's hat as it cowered.

Asuza listened while looking over Liza, who seemed effectively mute. She wasn't sure what to say or do, fearing even the slightest movement in her direction might make Liza flinch. She herself felt conflicting emotions, as she felt nothing but pure hatred for the entity that had possessed the wizard who destroyed most of the Sisterhood, but for it to have been true that the missing person happened to be said wizard, was quite a shock. But this was also a person who many people in Paradice looked up to as a mentor-- and judging by his expression, that's what it looked to be, a possession of some sort. But Z was an ally and she seemed completely undisturbed around him, which made her feel more conflicted. Unable to say anything, she looked at Vox with uncertainty since she knew not what would happen next.


Okawa had her arms crossed tightly around her torso. "If these arcane pieces of knowledge would have just been destroyed to begin with, maybe none of this would have happened..."

"But if the big Fairy lady was able to split the evil blob thing from him, shouldn't he be fine now...?" Whitney asked quietly. "I... kind of feel bad watching this."
Vox says mostly trying to inpat some optimism in the group "I gests we got a better result than we expected that some thing worth celebrating but that can what after we find out our fates and we recover." Vox is not phased by the two gods over head.
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"Huh? Wha?" Blazrin looked over to Silence then to Eleanor before quickly bowing in an awkward fashion. He was not used to bowing. "Hey, what's up with Boss, Elilinor? Never seen him outside of his angry face."

Evelyn pulled Kire towards her new friends Kiki and Whitney before turning to face Suyoi and Todasul. She quivered slightly, feeling very uneasy about the two beings. Despite his bickering earlier, Kire remained quiet, carefully watching the two mighty Gods before him. He held out his gauntlet but no matter what he did, no data would show up on the two and it could not record anything about them either.

"Weird... My tech' can't seem t' figure what those two things are. It can't even read 'em..."

"Pardon me, but perhaps I am not understanding this correctly~" Z floated up slightly, ignoring Khalid's words of warning. "You wish to erase Shine for something he did not do on purpose~? It would be a wiser idea to go after the weakened blob that caused this mess, don't you think~? Instead, us puny mortals did your job for you and you still want reparation~ How shallow...~"

Z stared intently at Suyoi and Todasul, showing little fear.

"I am fully aware of your powers but I am not convinced of your judgment~ Negative is the being you should destroy, not silly Shine~ I assure you that there are a few people here who had an encounter with Negative and can voucher for his erasure~ After all, Negative did destroy my precious Sisterhood as well as kill someone within its walls~ Is it not Negative who brought us all here and did this mess~? Shine is innocent~! If you wish to erase Shine, you must first go through me~"

"Grand Mage Z is out of her mind! No way she can fight those two!" Hatty whispered. "She's nuts for even talking back to them!"

"But didn't that Shine guy start this whole mess?" Kiki stared at the mighty beings. "Unless he was also trapped by that nasty goop..."

"I think that 'Negative' energy thing took complete control over Shine and made him do all these bad things. Now poor Shine's getting the hot stick!"
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