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[I made an edit on my original post. Apparently, I just forgot that Liza, Vox and Bob were traveling with Asuza and her crew during the second Negative battle. Oops. Corrections had been made]. 

“I reckon we keep this Negative guy occupied until the Fairy Queen do her thing, and hopefully, Z can become fully restore.” Excalik turned to Vala, listening to her suggestions. “Let’s show that guy a thing or two of what we hunters are capable of, eh? Got any powerful skills on your belt?” He managed to get up and ready to take off. “My body might need a healing or two…”

Black Shadow nodded, dusting herself off from the damage she took from being slammed to the ground. “Overloading on attacks, while the more powerful ones take the advantage… yes, I agreed with this one.” She turned to Vala. “We magic users have a more variety of things to unleashed, while the physical one can get him in close quarters…”

After hearing the message Alice had sent, Liza realized that Vox’s words of showing no mercy is the only correct path. However, Negative’s power completely dwarfs them. Her ears perked when she saw the ball containing Z. “We definitely need to wake her up, but we need to have her at her full power. Otherwise, she’ll get stomp!” She stood tall with anger in her eyes. “And punching it won’t work! We need something to wake her up!”

Bob comes in. “I think I might have a solution for that!”


Retcon Dragon roared when the giant hands latched onto his leg and neck. He attempted to fly high up the sky, but the stones were so heavy, it made it difficult to do so. So, it decided to vaporize everything apart to break free, but his eyes became blurry in the cloud of illusions. His eyes became grey and dulled, swaying back and forth due to being on the verge of slumber.

“You think making the Dragon fall into slumber will do anything? The damage is done.” Negative was hit with a barrage of attacks from Silver Gunner and Kire, unable to get out of the way due to Kiki restricting his movements. It left holes in his head. “I will murder all of you and I will get immense satisfaction of hearing your screams!” His eyes grew bright red in anger as his face reformed. The stone melted away from his body as he raise both his hands in the air. “Negative Rain!” A storm of energy erupted in the air around the forces coming towards him. In a split instant, a rain of energy arrows rain down towards with intent to rip them apart, but all of them bounce off from a strange shield protecting everyone.

“Hmm!?” Negative narrowed his eyes. He saw a small child in golden armor with an energy blade.

“Negative, I presumed? I am Khalid… King of Shina Ania.” Khalid narrowed his eyes, “And I’m here to end your life right now. I wanted to give Faunix and Black Shadow some leisure, but I know that the only way to save your life is by ending it.” Khalid, aware of the news that Alice had sent over to everyone. “Everyone, I shall give my best to hold him out until you subdued the Dragon…!” Khalid dashes towards the Negative, forcing him in close combat.

Negative gritted his eyes. “The only human that has Pure Energy…!” He jumped back to dodge his strikes, putting up barriers in front of him. Khalid is forcing an opening for everyone to strike, takes down the barriers.


Canca jumped in the air, seeing the King fighting against Negative. “If we just need to give the Fairy Queen time, then she’ll get it! CANCA BEAM!” He hurls a blast from his mouth towards Negative.

Negative’s eyes darted to the right, raising a shield to block the blast, but in turn, let himself be open for an attack from Khalid. One of his arms got sliced as a result, causing him to back off, but Khalid continued to push him for others to go on the offensive.
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Vox summons elementals to help protect the Queen of fairy. Vox thinks "thank goodness no one can see my face. I grateful but my body really hates the fact pure users are hear."  Vox shadow hands start to go after negative as well. 

Vosh's did lunch an ice beam with some fairy magic at Negtive. Vosh think "Did that little bit of fairy magic come form me?"
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“Thanks for the tip, Carrot Top, but I’ll be alright.” Silver Gunner said back with snark as he and Kire pushed Negative. He had held his shield up bracing for Negative’s attack but paused when he saw Khalid intervene. “God, it’s like being at comic con right now. Larry activate the tribeam.”

“Yes sir.”

The nanobots on SG’s back started shifting forming into three semi discs. They started hovering in the air and emitted a blue glow. An instant blue energy beam shot out from each disc aiming for the mage.


Seto grinned when he was given the shoes. “Thanks magic shoe guy!” The swordsman ran alongside the others as they pushed Negative. “Mokuba give me a boost.”

A surge of energy built up inside Seto as his eyes flashed a shade of red for a moment before turning back to green. He smirked as a purple hue of electricity sparked around him for a moment. He waited for an opening as the others started throwing their attacks at the mage.
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Jacen landed onto the ground, rolling to disperse his momentum and letting his armor adsorb the impact. He looked upwards from the ground, a group of people already attacking Negative. With Retcon disabled thanks to what could only be a grandmaster mage, Jacen got up off the ground and began to focus power into his hands, building and drawing up energy into his hands, drawing from the leftover light from the spells and attacks flung around. Blue scales of flame began to form across his body.
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"I may not be posh Magic Society material, but we're not slouches. At least, that undead lizard we fought earlier was a huge pain." Vala said, raising her staff after opening the lantern to let out the Wisp. "This won't be a cakewalk though. Just stay in my line of sight so I can bail you out if you get in trouble," she said to Excalik. "Just stay on your toes."

She aimed at him as the crystal ball of her staff glowed to bubble his body in with a force field. "It won't hold up to any crazy crossfire, but it should be enough-- now get in there!"

Okawa focused her energy on subduing Retcon, starting to sweat nervously. "Heh, would you look at that? Worked like a charm-- but I've only bought us a little bit of time before the spell itself will end. I don't suppose anyone here knows if it's a light sleeper?"

"Best not to try and attack him until he awakens." Sayer cawed.

"Right-- Hope for the best, prepare for the worst." Okawa raised a free hand in the air. "Gungnir's Spear!" Above her head, a grand trident formed in glittering arrays of magical energy and hard-light. It lowered itself in defensive position at her side.

"Looks like we've got the job of dealing with the dragon, so let's be ready to fight it any second. No matter what, we can't let him get to the others while they're fighting Negative!" She said to Kiki, her eyes alight with determination.

Asuza looked over at Bob curiously. "What is it you have in mind? We're on a bit of a time crunch after all..." she trailed off, turning over her shoulder to watch the tides of the battle intensifying.
"R-Right! We have to make sure that dragon remains asleep," Kiki nodded to Okawa. "I think I might have a spell in here that can hold that mean dragon in place!"

Kiki hastily flipped through the pages of the rare book before holding her wand in the air. She recited some words and launched a ribbon directly towards the Dragon's mouth, wrapping around it tightly. The ribbon soon turned to metal and eventually transformed into a muzzle, preventing the dragon from opening its mouth. The spell did not end there as the ribbon continued to wrap around the Dragon, turning itself into metal in order to weigh the dragon down and prevent it from moving.

"T-There! I think that should slow that dragon down!"

"Looks like he won't be moving anytime soon," Hatty added. 'but we still need to be careful, who knows what that Dragon might do when cornered."

"Yeah, please be careful Ma'am!" Kiki turned to Okawa. "I am not sure how long my ribbons will keep him restrained."

"Sure thing, Robocop," Kire said to Silver Gunner, returning the snark.

Kire saw the Negative rain attack rushing towards him and held up an arm to defend himself until he saw a shield and a kid holding it. He had no idea it was King Khalid nor did he know who the king even was. He eyed the young child before realizing he stood toe-to-toe with Negative, at least for now. He cocked his uzi and it automatically reloaded itself. 

"As amazin' as my weapons are, we both might be outclassed here, Robocop," Kire said as he watched Khalid fight with Negative. "That magician dude took our attacks and barely flinched. If it ain't for that kid savin' us, we would'a looked like a pin cushion. I think this Negative-dude is gettin' his powers from that stupid lookin' dragon. My guess is that we aim for the lizard instead."

Kire took advantage of the moment Negative was distracted by Khalid in order to run towards the Retcon dragon. With the dragon being sleepy and restrained, Kire held out his right hand and allowed a hologram to appear from his palm, capturing as many details about the dragon as he could. The hologram showed static for the most part and barely managed to explain anything about the dragon, almost as if it was otherworldly. The redhead gritted his teeth, believing this was not any ordinary dragon they were dealing with, let alone an ordinary fight.

Shit, why I gotta get caught in this mess..?

Evelyn turned to Asuza's group, raising a brow at how they knew Z. She peered inside the crystal, not being impressed by what she saw sleeping inside.

"This creature is supposed to help us fight against Negative? Looks like it just wants to sleep all day." Evelyn frowned slightly but knew it was no time to make comments. "Well, I tried punching the crystal this Z creature is trapped in. My gauntlets didn't even leave a scratch! Maybe some magic will wake it up? You lot appear to have some magical capabilities, so why not give it a shot?"

Evelyn turned to Bob and listened to his suggestion.

"A solution? Well, it better not be to kick it! I've already tried that!"

Blazrin appeared to be spooked out by how sudden they appeared in another location. Thankfully, Eleanor's voice ensured that he wasn't alone. He stared over at Whitney and Granny Agatha before quickly whipping out his large axe and slamming the hilt against the floor, shaking the ground he and the ladies stood on. He puffed his chest and flexed his muscles, trying his best to look impressive to the girls and even flirt slightly with Whitney.

"That's right, Elilinor and I will keep you lot safe from any sort of shenanigans these evil-doers have in store." Blazrin boasted before picking up Eleanor by the back of her shirt and wiggling her around a bit. "She may not look like it but Elilinor here is pretty scary with those knives she has! I wouldn't turn my back on her even for a second; I heard she's full of surprises, eh Elilinor?"

Blazrin placed Eleanor on the ground before slyly making his way to Whitney and fixing his hair slightly.

"And don't you worry, little miss, I'll keep an extra eye on you. Cuties like yourself shouldn't go around and get hurt y'know. Maybe when this is all over, you and I can go to a nice restaurant by the beach, I know a couple of them."
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“Please don’t embarrassed the Clan of the Swords in front of these people, especially the presence of the famous King of Shina Ania? Our world was just wipe in an instant. You honestly think joking or giving out baby names is a good idea in this situation? Especially flirting?” Silence drew his blade in disgust of Blazrin’s behavior, but quickly turned to the tide of the battle. “If the details from that woman is correct, Negative had finally showed himself. I can finally finish that original mission. Mecha is not functioning right now, so we have to do our best to support those fighting him.” 

He eyed at the battle, studying the movements Khalid made against the mad magician.


Khalid kept closing in Negative, forcing the latter to be on defense.

“Not bad for a brat…!” Negative snaps his finger. “Negative Hole!” A powerful gravitational force was felt on the young king, levitating him upwards and crushing his body.

Yet, Khalid did not flinch. Flexing his muscles, he broke through the powerful bind, and retaliated with a storm of pure light storms in the shape of arrows.

Raining down, Negative created a powerful barrier to block the attack, but left himself exposed from other attacks. Silver Gunner’s blue energy beam and Vosh’s Fairy beam slammed against his ribcage, pushing him back. Due to the lack of focus, he was also caught in the storm of arrows.


“Got’cha honey!” Excalik gave a thumbs up towards Vala before dashing off in rapid speeds so fast that it felt like time slow down. Blistering through the field, the cowboy mummy attacked Negative from all sides, kicking him in the air at the end of his combo. Excalik landed on the ground as fire sears off his body. “Now is your chance!”


The Retcon Dragon remained dull and sleepy. However, he made some vivid movements, indicating that any sort of noise could wake him up.


“I was saving this for a special occasion… and this is special.” Bob pulled out a hammer so big, that it completely dwarfs even the retcon dragon. “Alright…” He slammed the hammer towards the floor, causing it to shatter into a hammer so small, that it can only be held with fingers. “Alright… this is a special item I found during my travels a couple of hundred years ago.” Bob went to the crystal and tap it once; it instantly cracks.
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Jacen kept his eyes upwards, watching the Retcon Dragon in its sleep, seeing the movements and realizing that any loud noise could potentially awaken it. The blue flame scales that were building across his body came to a halt, the gems in his armor starting to glow brightly as he clenched his hands into fists.

"Don't know the mage whose keeping the dragon asleep, but their magic will run out. Better to delay the inevitable." He mused, white flame starting to burn from his eyes and in his hands. Massive hard-light constructs of a white coloration appeared around Retcon's head, plugging into his ears to block out any noise. Jacen sighed once it was complete, letting the constructs remain in place and his flaming eyes dissipating. He resumed gathering left over energy from the spells being flung around, resuming building flame scales around his already scale armor. Between the spell causing the dragon to slumber, the metallic ribbons weighing it down, and the noise blocking constructs, it hopefully will keep the dragon down a while longer.

"Keep it down long enough for me to get ready. I really hope whoever else is throwing these spells onto Retcon will keep their focus on it. I'm going to need it."
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(I'll post a little for now and post the rest when Raditz and Loopy post.)

The crystal covering Z cracked and shattered, dropping the little imp on the floor. However, Z's eyes indicated that she was still asleep, despite the battle going on. True to her nature, Z only cared about napping and doing as little work as possible. Evelyn stared down at Z before awkwardly staring towards the others, assuming this was part of what the Imp-creature normally does.

"Uhm... is it supposed to look dead?" Evelyn said while carefully picking up the tiny sorceress by the back of its jacket. Frustration soon appeared on her face as she violently wiggled Z about. "Oh c'mon! What's it going to take to wake you up?! We got major trouble with this Negative dude and you think you can just sleep on us?! You better wake up soon or else I'm--"

Evelyn froze in place and slowly lifted in the air as Z's eyes started to brighten up, indicating she was finally waking up. Evelyn watched in disbelief as Z stretched her tiny body and slipping out of her hold and dropping the Lady back on the ground with a thud. Z yawned before lazily rubbing an eye, glancing down at Asuza and her gang. 

"Oh, it's you~" Z sounded drowsy, entirely aware of the situation they were in. "What trouble are you kids in now~?"

"B-Boss! Errm, I'm not flirting! I'm just... making sure the lady feels safe!" Blazrin said while he blushed and sweated. "A-Anyway! It looks like we gotta fight that Negative-mage. I wonder if he likes an axe to his face!"

Blazrin said with a cocky smile as he gripped the hilt of his axe and easily lifted the massive weapon with one hand.

"What do you say, boss? You wanna team up with me and Elilinor to fight that nasty wizard? We'd make a pretty good team!"
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Vosh thinks "I am on the right track of being a sorcerer of fairy magic. I do need to be careful on how I change my body because I have Alice on my head and my tentacles are one the things stopping her form falling." Wings similar to a Fairy start to grow on Vosh's back.

Vox's hands of shadow start going after Negative.
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