The Reality Vortex: New Roads
Gogeta winced in pain, yelping a bit as he was dragged by his ear.

"Ok ok!!"

He pulled back, caressing his ear with a heavy frown.

" didn't have to hurt my ear like that."

Gogeta's eyes turned fully to the door, the carefree demeanor once again leaving his expression. He spoke not a word, a serious stare forming at the realization of the dark energy this time, and slowly shifted his stance into Vegeta's iconic pose. His muscles tensed, preparing for Spina to open the door and reveal the enemy.
"What do you call a Vegeta and a Goku? Vegetto sounds alright." 
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Spina eyes shake as he griped tightly onto the doorknob, as everyone behind him readied themselves in battle positions—even the newcomers. Baring his teeth, Spina turned the knob as he sweated like a waterfall. “First Ultraman, then these three and now the kid is back!?” Spina’s mind was in a jumble, since he had a good day of attending to the garden and planting delicious fruits that he was hoping to sink his teeth in. Veins showing around his body, ready to use his power, including the buffs thanks to Cross and Slayer, to the fullest if he’s ready for an attack.

The old Saiyan opened the door wide after turning the knob. “Alright! Get out of our home now!” Spina shouted as his aura flare around him. As his voice echoes across the room, Spina’s eyes look around the room, seeing a beautiful man sitting on the chair with a biscuit in his hands.

Taking one bite, the man was tall, slim with a slight muscular build. He had long blonde hair, sky-blue glistering eyes with a warm smile as he turned to the Breakers. His face was stunning, out of this world, and look easily to be a super model. He wears a blue tuxedo with a white dress and black-tie shirt underneath and black dress high heel dress shoes. Crossing his legs, the beautiful man placed the biscuit on the plate as his angel wings spread far and wide, with feathers with a hint of rainbow coloring on the tip floating around and took a sip of red-colored wine.

“Oh, hello Breakers.” The man spoke in such an angelic tone that it was soothing to the ears. “You fine folks looks like you were gearing up for battle.”

Spina raised a brow, blushing just slightly after staring at him. “Uh…” The old Saiyan looking around to see the sensation of that dark energy comes from. “How did you get in here? And is there anyone else?”

“I came through the window, sir.” The man said. “And no one else. Just me. Hope I’m not interfering something.” He took another sip of the wine. “Please, lower your guard. I’m not an enemy.” A warm, gentle smile lifted the corners of his mouth.
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Brachi remained skeptical, but lowered her stance regardless, proving she was listening and willing to hear this man out.

"Can you please tell us who you are and what brings you here, sir?" She asked politely.
Slayer mumbled "Even if the morrow is barren of promises, Nothing shall forestall my return." He reverted back to normal, something in him was telling him not to trust this person but he would give the benefit of the doubt first, unless it proved to be wrong.
Gogeta lowered his arms slowly, his stern stare remaining. He scoffed lightly in a slight air of arrogance and disappointment, reminiscent of his counterpart for a brief moment before turning to Bernkastel with a small frown.

"He said he doesn't want to fight and he looks boring. Can we train now?"
"What do you call a Vegeta and a Goku? Vegetto sounds alright." 
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Bernkastel held up a hand indicating a pause in her response for Gogeta, stepping into the apartment to look around for anyone else besides the blonde man.

"But I... I swear, it felt like someone dangerous was here!" She stuttered, looking vexed that she must have mistaken the stranger for Demi-Fiend. Bern scrunched up her nose and pouted. "Was I wrong?..." it didn't mean that the person before them wasn't potentially dangerous either, but he wasn't intending to fight.

Crossing her arms, she let out a small huff with her tail curled in between her legs. "Well, I guess you won't have to wait Gogeta. But I want to know why this person is here if it isn't to fight! Getting us riled up for nothing..." she grumbled off with her arms crossed. "Nobody just comes in through an open window for no good reason."
Cross says "I was wondering wend you were going make your presence know to the rest interloper." Lady Lightstept is still ready to protect Cross.
I will fine one later
"O-Oh my..!" Cuki stared at the blonde man and her cheeks instantly blushed. She turned to Spina, almost as if confused about the energy they felt. "Errm, what energy were we sensing? It sure felt...familiar."

As of now, Cuki decided not to question it as she entered her apartment and be a good host to the newcomer.

"Open window? Who left the window open?" Cuki thought back and remember she left the balcony door open when she jumped out. She said nothing shortly after and quickly changed the topic. "W-Well, welcome to my lovely home but... who exactly are you?"
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