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The Reality Vortex: New Roads
"There are plenty powerful individuals within this city that fit that description." Panich's eyebrow twitched at the chuckle, deciding to disregard the last comment. 

"Be more specific. Is there a certain name they go by?"
"It sure sounds like that happened a long time ago," Bernkastel said to Cross. She knew he reached a lot of people and had many hold a lot of respect toward him, but she didn't know exactly how long he was around in the Vortex before they had met. He was powerful, but he carried himself differently than the others in a way that paid off more often than not.

"As for me, it's a bit complicated. Where I'm from, a witch is usually bound to the territory they originated from as their home, but I'm not. I can visit whatever world I please, like opening a door in an infinite corridor," She explained as they strolled along the sidewalk. "After a couple centuries, I wasn't shy about toying with the territories I'd visit, so it made me think even less of the humans living there. Nothing personal really. I just didn't feel bad about turning the place upside-down for fun. Witches see humans as nothing more than pieces you move, like a game of chess." Bernkastel paused in thought. 

"But that was because I could just watch them from my seat and disregard the pieces that fell. Now we're all chess pieces on the same board in a sense. Not mindless ones, but being turned into a Coin applies to me along with anyone else. If I were simply a player and not a piece, I wouldn't want to curb a destructive force like Gogeta if it meant I could solve the game faster. It wouldn't matter who'd get knocked aside because a witch's game doesn't really see death as a permanent outcome so much as a time-out for the piece. Since I no longer have that position, trivial things are now actual issues. On one hand, I don't care about public image as long as my power is recognized, but on the other hand, not having any allies is a great hindrance." She trailed off in thought. "And being turned into a Coin may as well be a death sentence."
Cuki watched as Spina grew more enraged until he finally unleashed his Primal Mode. Her tail swayed back and forth, almost as if the malicious intent did not scare her. Regardless, she still made sure to move out of his way, avoiding trouble for either side. She flew backward to a safer area as the two warriors fought. Spina's rage was new to her and she gently set herself down on the floor, pondering everything she can about Spina.

This is new... Spina's rage is more apparent now. Huh. Looks like that Gogeta character certainly made him upset. It's odd seeing Spina lose his cool like that, especially over a newbie. Hmm, maybe the newbie hit a soft spot? Looks like Spina cared a little more for his friends than he let on. 

"He goes by the name Byakko but I highly doubt this was his work. He would have done a bit more than break a few buildings, considering his trust in certain mortals," Avalon smiled gingerly. "Besides, I don't think you know his Host. I'm convinced it's someone in the Breakers but I'm not so sure nowadays. Aw well, never mind it, Ma'am."

Avalon was about to turn away from Panich but realized a few citizens throwing remarks and slurs at Panich. He rolled his eyes and sighed.

"I think it would be best if we move away from here. It appears that you do not have many fans, no doubt from your association with the Breakers. I recently heard about your encounter with the Coin Hunter. I read a few things that could aid you in your next battle with the Coin Hunter. Maybe it will pique your interest over a cup of tea? I'll pay for any snacks you want."
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And Panich's interest was certainly piqued. her mind raced a bit going through all hypothetical situations in her head as a precaution before considering following Avalon. He was already strange in physical appearance and the fact that he knew so quickly of the encounter was suspicious. She thought that maybe she shouldn't, but at the mention of snacks being paid for, her suspicion was countered by hunger. She was always up for a good meal. 

"Fine. Lead the way." She hesitantly accepted after a moment of hesitation.
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Spina landed on the ground after unleashing his tackle. Without any lowdown nor hesitation, as the enraged Saiyan sprint forward on all fours like a rampaging lion. His aura spilled behind him as he ran, leaving a trail of scorching fire behind him as the ground melt from the sheer intensity.

Seeing two spheres of energy hurling his direction, from a natural eye, it appears that Spina dashed past the two balls without any concern. In actuality, he shattered the energy balls, splitting it into 24 smaller orbs together; in conjunction with his movements, the 24 orbs flung around in random direction in the sky.

Spina leaped over toward Gogeta, letting out a deafening roar, launching one powerful strike against Gogeta’s left ribcage. Showcasing his mighty powers, the initial attack was just a parry; immediately afterwards, a barrage of powerful blows erupted across his body from all sides in rapid speeds. His body was moving in erratic movements, yet, seemingly smooth at the same time. Each attack was meant with a decisive blow to kill, and another to parry any effective counter that come at his way. For every 20 blows, Spina unleashed a deadly one against his body.

Skidding against the rugged ground, not giving the man any chance to recover, Spina jumped in the air and deeply inhaled his breath. He let it out, exhaling so much air pressure that it was blowing all the burnt debris into ash; causing the mountains to shatter from the wind pressure alone; he was attempting to force the fusion to be flatten. The energy on his left arm and the 24 orbs scattered in the air grows in size.

Spina’s heart began to rise as his body tightened for anticipation. Like a machine, his body was expelling massive amount of energy everywhere due to overload and absorbed within the left arm. Eyes darted everywhere rapidly; his mind filled with malicious intent that he completely forgot about Cuki in the battle that could be caught in the crossfire of his seething fury.


Lucifer rubbed his chin after hearing both of their stories. “I figured you two have such large standing in your respective universes. Then, let me press you with another question. The small angel said as they continue their walks; rather than taking a typical route to the Reality Metropolis, Lucifer was taking them on a detour away from the main city. The impressive buildings appeared less; there were few vegetation, and seemingly nothing but sand and a hot sun blazing down on them.

“For people who have large standing, I’m sure you have certain businesses affiliated with the city. For example, Cross seemingly have influence before the city severed any ties with you, and you Bernkastel, are seemingly popular with the crowd.” Lucifer expressed his observation. “Yet, aside from the gesture of how this world works, we know truly little of the world outside of it. Furthermore, your group had no interest of having direct and outright control of the city in terms of governing body. My question… why not become rulers of this place? You have the strength and the sheer power to bend the rule to your leisure, yet you seemingly chose to remain isolated from the rest of the world.”
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An elf woman with a blunt in her mouth says "look at this BS." An elder dragon says "Keep in mind Cross' people were just insulted. This is a slap on the wrist and it only seems to those that saw what the Barkers the other day as excuse to not debts owed to Cross or the Black Bank. The fact that RN did not post the Barkers side of the story only compounded it. If I were you I invest in Asom Interment because odds are RN will be absorbed." Elf Woman
says "I expect those kid to not risk angering a group ran by an lich. That not counting the fact that he far older than even you." Elder dragon says "Keep in mind that a lot them that town(Reality metropolis) never seen Cross' power nor have a concept of what a stander lich is let alone a lich like Cross." 


Cross says "Too your first statement; its only some the new arrivals that came over form three years ago that really don't know there place. To your second statement; the shear size of the main part of reality vertex (I assuming that the size of Reality Vertex is infinite) one could treat lightyears of distance as different worlds and that forgetting about storm shelters with there scales."

Cross says "As for your question; there are a lot reasons but the most compelling is for reciting the megacorp plan is very useful."
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"Normally, that would be something I'd have pushed for. Seeing as there's only one place I can be in now, having an iron fist to rule with would be satisfactory, if only a little while. Hijacking other witches' territories was a bit of a hobby for me. But the circumstances made us averse to it." Lucifer was a new addition to their group, but he was more explicit than the other two about wanting to further them towards leading the vortex in anarchy. Still, Bernkastel felt unsure about how much she could trust to divulge.

"The only problem is that if we did, we'd just be playing into the hands of the Voice," Bernkastel phrased the name with blatant contempt in her tone. "He was the closest thing to a ruler of the original Reality Vortex, but was powerless without the Tools that were in Doom's possession. We obliged to get them for individual reasons, but many thought getting those Tools back meant they'd be able to go back home. I hadn't any real faith in that but I wanted to see what the Tools could really do. Unfortunately, we got a lot more than we bargained for. Doom erased 6 of us in one fell swoop-- in that battle you all witnessed, whatever damage we sustained in the last stretch was permanent; we fought for our very existence. That two-timing crook Voice 'thanked' us by just bringing back 2 as Coins, and then saddling us with the responsibility of ruling this new world in his stead. Oh, I was absolutely infuriated! All that strife, that suffering for a meager crumb of a reward, and now we become some indentured servants to a selfish god like him? You can see why we'd have preferred letting this world rot on its own, no?" She asked Lucifer with a humorless laugh. 

"Anarchy sounds better than totalitarian order... if there is no overlord, then the people can establish their own structures of authority. The only drawback is that people like the Coin Hunter inevitably will be searching for power over us since we still remain at the top of the food chain here. But with anarchy, the concept of power hierarchies on individual terms is complicated... I'm not sure if we'd even be fit to lead that cause. You saw how easily everything fell apart yesterday... I'm not sure if it's the toll of years here that's caused some kind of pent-up rage or existential terror, but whatever it is, it's becoming difficult to predict their behavior. In-fighting is not ideal at a time like this." Bernkastel herself has dealt with crisis of a similar magnitude, but the circumstances were completely different. She didn't know how to help even herself because she had been so disconnected from the concept of despair. This time, escaping was not an option for there was no other world to run off to. No matter where someone went in the Vortex, they will never fully forget what they experience in this realm.
"Whoa! Mind keeping a watching eye out, Spina!" Cuki shouted. 

Cuki was wary of Spina's actions, noticing they got more intense and malicious. She was quick to get out of the way and she made sure to keep a closer eye on Spina and his actions. She wondered how badly Spina was going to mess Gogeta up but, in a way, she assumed that Gogeta had it coming. Regardless, she worried for Gogeta's well being.

I hope he doesn't beat Gogeta too badly. I thought this was supposed to be training...

Avalon smiled at Panich before moving to a small store away from the angry crowd. He sat inside, ignoring the people nearby saying slick remarks about Panich and her association to the Breakers. He ordered some tea as usual but gave Panich the menu so she can order anything she wants. 

"So, I assume you have had your encounter with the Coin Hunter? The city folk spoke about how the Breaker's home was invaded." Avalon sipped at his tea. "I heard rumors about the Breakers being defeated and turned into coins."
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Panich took a moment to let her eyes take a quick scan of the menu before looking up and handing it back to the waiter with her reply. 

"two of everything, please." 

"Thank you." The waiter looked a bit surprised to see such a small woman requesting the entire menu twice, but nodded and went to notify the cook of the large order.

"Well as you can tell, people love to run their mouths." Panich's eyes turned to Avalon with her sharp eyes and finally gave him a response. "We did encounter them and unfortunately were no match... There's not much to it than that." She shifted in her chair, crossing one leg over the other as she leaned back and rested her elbow on the chair arm to rest her head on her knuckles. "But about his Host. Why exactly do you think he would have encountered us? Does he have some business with us? Why would he even be here in the first place?"
Slayer just decided to walk around town, curious as to what be would find.

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