The Reality Vortex: New Roads
"I'll do my best to assist you when the time comes." The princess grimaced slightly at Ultraman's changed expression before turning to Hart while she discussed her plan. "He..? Might I ask who it is we'll be dragging out?"
Cuki watched as the two brutes continued to power up and unleash terrible power and shockwaves to the city. The sight of it completely disgusted Cuki and she was beginning to shake with a wave of uncontrollable anger. A familiar white mist suddenly appeared around the area and began to swirl around Cuki as she rushed towards Gogeta and Broly. The mist that surrounded Cuki created a copy of the young Saiyan that quickly latched on to his back. The Mist-like Cuki began to solidify and turn into a pure metallic version of Cuki that latched on Gogeta's back. It would protect him in the case he was flung back and crashed through debris, however, it was incredibly heavy which would make it hard for him to get up afterward. It refused to let go of Gogeta, almost as if on command.

Cuki stood before Broly with icy cat-like eyes. Her mist-like aura began to rise and an apparition of a cat-like male towered above Broly. His eyes were identical to Cuki's but there was anger and rage behind them. When the being spoke, it was a mix of Cuki and Byakko's voice.

"You care not for the fate of the people in this city... You, along with the other fool, absolutely disgust me."

Cuki did not wait for a reply from Broly; instead, she walked up to the man and gently placed her hand on his abdomen. Two clones of Cuki made entirely of mist would place their hand on both sides of Broly's enormous back. The hands would begin to glow a bright white color and feel cold on Broly's skin. The spirit of Byakko stared down at Broly while crossing his arms.

"This ends now."

From all of the hands touching Broly, three large metallic spikes came out and impaled the Saiyan. The spikes would not hit any vital spots on Broly but it would leave him incapacitated. The mist clones disappeared but Cuki slowly guided her hand to touch both of Broly's shoulders. The man's shoulders would have multiple smaller spikes erupt from his shoulders making him unable to use his arms. Lastly, Cuki gently tapped her finger on his chest. At first, nothing happened but as Cuki walked away to check on Gogeta, a large spike jutted out of the ground under Broly and impaled him in a little under his chest, dragging him up towards the sky and above the buildings. He would be stuck there until someone took him down. The spikes ripped his muscles and skin apart but none were fatal since Cuki made sure to not outright kill the man.

"Hopefully you learn your lesson and everyone will see your punishment..."

Cuki stopped for a moment to stare at Lucifer but seemed to ignore the angel and continue on her way towards Gogeta. The apparition of Byakko moved to examine Lucifer with narrowed eyes. He seemed unsure about the small angel but he had a feeling he was involved somehow.

"This unique series of events that all started with a curious Breaker and a bottle of wine..." Byakko said in a low voice. "Did you orchestrate this, little Lucifer..?"
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"They Call Me the 'Vibe Checker', Sweetie..."
Brachi sighed as she was back into her room, sitting on her bed, clearly looking disgusted at hearing and seeing the whole mess going on.

"This is really getting nowhere... Gogeta and Bernie getting wasted, and now Spina too... Gogeta making another mess of things from what I hear... and Panich being gone... what a mess this all is..." She said, before blinking at seeing a bowl of candy being put in her lap.

Turning to see the source, Brachi noticed Majin Bara holding the bowl, staring at her using her infamous puppy-dog eyes, making Brachi smile a bit, although her expression remained melancholic...

"Come here, ya goofball..." She said, pulling the Majin into a hug after putting the bowl on the bed. 

"Are you okay?" Bara asked her.

"To be honest, I'm not okay. My little discussion with Panich before your return has brought back some horrid memories... truth is, I never wanted any of this to happen... I was suddenly thrown into this place, shortly followed by you and Lady Gervene, while having no idea what was going on or what actually caused me to get here. My only consolation is that I managed to achieve some new forms during the time I've spent here, but that pales into nothing when compared to my concern for the others... since Doom apparently erased our universe next to multiple others and forging them into this world... and that Voice guy dumping this responsibility of looking after this place into our laps with no indication or clue as to what happened to the others... even when you got revived as a coin... it makes me wonder if we've done the right thing in the first place... it's at times like this I simply don't know what to do anymore... I've been trying to find ways to reach out to the others but to no avail... and even if we were to do something to go back in time, what's to say that history won't repeat itself? Can we even fix all of this in the first place?" Brachi replied.

Majin Bara nodded, letting Brachi speak her part at this.

"It's times like this I wish this all wouldn't have happened in the first place... sure I wouldn't have my new forms, but that doesn't matter as long as we would have our friends with us still... now I feel like I'm stuck in a place where there is apparently no end to all the chaos... if it wasn't for your return, I would have lost my sanity right now..." Brachi replied, tears falling from her face as she was now releasing some of her pent-up emotions.

Majin Bara responded to this all by gently giving Brachi a hug, noting how upset the amalgamate was at this time, evidently being seriously conflicted with the current state of affairs and where she would go from here...

"Wherever you'll go, Brachi, I will follow you." The Majin then stated, making Brachi smile.
Spina tried to stand and seen the food for him. “Maybe if I eat something, that’ll get me….” Spina’s words slur rapidly. As he tried to eat, he was missing his mouth, smashing food on his face. "There's suthming funky in that iine...!"

Broly narrowed his eyes upon seeing spikes riddled his body. “You… dare interference…! You won’t stop me from executing…!” He managed to utter out words before being forced to the sky. He roared as his body builds up energy, but the spikes restricted his movements.

Detective Goku seen the spikes towering over the city. “Who did this…?” Goku observed, seeing Broly still active despite the situation he was in. “No fatal attacks, this wasn’t done by an amateur. It was done with precision to hit the significant spots.” He raised his hand and hit Broly once by the neck, knocking him out in the process to prevent his captain from injuring himself even more with the spikes being pronounced. Detective Goku looked down at Cuki, Gogeta and Lucifer. “That girl… I sense a strong power within her.”


Lucifer organized all the paperwork now that the roaring winds seemingly calm down. “I never see that much power, Cuki. I always thought you were the same as those other Saiyans. Glowing hair, blazing auras, and the works, but you have something unique going on.” Lucifer placed the paperwork on the ground and walked towards Cuki. In a split second, the small angel stared at the ghostly image of Byakko with an intense and malicious smirk on his face, without speaking once at the figure as he walked by. “Oh my, how unfortunate. I did warn that the alcohol was way too powerful, and they just drank away carelessly. You Saiyans don’t know how to hold your wine.” He pat Cuki on the back. "Hmm? Are you alright?"

Detective Goku descended from the air, slightly hovering above the ground. “Is that fool still able?” He asked regarding Gogeta’s status.

“The entity that rules this world, truly. The one called Jinaira that sits on top of the Vortex Moon. He will come when his guardians, the Breakers, have fell victim. And when he comes, we will go there and seek the riches of what we truly deserved.” Hart’s cracked eyes flair a bit. “But in the meantime…” Hart places her hands together. “Sentai Ninja Power…Destruction…!” Instantly, all bugs, informants and the sorts around the café were instantly destroyed. “This is to avoid anyone spying on us. Now… here’s what we need to do.”
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The mist clone of Cuki had little need to restrict Gogeta: the fusion had reverted to his normal state upon Broly’s punch. He crashed to the floor a few meters away and lay limp in the clone’s grasp, unconscious and unresponsive to the others.
"What do you call a Vegeta and a Goku? Vegetto sounds alright." 
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Cross thinks "its a bout time that they got paranode but sadly for them its a little late." Cross body shift to a tall man with short black hair and his robes started to shift to a red site and a black tie. 

Cross says in case Hart had any friendly bugs, informants and the sorts around him self or his group "tit for tat child." A demonic aura did the same thing but form hart's bugs, informants and all sorts spying on the group.

The Group can tell a shift happened in Cross' aura.
I will fine one later
Bernkastel clumsily slipped off the side of the table and onto the floor, the bottle dropping and splashing the remainder of its contents onto her gown, staining it a deep crimson. 

"Aww, man! Iss all gone! Oops, got sum on da floor too..." She rolled onto her knees, using the sleeves of her gown to wipe off the wine since she lacked a mop, eventually huddling into the wall as her head grew heavy. "Imma.. nap here a bit... yew eat yer food." Bernkastel pinched the bridge of her nose, groaning to herself until she felt something slip out of the gown's pocket onto the floor. It was the Lambdadelta card she picked up from the shop, prompting her to pluck it into her hands. Running a pawpad over the blurry face, Bern stared at it wistfully through half-lidded eyes.

"This... suckz."
Byakko glared towards Lucifer and made his way back to Cuki. He seemed unsure about Lucifer but kept his guard up when it came to him. As he returned to Cuki, his form disappeared into a mist, assuming that Lucifer did not know about him or see him. Cuki's eyes returned to normal and the mist surrounding the area disappeared. The young female frowned slightly when she saw Gogeta's state, almost as if she felt sorry for him. She didn't seem to pay too much attention to Lucifer but answered him nonetheless.

"Yeah... I'm fine. Today was just not my day..." Cuki sighed as she tapped the metallic clone off of Gogeta. The clones poofed into a mist before being taken by the wind. Without saying much, she carefully lifted Gogeta over her back and flew into the air with him piggybacking off of her. "Let's just go home Lucifer, I'm tired..."

Cuki did not wait for Lucifer to answer her as she flew off towards her apartment with Gogeta slumped over her back. By the time she arrived she noticed Bernkastel and Spina drunk on the floor, her apartment in a mess, and her food, no doubt cold by now. Cuki's frown worsens while she first placed Gogeta in his room, carefully tucking him in so he would not hurt himself any more than today. She applied some bandages to Gogeta's face since it seemed to have gotten beaten the most.

What's going on today..?
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"They Call Me the 'Vibe Checker', Sweetie..."
Brachi on her turn blinked as Bara suddenly turned serious.

"You know... I have picked up on some things myself over the years of my existence, even from before I met you..." Bara said, before she extended her head-tentacle and placed it against Brachi's temple, "it may come in handy over the time to come..."
The Detective Agency

Detective Goku watched Cuki fly off with Gogeta. “I sense a dangerous future in their way.” He noticed Lucifer preparing to fly off as well and decided to speak out. “Don’t think you can hide that act of yours.”

Lucifer turned around as his wings flapped. “Oh? There is no act, Detective. Everything I have done is for the benefit of others. I speak truth to those that are in constant doubts. Though, I would wish that you take your own advice, Detective. It’s not nice to lie to people.” Lucifer left before the Detective can respond to his comments.

Detective Goku adjusted his dark shades as he turned to the city, once again, in ruins. “Those Breakers are making me work overtime.” He turns to Broly, seemingly knocked out, then thought about Panich and the way she approached him. “Tsk… The Reality News Network will have a field day with this.” 

Cuki’s Apartment

Lucifer arrived at the apartment, seeing that Cuki already made it upstairs. He looked around, seeing Bernkastel in an emotional wreck and Spina smashing good on his face. “Oh my…” He noticed the empty bottle—not even a drop left. “You two actually drank the entire bottle? I didn’t even have a snip yet!” Lucifer complained. “Though, I was sure Bernkastel would’ve at least handle her wine, not so much of Spina, but the Witch of Miracles at least.”

He turns to Cross, seeing that he’s in stable condition. “At least you’re up and running cross. As expected from someone who holds the title as the lich.” Lucifer spread out his wings. “But unfortunately, Gogeta caused a lot of havoc today. I don’t know how, but he bone rushed out here.” He chuckled a bit. “Cross, mind escorting these people towards their bedrooms? The night has been long, and restless. Let’s call cease on this day and head up tomorrow as we all get better.”
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The only thing humans are equal in is death

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