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Animal Crossing: New Horizons [Switch]
You're welcome! I also remembered 1 more bit: if you don't like any of the 4 maps, you can just close and open the game back up to re-do it and you get 4 new generated maps. If you're not looking to have a certain fruit on your island your first try, it's a fast process of choosing. Just keep in mind that the only part of the island you can access will be the section of land that has the Nook Inc tent on it. It's the only area you can plop your first tent in since you won't have tools or a bridge to access the rest of the island until later-- so keep that in mind when you pick your map! :)

Edit: I had this in the OP but I forgot... oops
Just like to say that the 1000 bells in the ground was there in the first animal crossing and if you planted it and let it grow you can get a money tree
I very much love having a bell tree now. Also turns out I ended up on a Mystery Island tour where it was basically a small plot of land within a lake with 6 rocks. All of them were bell rocks, so even though i was extremely pissed not to get any islands with a clifftop river, I did pocket 40k+ bells just by smacking rocks a bunch of times.

Also, I'm here to amend that you can in fact design your island from the ground up-- turns out there's a construction permit that can be done to remove ALL cliffs and rivers. This is the equivalent of using a seed that makes a completely flat minceaft world with nothing but grass and bedrock on it. But personally I won't try it out since I am really bad at being given what is basically dev tools lol.

You can also after getting the Town Hall, relocate any building you want for a price, so this probably includes your house once you develop it enough. I might move my house to the cliffs since I'm going for a haunted island feel...

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