The Reality Vortex: Red Reputations
"I'm not sure. I think Master wants to give something to Kettles." Cuki said softly. "They should be out soon..."

The air was awkward between them but she tried to make some small talk.

"So, uhm... how many robbers did you see?"

"Ah, thank you Lady Bernkastel," Zenta brushed his fingers carefully against the sleek design and his tails wagged with enthusiasm. He placed it over the upper half of his face and smiled. "I will cherish this."

His head then turned to the Saiyan fusion, a brow rising. For a moment, he stared at the man, almost as if studying him. The more he overlooked Gogeta, the more he chuckled. With arms clasped behind his back, he leaned forward slightly to meet the fusion at eye level. Gogeta's reflection shined across the new visor while Zenta spoke in a calm and gentle voice. His tone, however, seemed condescending but he did it on purpose.

"Perhaps fighting weak robbers might be too much for him to handle. I would be scared too, after all, I would not want to ruin and destroy what little is left," Zenta chuckled as he stood up straight, standing taller than the fusion. "Changing one's ways is difficult, but I understand not everyone is capable of doing such things. Even someone as inexperienced as Cuki was able to do it. It managed to warrant Bernkastel's respect, something quite rare for our Lady. There is no doubt that young Cuki will continue to impress the Witch of Miracles," Zenta knew the hostility between the two and decided to tug on some strings. "Ah well, maybe he should stay here with young Lucifer if he feels scared."

Zenta glanced at Bernkastel and gave her an innocent smile as he extended his arm to her.

"Come, my Lady, we should not keep the warriors waiting. I'm sure Lucifer will take care of him while we are gone."
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"They Call Me the 'Vibe Checker', Sweetie..."
Brachi sighed.

"Well, let's see what can be done to make things right." She said, with Bara nodding.

"You lot sure have made a name for yourselves, haven't you?" Another female voice then addressed the Breakers, making both Brachi and Bara blink at this, their eyes widening in shock, "but when it comes to you two at least, the general populace simply don't know you the way I do."

"That voice!?" Bara then said, at which both Brachi and the Majin turned around.

Behind them stood a female of about Brachi's height, with lavender skin, green eyes and blonde hair. On her pointy ears was a pair of turquoise Potara Earrings, and her outfit was one which even Gogeta would recognize as one of the Supreme Kai's, albeit in a different model compared to Shin, Kibito or the Elder Kai.

"LADY JIZE?!" Brachi and Bara exclaimed in surprise and shock at the female Supreme Kai, with said Kai waving at the two of them, seconds before she got glomped by the Majin, ensnared in one of her classical greeting hugs, making the Kai grunt, but giggle at that.

"Hello there, I was told I could find you lot out here." Jize said with a smile.

"B... but... h - how is this possible?! L... Lady Gervene is..." Brachi said, now incredibly confused.

"I am aware of what has happened to our Goddess of Destruction," Jize said, "yet, somehow I remain here... apparently whatever universal rules are in place here must have overridden the rules we know from our universe, rendering the life link I had with Lady Gervene null and void somehow... I just hope we can bring her back somehow before our universe gets restored..."

Brachi and Bara both smiled at this, with even Brachi moving in to give her universe's Supreme Kai a hug after Bara released her.

"I am also aware of what has happened out here overall, and I've done whatever I could to protect people in my own way behind the scenes, thanks to my teleportation and lowering my ki enough to stay below the radar. It saddens me to hear you lot have accumulated such a horrid reputation while you were doing the right thing in fighting the bigger threat. Fortunately I am not as blind as the general populace and looked at the bigger picture, yet I can see your willingness to at least try to have your faith by the populace repaired. Which is one of the reasons I've decided to show myself now, to help you with both that part as well and then some..." Jize said, smiling as she now turned towards the others present, while also turning back to Brachi and Bara to include them in the group regardless.
[Outside of the Apartment]

Spina turned his head slightly, but enough to make any formal eye-contact with Cuki. “Just a few of them. I say about 3 or 4 people that was looting the abandoned places.” Upon hearing another voice pierced through the awkwardness between Cuki and Spina, he’d turned his sight to the newcomer. “Hmm? Who the hell are you?” The old Saiyan questioned, seeing a stranger approached the premise. “If you’re looking for a challenge, we’re not interested. We got something else to do right now.” His eyes narrowed when Brachi and Bara greeted them in a friendly manner, giving him the indication that they seems to know her. His tail waved back and forth, showcasing his impatient for the others to get out here.

[Inside the Apartment]

Lucifer overheard his name, seeing that Zenta is having a little fun with messing with Gogeta. “The loudest one, yet the cat latch on his tongue. Maybe Bernkastel trained him too well.” Rubbing his chin devilishly, as the caretaker sat on the couch with him. “I don’t mind babysitting Gogeta if he doesn’t want to kill off some stream against some, “looters”. I need someone to throw away my dozens of lollipops.”
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Jize then turned to Spina, having heard him address her.

"I am Jize, a friend of Brachi and Bara and Supreme Kai of their Universe." She simply replied.

"B... but how did you find us?" Bara then asked.

"It wasn't that difficult, given the lies people spew about you lot. Even your other friends know that it's all a bunch of BS, if they would have heard of it." Jize replied, which made Brachi and Bara smile.

"And I take it you've come to assist us." Brachi then said.

"Yes. To be fair I still don't understand what the deal is with this place here. Being turned into a coin when you supposedly 'die' and come back when you're ready? I've seen this thing in action myself when i was doing my efforts to keep the people safe. For a moment I even thought I was in some kind of video game with all that stuff going on," Jize said, making Brachi and Bara chuckle at that, "but still, I'm here to help you lot. Perhaps even vouch for you in such places, since I know a few people whom have doubts about the lies told about you lot, so they may give you a chance if you can prove your worth, so to speak."
At the tone of Gogeta's objection, Bernkastel immediately withdrew her hand from him far enough for it to end up obscured by the lace of her sleeve. It was only one word but she reacted to it like it were physical; her eyes widened and twitched once before she hid her mouth behind the excess of fabric. The fur on her tail bristled.

She immediately wanted to scold him for being stubborn out of indignance, but Bern's body told her not to mouth off at him. It did not want her to instigate a physical altercation with someone that could physically pummel her. Especially since he overpowered the first person that had made her remember what physical pain is like. Bern was lucky to fend off Ultraman only a little with her fists, but they'd do absolutely nothing to a Saiyan with Gogeta's build. She didn't want to be made an example of how easily his one-track mind could keep him at it until his anger ran out. Instead, she pressed her lips in a stiff line to silence herself.

After Zenta finished speaking his remarks at Gogeta, she only nodded silently in agreement to just leave the fusion be. Taking Zenta by the arm,  Bern shuffled out of their room with her gaze to the floor. The small witch stopped at the doorway, glancing back at Gogeta one last time with a downcast look of mild disappointment before ultimately turning back around to exit the apartment.

"We'll be back soon," she muttered quietly on the way out.
Cross thinks "Thinking about it I hope that the good will my origination is not used up or forgotten about."

Cross asks Spina "Ware are these looters looting form? Depending form ware they are looting form than that can deter our response. Example if they are food places all we need to do is protect an aid station, point to one, help that station with supply our self and/or help with its operations."
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[Outside of the Complex]

Spina frowned when Jize didn’t give him much of a sufficient answer, aside from giving out her name and her relations towards Brachi and Bara. Shaking his head in a disapproving manner, it was another person that suddenly arrived at their footsteps, and wants to join their “team”, despite the negative connotations attached to their name now. Thinking about the last three people that joined their ranks, each of them had several problems, whether from reckless fighting, swaying from one side to another, and the possibility that Lucifer could be behind the drunken episode he had few weeks back. Based on that alone, Spina became weary of accepting anyone into the group, or increase the potential possibility that they would become defect in some way or another.

“Help? Vouch?” Spina didn’t change the tone of his voice. “Don’t come in here and start offering assistance, stranger. These two know you, but we don’t, and the last thing we need is more baggage.” This wasn’t the idea of trust, but more to ensure that the expansion of the group need to be threaded on safe waters, considering the last three had questionable motivations and actions. “If you want to follow these two, so be it, but don’t get in our way.”

He’d closed his eyes and turned his face away from Jize. He was focusing for a moment, sensing several energy signatures from Metropolis. “Still there…” He’d turned to Cross, listening to his question. “No idea. I haven’t taken a good look at the place they were taking item from, and I personally don’t care. Right now, they’re the issue that needs to be dealt with.”
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Gogeta sat still, his eyes meeting Zenta's during his exchange. His expression remained unchanged throughout the barbs dropped on him, yet the second Cuki had been mentioned, Gogeta's rage threatened to spill out entirely in a volatile explosion of energy mounting around his body. His eyebrows twitched heavily; the man sat shaking furiously and turned his eyes down. The metaphorical fire had mounted to a breaking point, yet despite the clear readyness to attack, Gogeta's head remained down as he clenched his teeth together as tightly as his fists.

Leave leave leave leave leave

His volatile movements remained unchanged as the two left him alone in the room, and after a few minutes of the two leaving the apartment, Gogeta slowly began to reduce his ire in shaking. His eyes were still wide, and despite the jests from Lucifer, Gogeta remained lost within his own mind.

Kill them! Kill them both for mocking you!

Yet the damning thoughts racing through the fusion's mind did little to keep the proverbial flame within alive, Gogeta's body visibly reducing tension as he stared at the floor.

Control...control...control. Let go...

After a few minutes, Gogeta sat still, having managed to finally calm himself down to the state he held before entering the apartment. His head finally lifted, staring at his hands for a brief moment in agitated frustration. His dual voice came out quiet, almost in a whisper to himself.

"This isn't working."

Gogeta then promptly shot up from the bed, turning on his heel and walking out the room. He paid no attention to Lucifer as he walked by, his eyes locking onto the door leading out to the balcony opposite of the entrance where the Breakers had gathered. Stopping at the glass door that led out to the terrace, Gogeta stood still for a few moments. His right arm slowly raised; visibly shaking in his endeavor to control himself, and his fingers slowly wrapped around the door handle in a bid to clearly avoid breaking anything.

He paused for a few moments, his back to Lucifer as he stood still in taking time to merely recollect himself from just the small task of gripping the door handle without shattering it.
"What do you call a Vegeta and a Goku? Vegetto sounds alright." 
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Jize ignored Spina's comment for the most part.

"I won't be in your way. In fact, I'm even making an offer to each and every one of you," she said, "I know you lot have been quite troubled from recent events, and I feel that this could be a danger to you and others if left unchecked. Hence I'm offering to train you to regain your focus and perhaps even bring out some more of your latent potential if you wish, in order to combat potential future threats more effectively."

Brachi blinked at this.

"Are you sure that's going to work? I mean, I'm not doubting your methods, but..." She said, curious as to where Jize was going.

"I understand your curiosity as to my offer now, Brachi," Jize said, smiling at her amalgamate friend, "but to be a complete warrior requires synchronisation between body and soul, and not be a slave to one's fears. All I'm offering is my services to help you all in finding your exact limitations, while leaving it up to you to look for ways to go beyond them. It's like me showing you the proverbial door which only you can go through."

Brachi and Bara nodded, highly interested in seeing what Jize had to offer.

"But for now, let's focus on the task at hand and let your leader take charge to ensure things will hopefully go as intended to stop the looters." Jize then said, with Brachi and Bara nodding in understanding.
Cross says to Jize "Spina's issue is not weather or not you be in the way. Its less how strong you are and more our last three were nothing but trouble in fact the only indefensible act our group did were involved in were with two of there involvement."

Cross says to Spina as a matter of fact "I may be off but Jize hear is a Supreme Kai. Its rare that a kais tend are going to be trouble makers. I assuming that we can trust Brachi's judgment with Jize."
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