The Reality Vortex: Red Reputations
Cross says as the zombified heads of Gray vanished "these may come in use later."

Cross says to Cuki "I see her but dos she matter to us right now?" as hands made of shadow return any thing looted to were they were. 

Cross says "I would suggest some community services because I think they may be ok security after a Geas contract. They would be getting food and water but helping out the aid organization branch of my origination to do its job. That all after we get the intel we want." Cross thinks "All I can do is hope that can start to get to work."
I will fine one later
Brachi, Bara and Jize also saw her flying, while Jize used her Magic Materialization create a strong rope.

"I wonder why she is here." Bara said, at which she and Jize went to tie the criminals up, while Brachi was eyeing them to make sure they didn't try anything funny.
Once Gogeta finally pulled away from 'helping' Bernkastel with the blood on her face, she finally turned and furiously wiped at her face using her sleeves. The entire time he had been smearing it around, Bern had started to move her arms up and down in blatant distress with a restrained sound of discomfort. "Ew ew ew ew ewwwww...!" She said as her tail stood up straight in disgust.

Berserk squinted down at the person waving, recognizing who it was almost instantly judging by appearance alone. 

"Aww, Gogeta beat me here! I knew taking a detour would've been a bad idea... well, finder's keepers, guess I'll be sharing Ultraman with... him...?" 

As she lowered her altitude down to the edge of a low-rising rooftop in front of the group, Berserk landed and came to notice Gogeta was with company she did not feel much familiarity with. Her eyebrows furrowed. "Huh? Where's Ultraman? The signal took me right here, where'd he go!" The girl exclaimed in disbelief.

Bernkastel stopped wiping and stared up at the stranger, gaze shifting between her and Gogeta in confusion. "...A friend?" Clearly this person was never someone they've seen before. "What about Ultraman? He isn't here."

In silence, Berserk's stare trailed across each Breaker's face for only a moment before her sights zeroed in on an unconscious Grey & Carnage. Slate and Sound were the only ones awake but all of them evidently had been beaten into submission. Her momentary blank look of childlike surprise quickly twisted into a burning glare, large ruby eyes narrowing before finally speaking.

"Hey, you two. What the fuck is all this?" Berserk asked Slate and Sound with a calm yet furious tone, taking off the scanning device and discarding it onto the edge where she stood. It was of a somewhat deeper tone she hadn't used in front of Gogeta earlier. "And who turned Carnage into Carrot Top?" Berserk angrily stuck a finger in Carnage's direction as he was being tied up. "God, I can't leave you idiot grown-ups alone for five minutes..."

"Could she be...?" Bernkastel quietly inquired before trailing off into silence. No, it couldn't be. She looks like a child.

Berserk put her fists on her hips as she continued to glare down at the thieves. "I figured you guys wouldn't last that long in a fight with Ultraman, but not even Carnage could at least hold his own in a skirmish with even one Breaker? Can't believe a guy that looks so scary turns out to be a total loser." At the last word, Berserk raised a foot and immediately stomped on the visor, crushing it to pieces.
Cross says to Bernkastel "Stupider things have happened with in this cycle; so odds are what ever your thinking is true." Cross thinks "I might see who this stuff belongs to."
I will fine one later
Slate's face turned to a grimace as Berserk came down, nagging at them as usual. The fun was now truly over. 

"So that's what this was. Sheesh, you don't gotta yell." The tied up Slate plopped down next to the unconscious two, replying back in a sarcastic tone like a rebellious teen to a mother. "And for the record, it was all the Breakers at once."

He looked off lazily, letting his body slide to the ground, his bored expression remained.

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