Grimsby Falls
"Man, the atmosphere of this place gives me the chills, as if time stood still and hell came through," Excalik said as he gripped his blade for anything that comes out. "Be on your guard for anything that happens, everyone."
The Wisp floated through the empty courtyard, with Vala trailing behind it.

"This place seems empty, but they've got to be holed up somewhere." Vala said.
"Most likely a trap coming up. I doubt she's dumb enough to leave us walking around freely like this." Excalik followed behind Vala and the Wisp. "Hey, you can sense other monsters, right? You know, the whole monsters can sense other monsters thing." Excalik asked
Gorecilia. The ominous air weight heavy on the man and caused the wounds around his face to act up, giving him the urge to scratch.

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