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Loopy's Art!
(05-22-2016, 11:27 PM)Syn Wrote: Your art is so cute honestly I love it??

(05-22-2016, 11:33 PM)Krillin Wrote: impressive I love your art + art  style sisSmile

Thank you so much! It's taken me so long to come to solidify my style and I'm trying to deal with my same-face syndrome (though that's with my human characters... lol)
(05-24-2016, 07:05 PM)~ Z ~ Wrote: One Eye Man x Asuza!


I'd let Mioi bite me. B|
I would if he were just his first game's age XDD then the age gap would be the same as him and his sister's age comparison XD but that blood spilling keeps him barely aged B|

Partners of rage B|
(06-04-2016, 10:11 AM)ShineCero Wrote:
(05-21-2016, 09:37 PM)LoopyPanda Wrote: Another Caim goof 
[Image: 24207d7355f401a8a72617009db59695-da3gh2i.png]

Mioi going "rawr"

Lmao! ONe-Eye Man is great. I can imagine Caim being in Shonen animes xD

Mioi would be a great edition to a basketball team. Space Jam, super slam! 8U

Caim's Bizarre Adventure:
Part 1 - Dragon Blood
Part 2 - Slaughter Tendency
Part 3 - Blade Crusaders
Part 4 - Pact is Unbreakable
Part 5 - ... eh not gonna try and parody this one 
Part 6 - Blood Ocean
Part 7 - Steel Blade Run
Part 8 - Angelegna

She'd probably suck at basketball given her one eye

NOW WITH REPLIES OUT OF THE WAY, I bring many illustrations. This month and the last, I feel like I've gone out of my comfort zone quite a bit. With drawing fanart for characters with complex designs, illustrations that aren't the typical bust-facing the camera, even drawing objects to go with the people!

These last three weeks of art have been completed (I work reaaaally slow lol) but it feels like I've grown a lot artistically in that I'm moving away from my typical bust-up/headshot drawings + solid color bg and going for big fish. I hope it shows to you all. As always, critique is always appreciated by you guys.  Tongue


haven't finished watching the LPs of all the games, yet here I am... drawing... Anyway, these are all taken from my sketchbook and colorized, w/ a few edits in the lines here and there because my hand isn't steady when I ink lately.

For Drakengard 3: (no Caim this time round, sorry, duddles)

Ironically, Four's is less edited in its linework whereas Three's had to have been completely digitzed, despite her sketch + ink looking the best among all the sisters I had drawn. (they are actually really small in my sketchbook but my phone camera pictures are HUGE and lets you see a lot of mistakes OTL). I have some more like these but I'd prefer to redo them

"Art" for No More Heroes, but I really only just made a sprite for my character Celeste.
[Image: tumblr_o9vdjlqPrW1twr13no1_500.png]
[Image: tumblr_o9vdjlqPrW1twr13no2_500.png]
Quite an improvement from my last sprite edit so long ago. To make this one I ended up splicing together some sprites from Danganronpa to reference the pose. And I changed her look a bit, so I may redo her reference sheet. These are oddly therapeutic so I may end up making several more for NMH (if you want one for your NMH character, I could probably do it lol just lemme know)
And Some Gossamer Art....
[Image: ava1_by_loopypanda-da9sqiw.png]
Avatar for a demon that hasn't shown up yet. (I managed to recover all my chapters after digging deep into my computer papa bless)
She really loves Atlas ok. The sketch for this is much more depressing in all honestly
And this one. I'm really proud of it.
This was inspired by The Final Song and I got the inspiration to sketch this out late at night. It took me several days to finish this one before my inspiration/visualization of the piece ran out. This is probably the first piece where I drew a background?
I used a Rain texture img for the background sky though. The rest was done using the Acrylic, Crayon, and Watercolor brush I have on SAI (I also played around with the textures lol)
This is most likely non-canon to Gossamer because I created this purely on a self-fulfilling "what if they had Unbound forms that didn't limit their power" whim; since Capri is one of the youngest Zodiacs in the Gossamer-verse, this probably wouldn't be possible until much further into the story. It's funny since the Capricorn sign is usually represented by a mer-goat although their element is Earth. But to compensate, she actually doesn't manipulate water, she uses Electricity to create thunderstorms. Zap zap. (It comes off as an earth element to me but maybe that's because you're ded if you're grounded lmaoo)
I also really like mermaids ok
That's it for now! I would like to show sketches, but they tend to not resemble the final product much of the time if I really focus on them. With these kinds of comfort-zone leapings + art block, it's probably why I've been really slow to upload any art.
[Image: tumblr_okeiservNz1u2d2qeo5_250.gif]
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Loving all these new drawings even tho' I take forever to respond. You should draw Luppy taking someone's lunch money and kicking down a kid's sand castle. B|

Because we all know how evil Luppy is.
[Image: Two_Birds.png]

The Fuck You Say You To Me..?!
Tbh I should...
That kid will be u

[Image: naolyn_space_jam_by_loopypanda-dageaog.png]
Obviously is Z's character Naolyn (her RP character for Shine's No More Heroes RP) drawn in Space Jam shit from a stream a few months ago when she asked me to draw her (I just slapped Space Jam on it). I just never uploaded until now. :p
[Image: tumblr_okeiservNz1u2d2qeo5_250.gif]
My Stuff: ArtDevil's Dishonor (Vol. 1) | Galactic Ruins RP | Boogaverse Characters
Drakengard Four and Three.. awesome Pimp

Space Busters lol, that cracks me up Lmao
[Image: VTk3W41.png]

"I have made many enemies in my lifetime, many different kind of enemies; however, you know what all of them have in common?"

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Thanks boi

I'd do em all if I could but alas.....

Here's one I finished after 2 months of fixes... lol

Asuza's mad  Wagh run for the hills!!!!
[Image: tumblr_okeiservNz1u2d2qeo5_250.gif]
My Stuff: ArtDevil's Dishonor (Vol. 1) | Galactic Ruins RP | Boogaverse Characters
I like it impressive sisSmile
we all have our own truths to find
Best girl is best when angry. Let's make this happen!

[Image: Two_Birds.png]

The Fuck You Say You To Me..?!
She needs to be left alone...

Got some Inktober-related drawings. I like these of the ones I finished.




All goes well, I'll have the batch of requests I have done and posted next post.
[Image: tumblr_okeiservNz1u2d2qeo5_250.gif]
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Olivia looks adorable and I love her poncho thing. I think that's my personal fave from the three. Mioi and Celeste are also great. Mioi's sass vs. Celeste's sass: One is sassy because she's very grumpy and the other doesn't know better. 

[Image: Two_Birds.png]

The Fuck You Say You To Me..?!
Whoa, what people do with ink always impresses me

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