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Loopy's Art!
Holy cow, these are awesome drawings! Celeste looks pretty damn awesome here!
Have some new things! A lot of these are semi-recent but I'm dumping them in here in order of newness. : D

Pokemon draws:
A pokemon request I did for Chronicle-King's fanfiction ! Check his account out if you're into that!
Miscellaneous things...

And finally, an experimental short comic I made. It ties into my story Gossamer but tbh you don't really need to read it to understand what's going on, I think. mild blood warning.

There's a lot of things I could have done better, but this was a pretty good learning process. Learned some new things I can do with my art too! I think that counts for something Smile
Drawn to: 
Wonderful set of artwork as always. Keep up the good work.

Is this the first time you attempted to draw out a comic? If yes, then you have a knack of doing comics! Did you drawn in the speech bubbles yourself?
Yes, the speech bubbles were probably the most tedious part of this comic. I'm not good at drawing ovals as it is, so these were pretty frustrating in terms of placement. I didn't want to do the handwritten way some artists do because it would look cluttered and unreadable. 

Plus, I didn't make a separate layer for them, which made this process torture. I can tell which panels I just gave up on. Lol!

I suppose it's the first time I've ever done one digitally. I used to make these kinds of things with panels all the time in my middle school years to fill up notebooks full of (cringey) stories, but I never did them left-to-right. XD And they were much worse in comparison. Imagine boxes within boxes and like... 8 boxes per page.
I'm sorry I constantly forget to update this thread when I finish a drawing...  Blush

But anyways!

I drew May/Haruka!! This isn't Sapphire from the PokeSpe manga, I just wanted to give her the blue outfit she deserved to get for her Sapphire version.  Tongue I tried making my own background, so whee!! Maybe I'll upload it without her in the way.

Some non-digital stuff, I'm willing to upload...:

Sketches of Olivia:
Sketches of Celeste:
And some sketches of other characters I have for my story, Gossamer, that haven't appeared yet ;P
I drew Lillie for Inktober Day 6

back at it again lol

Dumping some drawings I particularly like.

^this one was a one-layer painting thing done late at night, so feel free to critique it (keep in mind I did this at like 4 am lol)
This is my character Alba! Who is she? it's a secret for now

This pokemon fanart is my most recent one
if you cant see em, I can't really seem to do anything about it nor can I be bothered to fiddle with this auto-thumbnail bs, so just go to my dA or my tumblr to view these
Can I demand more waifus from you?  Pimp

But nice stuff you got there! I love the Rainbow Rocket Grunt, she reminds me of Krys.
[Image: Mob-Psycho-100-One-Punch-Man.gif]

hmm.... which waifus is it that you wish to see?  maybe

haha yea, I took some liberties with the screenshot of the grunts when the news first came out so it probably does look a lot more like Krys than the actual sprite XD
All of them looks stunning! Amazing work.

The Rainbow Rocket Grunt is phenomenal. I really like the expression you use for this piece.

"I can't do traditional art..."

Fake news maybe

Is Alba the one with the cross necklace?

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