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Loopy's Art!
That Lillie.....soft.....

I really love all your stuff so far Loopy!!
[Image: QhdP6y5.png]

A single death can change everything.
☆ Graphics requests: OPEN 

This is 50 shades of glorious and I demand more waifu material from your amazing digital art skills! I wish I can color like you do but hot damn, you sure know how to make digital art look good. B|

Did I mention how much I love Olivia but cry knowing I cannot have her? She's so pure it physically hurts me.

All jokes aside, keep up the nice work Loopy!   Baaa
[Image: nGspS4j.png]

What is it, big boy? You wouldn't hit a girl, would you?!
Thank you all for your lovely comments!!! I bring you MOAR ART!!!!!

Here's the entry for February/March's event separately:

Now to show you actual new stuff:
Olivia's smiling because her sweater is dumb. jus' a doodle

D.Va in her Black Cat skin, because after the Lunar Year event, I'm too broke to afford it. So I soothed my sorrows by drawing her instead. Took some artistic liberties because her Naruto lookin whiskers are a trademark part of her design and shouldn't have been taken out

y'know. Nya!
What issss uuuup, DramaAlert Nation, I'm your OP, DJ killlerrrrrrr Loopyyyyy!

I've been in a rut and unable to use my tablet frequently, so some of this stuff is old but I never uploaded it. I'm good at sketches, but I never ink them because my pens are not flexible nibs and I'm not used to making straight linework with them. So enjoy this "sketchdump" post.

This is a new OC I made after binging Sci fi shit again, though the story she's in doesn't really qualify as Sci-Fi... lol
ANYWAY, her name is Cielo (not her real one, but that's because *story spoiler*) and for now, the story she's part of is a secret (mostly because the story so far has been all in my head and not on paper XD). I just like showing off my character design lmao

Some random doods:
Vaporwave lookin ass

Popuko... with a GUN

Showing off my art is way more fun if I stop caring about having to show only finished pieces and stuff, might do this more often

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